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ArtistCowboy Junkies
ShowCowboy Junkies : Townes Van Zandt well covered - A compilation of live songs
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TorrentCowboy Junkies - Townes Van Zandt well covered - A compilation of live songs - flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asCowboy Junkies - Townes Van Zandt well covered - A compilation of live songs - flac16
Info hashf73e5fcff13811d36d4825fa88c952b2dc6aa7a7
DescriptionCowboy Junkies: Townes Van Zandt well covered

a compilation of Townes Van Zandt songs covered live by the Cowboy Junkies

Townes' Blues - Written by Michael Timmins about touring with Townes Van Zandt
Cowboy Junkies Lament - Written by Townes Van Zandt during the time before Black Eyed Man when Townes' was opening for the Junkies shows.
Blue Guitar - Part of the lyrics (Goodbye to the highway, goodbye to the sky, I'm headed out, goodbye, goodbye) are from an unfinished song by Townes Van Zandt(lyrics by Townes Van Zandt and Michael Timmins,music by Michael Timmins ).

'If I Needed You' is listed in the
as 'In Concert Only - Never Released';
no sources with the song are listed in the db.etree database

01.Townes' Blues (The Fillmore, San Francisco 2004-08-15)
02.Cowboy Junkies Lament (Hoyt Sherman Auditorium, Des Moines 2000-02-09)
03.Highway Kind (Kleine Musikhalle, Hamburg 2001-10-26)
04.Waitin' Around To Die (Borders Bookstore, Chicago 2001-05-19)
05.Rake > Flyin' Shoes > Marie (El Rey Theater, Los Angeles 2007-04-11)
06.Lungs (The Kent Stage, Kent 2006-10-26)
07.To Live Is To Fly (The Pageant Theatre, St. Louis 2004-08-03)
08.Blue Guitar (Blue Jordan Music Festival, Sharonville 2000-09-16)

Waitin' Around To Die 2001-05-19 is hissy, it's the only source in circulation

Cowboy Junkies are :

Margo Timmins - vocals
Michael Timmins - guitars
Peter Timmins - drums
Alan Anton - bass

always supported by Jeff Bird - mandolin, electric mandolin, harmonica, percussion
occasional supported by Jaro Czerwinec - accordion
occasional supported by Karin Bergquist - vocals, acoustic guitar and Linford Detweiler - keyboards

Thanks to the Cowboy Junkies for being the Cowboy Junkies and for being taper friendly !
Thanks to all the tapers for recording and sharing the live performances !
Thanks to archive org for hosting the Live Music Archive !

compilation edited in December 2012 by wobbegong
fade in/out added and different track levels adjusted with wavepad sound editor, sbe fixed with tlh

Never for sale !
Support the artists by attending live shows and buying their official releases and merchandise

The Nomad Series book and Nomad Series cd and vinyl box sets are now available from
01.Townes Blues 2004-08-15 sourced from
taped by Steve Brown

02.Cowboy Junkies Lament 2000-02-09 sourced from
taped by Bryan Roy

03.Highway Kind 2001-10-26 sourced from
taped by Christian Spiess

04.Waiting Around To Die 2001-05-19 sourced from
WXRT FM source, transfered by Doug Moog

05.Rake-Flyin Shoes-Marie 2007-04-11 sourced from
taped by Jeff Lester

06.Lungs 2006-10-26 sourced from
taped by Doug Moog

07.To Live Is To Fly 2004-08-03 sourced from
taped by Shane E. Calhoon

08.Blue Guitar 2000-09-16 sourced from
taped by Doug Nawrocki

Thanks to all the tapers !
length expanded size cdr WAVE problems fmt ratio filename
4:01.32 42587708 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 01.Townes Blues 2004-08-15.wav
3:20.19 35324732 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 02.Cowboy Junkies Lament 2000-02-09.wav
8:58.05 94915004 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 03.Highway Kind 2001-10-26.wav
4:09.08 43942460 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 04.Waiting Around To Die 2001-05-19.wav
14:41.43 155509580 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 05.Rake-Flyin Shoes-Marie 2007-04-11.wav
3:56.39 41722172 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 06.Lungs 2006-10-26.wav
6:31.20 69019484 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 07.To Live Is To Fly 2004-08-03.wav
11:54.43 126050780 B --- -- ----- wav 1.0000 08.Blue Guitar 2000-09-16.wav
57:32.59 609071920 B 1.0000 (8 files)
Checksums5860e91842127350ede8165177adc8b4 *01.Townes Blues 2004-08-15.flac
e76509101938e9118de8c5b21e19e14b *02.Cowboy Junkies Lament 2000-02-09.flac
bd1256531157fcff84986b5d76daef17 *03.Highway Kind 2001-10-26.flac
6215b96eeac809d3c240d71c793fcb53 *04.Waiting Around To Die 2001-05-19.flac
24fcdebf4ff57220dc53e29652dd762a *05.Rake-Flyin Shoes-Marie 2007-04-11.flac
2c8f4d0179d14263fbed5c4edba5e3ea *06.Lungs 2006-10-26.flac
91494ea6c865ae419fa8f1ea703111f5 *07.To Live Is To Fly 2004-08-03.flac
00122fe49ecfd07af3bb37b564d7bdda *08.Blue Guitar 2000-09-16.flac
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