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ArtistBlueground Undergrass
ShowBlueground Undergrass 2000-03-24 Suwanee Springfest, Spirit of the Suwanee Music Park, Live Oak, FL **SBD**
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Info hash69bdc713f14e3f6700daeb8dd44ddf565f3c2d22
DescriptionBlueground Undergrass
Suwanee Springfest, Spiritof the Suwanee Music park
Live Oak, FL

SBD->Panasonic SV-3800 (24/44.1)
Panasonic SV-3800->Marantz PMD 661
Audacity Dither (16/44.1)->cdwav->tlh flac8

Recorded and Seeded by Jeff Moores

1 Leaves that are Green
2 Farewell to Lemmings
3 Curve in the Road
4 Midnight Moonlight
5 Tennessee
6 Cherokee Shuffle
7 I Don't Want to Leave
8 Working on a Building
9 Overcast Blues *
10 Ring of Fire *
11 Small Southern Town
12 Red Haired orange Blossom Spatial

* With Angie Mosier

Rev. Jeff Mosier on banjo and vocals
Johnny Mosier on Guitars and vocals
Mark Van Allen on Pedal Steel and Harmony Vocals
Edward Hunter on Fiddle and Harmony Vocals
Bob Stagner on Drums
Kenny Palmer on Bass
Checksumsbgug2000-03-24t01.flac:d746aa60eb1d0d2537fd50d2953a0859<br />
bgug2000-03-24t02.flac:74e0b7dcc9de03149be5c5f60e1735e7<br />
bgug2000-03-24t03.flac:1b2cfec5f8947bd9ab3ba926b6534f15<br />
bgug2000-03-24t04.flac:d9ae8fb40b4d6fd872562d515aa06923<br />
bgug2000-03-24t05.flac:6e8019b01ca135cc20d861c184883d7f<br />
bgug2000-03-24t06.flac:b9cfcd7ed89a24bcd57156fbd890f447<br />
bgug2000-03-24t07.flac:ada53009afb702cb6d2efbe41a32b72c<br />
bgug2000-03-24t08.flac:a16957ef5dc855369b67ec2bacb6aad2<br />
bgug2000-03-24t09.flac:24b0f04c48ee8e4e3d57a1dc65568dbe<br />
bgug2000-03-24t10.flac:d2cb393557bd4728f3ad3e4c734a85c3<br />
bgug2000-03-24t11.flac:29d2cae99b895e595aa85d4beabbe83f<br />
bgug2000-03-24t12.flac:83680976c628b8f0c75a28e209ad942d<br />
TypeBlueground Undergrass
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mo-mule 2012-12-27 13:02:36
After downloading and Listening to Z-Man's Rev. Mosier and Friends it had me pulling out some of his old tapes. Here is a really nice board tape from one of the early Suwanne Springfests. Hope you enjoy.
Freeborn_Man 2012-12-27 13:43:43
happy new year bro. i broke out my recordings from 2000 over the holiday and listened to a bunch of stuff from springfests of old. Guess the days of board patches at the suwannee are done. I remember going up there for bluegrass fests w/ Seldom scene, IIIrd tyme out, alison krauss, etc.. up there and had always been able to record off the board.

Some one told me when they asked aboout patching out recently they were told that they could not afford a patch bay. sounds bout right...i would have said the main outs are fine and lets daisy chain!
dnuggs 2012-12-27 14:37:39
Thanks for this! On a side note personally I am not a patch rat but for those who are they are still given at springfest.. someone is obviously misinformed.
JeremyLykins 2012-12-27 15:50:44
I usually hate it when people request shows in the comments of other shows, but I'll make an exception for myself this one time. Does anyone have the Blueground Undergrass set from Dogstock in 2007? Some of the other sets from the festival have turned up over the years but this one hasn't yet.

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