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ShowBlack Jake & the Carnies 2012-12-21 The Ark - Ann Arbor, MI - FOB CA-14
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Torrentblackjake2012-12-21.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash4005b8012dbcadcc63b82307d1663f60a33b858a
DescriptionBlack Jake & The Carnies
The Ark
Ann Arbor, MI

Source: Church Audio CA-14's (Cards) > CA-9100 > Tascam DR-05 (16/44)

Location: FOB, 3rd Row, center

Transfer: DR-05 > Audacity (volume adjust & tracking) > FLAC


One Set:

01. intro by Matthew Altruda
02. Last Stop
03. All the Difference
04. Hunter's Moon
05. band intros
06. Bone Man
07. spin the wheel
08. Money For Nothing
09. Jasper Watkins
10. Old E Cross
11. Farmer Had Him Rats
12. Sinners You Better Get Ready
13. spin the wheel
14. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
15. Ain't No Grave
16. Cigarettes & Whiskey
17. Sundry Mayhems
18. My Angel Marie
19. Never Tear Us Apart
20. Good Man Knows
21. spin the wheel
22. Carol of the Bells
23. apocalypsmas poem
24. Swing Low
25. I Turned Into A Martian
26. Last Ecstatic Liniment

Checksums2106d54fc9c9bcbf7f569bc069d85007 *blackjake2012-12-21.jpg
60eeebed10036fc59bec7b96c5403bd3 *blackjake2012-12-21.txt
9598506618b151097e9b160792813c9b *blackjake2012-12-21tr01.flac
635f92d9f3e8f4cf2ea9943149ef6fc9 *blackjake2012-12-21tr02.flac
549aaf7492ecb8fe966d4116dc3e64cb *blackjake2012-12-21tr03.flac
2edf581629e2f2fcc2813498d2bec721 *blackjake2012-12-21tr04.flac
d7f42b803d2a18ea985c87e51aa8d2ec *blackjake2012-12-21tr05.flac
083c03e3f32e46297f5e7441e8522157 *blackjake2012-12-21tr06.flac
0c62a7d51065dfa8996e6548620f015f *blackjake2012-12-21tr07.flac
f1b0364f71f3e4f17c33adf7fd69ed95 *blackjake2012-12-21tr08.flac
6a884ee35ef4306cea97de7c799d2f60 *blackjake2012-12-21tr09.flac
9e4e5c0098aa50e13a719115d6786309 *blackjake2012-12-21tr10.flac
23567ca6498c4e408bfd64b7a1e5af16 *blackjake2012-12-21tr11.flac
6464b610d242b503685679230e00ef1e *blackjake2012-12-21tr12.flac
50b5b22a33a4b091a4c34ccb8e8810ad *blackjake2012-12-21tr13.flac
1c351654632ea46764edd168f8a21edc *blackjake2012-12-21tr14.flac
eb5b2b701baf7f51e19aa3d8f13e0e80 *blackjake2012-12-21tr15.flac
ef66dbc28fc08f0e326cbd0fccce75d0 *blackjake2012-12-21tr16.flac
29bc95d73ecdf3ab205cc03da39cbf37 *blackjake2012-12-21tr17.flac
e9ce3446f55b7054b3b1721529de2c0a *blackjake2012-12-21tr18.flac
05599856d7750038103f3a39e52eccc1 *blackjake2012-12-21tr19.flac
2984f8ce7db81944fe349186240bf7da *blackjake2012-12-21tr20.flac
91d17805cc76cf0d4e9c64ea8ae12608 *blackjake2012-12-21tr21.flac
cb292165ff365f5d12f4362ceb41adf7 *blackjake2012-12-21tr22.flac
90772daed66cc20a6f4277801f621dd8 *blackjake2012-12-21tr23.flac
5983881081b7723eb49cd222414e457f *blackjake2012-12-21tr24.flac
d1b61903d83d97976f7429dd6ef267da *blackjake2012-12-21tr25.flac
534d93ea0b4ec67f5d7ab5ae27ca373d *blackjake2012-12-21tr26.flac
9738b74df07049854085133ba41a541f *Thumbs.db
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zmanatl 2012-12-27 16:46:35
Nice work Andy!
johnnyrockstar1 2012-12-27 17:43:06
thanks Zman!

put some video of the show here:

Old E Cross

Never Tear Us Apart (INXS cover)

Good Man Knows

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