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ShowLeo Kottke May 1, 1985 at the Cotati Cabaret, Cotati, CA; sbd
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Torrentlk1985-05-01.sbd.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash4f2896d60b359906b8b734e5c03b380d8bd38a8f
DescriptionLeo Kottke
at the Cotati Cabaret
Cotati, CA
May 1, 1985
early and late shows

SBD > sony (cassette masters) > DAT (Casio DA7) > digi clone DAT (Casio DA7)

DAT > via S/PDIF > m-audio usb > Wavelab 5 > cd wave (6-16-2009) > TLH/flac (12/10/2012 - KP)
(quite possibly Recorded by Easy Ed#...DAT from Ken S.;
I copied Kenny's dat back in early/mid 90's and thought his was a copy from the cassette master;
# Ed eventually did transfer his masters to flac and posted them to dime -
these are from my dat done in wavelab; if Ed's master is not cut that would be nice.)


01. * Airproofing Two
02. Little Beaver
03. Bean Time
04. Ojo
05. Pamela Brown
06. intro to ...
07. Three Quarter North
08. A Trout Toward Noon
09. Eight Miles High
10. banter
11. Saginaw, Michigan ~> June Bug
12. The Train and the Gate...
13. Little Martha
14. Echoing Gilewitz
15. Cripple Creek
16. Louise

* (cut - opening notes missing/fades in)
** t11>t12 (flip) fades applied
*** (encore, pause) fades out/in



01. Little Beaver
02. Airproofing Two
03. Last Steam Engine Train/Stealing
04. banter
05. Sleep Walk
06. Everybody Lies
07. From the Cradle to the Grave
08. banter
09. Pamela Brown
10. Mary
11. Bean Time
12. Jack Fig
13. Saginaw, Michigan
14. Up Tempo
15. Standing in My Shoes
16. Three Quarter North
17. Theme from Doodles

* t09>t10 (flip) fades applied
Checksumsffp\'s:<br />
<br />
lk1985-05-01early01.flac:f3d2b6053a1e6fb2cc5ef1bae93589f8<br />
lk1985-05-01early02.flac:0cb1a456675ce736a004223d4c1ff17d<br />
lk1985-05-01early03.flac:15a3f70e648c72691160fe92634938d2<br />
lk1985-05-01early04.flac:020d6b61a6575ade790d1840a9ee02f2<br />
lk1985-05-01early05.flac:d5b78b16d93a7da6bd7b1c0078528b42<br />
lk1985-05-01early06.flac:cc420f4958d43cc88513a146af2a2086<br />
lk1985-05-01early07.flac:b093b2ad864d3a1b1dc8257f1fee5cd9<br />
lk1985-05-01early08.flac:737d8466b8c4f4a9ec60a18271e18d49<br />
lk1985-05-01early09.flac:9092b93b30886bb5917faf94cdeb5183<br />
lk1985-05-01early10.flac:60c602ed5b3c6eec67e2799114a16165<br />
lk1985-05-01early11.flac:fcadbe11620eaa4030aa1d7f7fbd0538<br />
lk1985-05-01early12.flac:e5427af11a83c31d6c5496e8cbeb6062<br />
lk1985-05-01early13.flac:cf442e6a1d7a8443f6b44eb033e6f132<br />
lk1985-05-01early14.flac:57debbb9bbedcb90e21cfb6ad9401c76<br />
lk1985-05-01early15.flac:b396977c13d76099ce1fc7b3fe881e9a<br />
lk1985-05-01early16.flac:ad641e1b35f087283133f557c198a417<br />
<br />
lk1985-05-01late01.flac:5102f1236ac5200e12c5460ce9c0b4d0<br />
lk1985-05-01late02.flac:3dfd49883fe419a5f23a56bd7d4d1754<br />
lk1985-05-01late03.flac:1e38a52aaa972b43f918c6b8fbeef45b<br />
lk1985-05-01late04.flac:802cca55a74d1df3c74e179cf5f59d69<br />
lk1985-05-01late05.flac:d6ec61ae8437f42de4bc294cb0943f31<br />
lk1985-05-01late06.flac:5ab9caafc401615bf717ff1842d40f4a<br />
lk1985-05-01late07.flac:aa67f22e42a8e8751a6ef69ba138dff2<br />
lk1985-05-01late08.flac:330c16aab0db10721b7137c25e77e6a2<br />
lk1985-05-01late09.flac:ca92623d15681068bfaf5b14b1f056d3<br />
lk1985-05-01late10.flac:acd5cba796580f3d07e4946d8fefd5e6<br />
lk1985-05-01late11.flac:4b669358d10346b7589e14b225469abb<br />
lk1985-05-01late12.flac:d99f3810984e34157de8953aa1dbefb2<br />
lk1985-05-01late13.flac:d0b3b9db4947c2865f6cdb51d1897d9d<br />
lk1985-05-01late14.flac:9a73381c3f17c8cf968a902c0129c182<br />
lk1985-05-01late15.flac:4af2269fce6737cc7a4b401434b44343<br />
lk1985-05-01late16.flac:82b5dba2457ead12fbb52036b2fa6d8a<br />
lk1985-05-01late17.flac:178668266affdf95fa28145e3ef42f79<br />
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Freeborn_Man 2012-12-25 12:41:20
here;s a gem i found on a drive the other week. the transfer was done a while back but left in wav files. This is not the copy that would have been up on dime. it is most likely though that these are some of the first dat copies from Ed's master cassettes. back in the day when we hung out to get music...

happy holidays to all! Enjoy the master.
yf12 2012-12-25 14:31:05
ed's notes show early and late setlists reversed
Freeborn_Man 2012-12-25 17:11:33
This was the order from the DAT.
in the 1st set Leo dreads talking to the aud but says it is necessary at this point in the evening, that and the extra calls for encore in the other set led me to believe that this was the order.
was not there however.
zmanatl 2012-12-25 20:19:28
Thanks Kev!
acereraser 2012-12-25 20:22:42
Thanks a bunch for sharing, happy 'days.
Elrey 2012-12-25 22:32:10
Here are my notes for this show:
Leo Kottke
May 1, 1985
Cotati Cabaret, Cotati, CA

Based on the history of the way they did shows at the Cabaret and based on listening to this, I believe there were two shows that night and that I captured most of each.

soundboard > high end desktop Sony cassette deck > master cassette (Maxell UDXL-S 90 high bias tape recorded with Dolby B on)

transfer: JVC KD-V6 (playback, with Dolby off) > coax digital cable > Sek'd Prodif Plus soundcard > Sound Forge 8 (normalize, fade in and out, track splits) > .wav files > FLAC level 8 encoding, align on sector boundaries

Recorded by Easy Ed.

I, Easy Ed, was at the show with my cassette deck connected to the soundboard - this is not a multigenerational cassette received in trade years ago. This is my master soundboard cassette.

Any help with song titles would be appreciated. I didn't take the time to go thru my Kottke LPs, cassettes and cds and try to match up tunes and titles. Many of the instrumental tunes sound very familiar. Maybe someone else will go to that trouble. I already went to the trouble of recording the show (21 years ago) and transferring it and tracking it and uploading it.

disc one:
(early show)
1. (instrumental)
2. (instrumental)
3. (instrumental)
4. "A Corn Tyrant"
5. Wake Up!
6. Won't You Tell Me Why (?)
7. From The Cradle To The Grave (?)
8. "my own protoplasm"
9. I Owe It All To Pamela Brown
10. (instrumental)
11. (instrumental)
12. (instrumental)
13. Saginaw, Michigan
14. (instrumental)
15. The Love You Stole From Me (?)
16. (instrumental)
17. My Father Has The Immune System Of A Vulture
TRT 1.08:38

disc two:
(late show)
1. (instrumental) (beginning cut, fade in)
2. (instrumental)
3. (instrumental)
4. (instrumental)
5. I Owe It All To Pamela Brown
6."glued to the guitar"
7. (instrumental)
8. (instrumental)
9. Eight Miles High
10. "a guitar I got from Dave Lundberg"
11. Saginaw, Michigan
TRT 43:27

disc three:
1. (instrumental)(beginning cut, fade in)
2. Little Martha
3. Echoeing Gilewitz
4. (instrumental)
5. Louise
TRT 21:38

The venue for this show was The Cotati Cabaret in Cotati, CA. It was a small club that held about 300 people. Cotati is a small town located about an hour north of San Francisco.

Cotati is next to Sonoma State University, which was called Granola State University back in the days. SSU is where the great 1973 recording of Old & In The Way with Ramblin' Jack Elliott opening was made. There is a great poster of the O&ITW show, my copy of which is long gone :<(

porvida 2012-12-26 07:23:42
Thanks a lot!
geewiz010 2012-12-27 02:34:17
Thanks Ed for taping this! I've had a copy for awhile now, great show.

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