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ArtistMedeski, Martin & Wood
ShowMMW.:-:. @ Portsmouth Music Hall- Portsmouth, NH 2008-02-22.akg391.90204.flac16
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DescriptionMedeski, Martin, and Wood
February 22, 2008
@ Portsmouth Music Hall
Porstmouth, NH

AKG 391(DIN)~> DaSilva Path XLR's~> Busman PMD660
CF~> CDWave~> Sound Forge 8~> TLH Flac 8

Row J, Seat 107/108, Center, ~30 - 40 ft back, 4.5 ft high

Taped, Transferred, Tracked By:
Todd Turmel (newplanet7 AT comcast dot net)

01. Drum Intro > God Fire >
02. First Light * >
03. Muchas Gracias
04. Professor Nohair >
05. illyB & John duo > Cloud Wars
06. Sweet Pea Dreams

01. Reliquary >
02. Free Go Lily
03. "Trio Percussion"
04. Hidden Moon
05. Rolling Son >
06. "Snow Blues for Portsmouth"

* w/ Hip Chops quote

All these songs were written the week before this tour started, worked out during the tour,
and then recorded in the studio the week after the tour finished.
Checksumsmmw2008-02-22d1t1.flac:6d6797c3e6bab7f48891f9dd90bd8911<br />
mmw2008-02-22d1t2.flac:2a11f14400f8df15a2ef235ea418049f<br />
mmw2008-02-22d1t3.flac:46f212c637554ecf422440eda85def3a<br />
mmw2008-02-22d1t4.flac:4889a95256c5fbac5b2e8c793e9ee8e3<br />
mmw2008-02-22d1t5.flac:77ded3d8e344ae2d366e3f78f3eb6c16<br />
mmw2008-02-22d1t6.flac:e83d3a7215eb28141194da1067265b6b<br />
mmw2008-02-22d2t1.flac:64249ac0e66d3a4153800db0a887a837<br />
mmw2008-02-22d2t2.flac:9c00d84ae43f54672f995b108e87effa<br />
mmw2008-02-22d2t3.flac:f291cd9424e08c42c0f49dce49350477<br />
mmw2008-02-22d2t4.flac:0398651e5792dc819114d766eca111fd<br />
mmw2008-02-22d2t5.flac:d79f269c91c0619d43d875c4e2b1f252<br />
mmw2008-02-22d2t6.flac:2220acd37d6414ec6be0452b5d546779<br />
TypeMedeski, Martin & Wood
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duggy 2012-12-26 22:52:57
Hey, Todd - HAPPY HOLIDAZE! Good to see you out here ...

This was the night we first met in person -- had some pizza and hit the show during that snow storm! HA! Great night of music and hanging with friends ... so many tapers too!!! HA! Really glad to have caught a show during this Radiolarians experiment ... very fertile time for the band with them basically abandoning their entire repertoire and creating a whole new catalogue of music -- they released *5* albums in 2008/09! That's wacked! The 3 Radiolarians, the children's album, and Zorn's Book of Angels: Zaebos release ... huge infusion of new music and I loved it! Now I want them to bring some of those Radiolarians tunes back ... although, there's at least one in the recent Blue Note gigs I'm transferring now, so that's cool ... it's been cool to hear them revisit some older tunes with last year's request sets and how some of those stuck around a bit ... but hell, where are all those 20 Singles tunes??? Some of those are FANTASTIC! ... of course, I guess we could do with these guys playing MORE too, but hey, I ain't complaining ... love what I hear ...
tbowers13 2012-12-27 01:18:36
Thanks for helping me to fill in some gaps, love you guys for all you do getting these shows out there. I was lucky enough to catch them 2 nights later at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, NJ. Some of my favorite MMW songs are from the Radiolarians series, I'd love it if they'd play Junkyard every time I see them. Or Sweet Pea Dreams.
green stink 2012-12-27 10:34:51
A perfect compliment to this would be Club d'Elf at the Stone Church Feb. 22nd 2008! MMW were hanging out for the whole 2nd set. Do to issues the keys didn't work out for Medeski but Billy sat in for a little bit.
geewiz010 2012-12-27 16:19:38
Thanks for this!

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