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ArtistAnders Osborne
ShowAnders Osborne (guests Scott Metzger, Jamie Mclean, Joe Conte), Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY 12/21/2012-1st night Neumann TLM170 FOB flac24 ** 24 Bit version **
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Torrentandersosborne2012-12-21.tlm170.flac24.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asandersosborne2012-12-21.tlm170.flac24
Info hash4881f0e63003f2835d1ab4d89b7b59d87464a222
DescriptionAnders Osborne
Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn, NY

Neumann TLM-170 (hypercardoids, FOB almost parallel to right PA, about 15' from stage) -> Sound Devices 722 (@24/96); FLAC File processing in SoundForge Audio Studio 10.0d (slight channel time sync; clap removal); Tracked in CDWav.

1. tuning
2. Send Me A Friend
3. Ya Ya
4. banter - final day on planet Earth
5. Boxes Bills And Pain
6. Lean On Me / I Believe In You
7. I've Got Your Heart ->
8. I Got A Woman
9. Mind Of A Junkie
10. banter - Eric Bolivar speaks
11. Back On Dumaine
12. The Road To Charlie Parker
13. Jealous Love *
14. banter - Jamie Mclean intro / tuning
15. Franklin's Tower *+
16. encore break
17. pre-encore banter
18. Pleasin' You ->
19. Stoned Drunk And Naked ^
20. banter - a promise to Irene
21. Summertime In New Orleans
22. thanks

* = w/Joe Conte on harmonica
+ = w/Jamie Mclean on guitar
^ = w/13 year old Bobby Paltauf on guitar
Entire show with Scott Metzger on 2nd guitar

I scrubbed 16 loud claps from T19

Recorded, mastered, tracked, tagged, and posted by Scott Bernstein 12/25/2012
Checksumsfc2b4ec10f807993f10a43f8258c2774 *andersosborne2012-12-21t10.flac
b6775f141a14b5067dfc2a6312377835 *andersosborne2012-12-21t11.flac
f63d13b5a672a9091e49e7e186f94bc6 *andersosborne2012-12-21t12.flac
c85c62b871411826a94fea34ff062ea3 *andersosborne2012-12-21t13.flac
64365e0da526c867b4d069fea16ca78c *andersosborne2012-12-21t14.flac
a5208fe62b47fad77f13eace9db64c2d *andersosborne2012-12-21t15.flac
e1d1454a1168704dd8e4e28ad407c016 *andersosborne2012-12-21t16.flac
f1e3f3f0055af8421877022c2756d92e *andersosborne2012-12-21t17.flac
ebb892144676082b994ea92af439b637 *andersosborne2012-12-21t18.flac
85580c5865f594a5c297ebcec55c21c2 *andersosborne2012-12-21t19.flac
80b40ea0e3aa4799fc13b86ddc73e8ee *andersosborne2012-12-21t20.flac
f656e1e3479464a5a8622f94b2c3c73b *andersosborne2012-12-21t21.flac
fe61c01842f6c0101705214625d18c9c *andersosborne2012-12-21t22.flac
9e6fc59eba9b4b9ea3caa88761800227 *andersosborne2012-12-21.txt
4628c52a298b9d8f37b36ee77e5c4733 *andersosborne2012-12-21t01.flac
4326b351b2be6aebab39c33d509e6bc9 *andersosborne2012-12-21t02.flac
6ab1a83be189a642d9ce03f1e057ad37 *andersosborne2012-12-21t03.flac
7b85d7a79cf101a387e04236e529403f *andersosborne2012-12-21t04.flac
fbde9bce1e3eb295b616fa4fa22ab2a2 *andersosborne2012-12-21t05.flac
56243ead0b2898ac8e99b5cdfded941c *andersosborne2012-12-21t06.flac
6d3e54af1d6eda37514355eefca6bec9 *andersosborne2012-12-21t07.flac
020532a7850f05f4806bbc946fcc8d18 *andersosborne2012-12-21t08.flac
84c7808172cc25afe25056a479f16c3a *andersosborne2012-12-21t09.flac
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