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ArtistGovt Mule
ShowGovt Mule- 06-13-1995 Pearl Street Northhampton,Mass- SBD (new flac'd source)
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Torrentgm1995-06-13.sbd.Unknown.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asgm1995-06-13.sbd.Unknown.flac16
Info hashe76f9c0882a59cad1db05cd6fd4b89d9650ce5b4
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DescriptionGov't Mule
June 13, 1995
Pearl Street
Northampton, MA

Source: SBD > DAT @ 48 kHz

Transfer: DAT clone > Sony 59ES > Monster s/pdif > Audiophile2496 > SoundForge4.5 > CDWave > mkwACT > shn (seek)

Disc One
01 Mule
02 Rocking Horse >
03 Don't Step on the Grass, Sam
04 Temporary Saint >
05 Trane
06 Same Thing
07 Monkey Hill
08 Painted Silver Light >
09 Mr. Big

Disc Two
01 Grinnin' in Your Face >
02 Mother Earth >
03 Politician
04 "Newt Gingrich in the House"
05 Blind Man in the Dark
06 Just Got Paid
07 Chatter
08 Look on Yonder Wall (encore)

I included the original unaltered text file with this file to keep lineage correct.

This is an AMMENDED txt file to explain what I did. All I did was unzip the original SHN,and convert it to flac since shn does not get recognized in many players. NOTHING HAS BEEN ALTERED, no dae,no anything except the conversion as follows:


Original SHN file>MKWact>.wav> Traders Little Helper (levl 6)>flac

I was going to tag the files but elected not too to keep them authentic.

SHN/flac conversion by Muletaper

New Md5:
e2029a63364d6797e93b8a41616c4ee7 *mule 1995-06-13d1t01.flac
3601626223dd1ec75ebea7644b311c7c *mule 1995-06-13d1t02.flac
e64ecf84540398370696d1c83b2148c9 *mule 1995-06-13d1t03.flac
6489e499b8ecc017056747c03e016396 *mule 1995-06-13d1t04.flac
13d256c2efeb58ab1142f400397f4fe0 *mule 1995-06-13d1t05.flac
24ffaab3a62ec6513809fbb05dcf59fa *mule 1995-06-13d1t06.flac
61225b45a2cb7583c606e34a593213bc *mule 1995-06-13d1t07.flac
b89f97b7c4ced9619ad1a487e2fc4d7d *mule 1995-06-13d1t08.flac
e3fe2f079326b2d7a1287137bb2cec16 *mule 1995-06-13d1t09.flac
233ca7bcbafb0cc24e0009d984ea9ab5 *mule 1995-06-13d2t01.flac
190de2170854defc302c8768de06185f *mule 1995-06-13d2t02.flac
a4eff4309456334ba2729873f9704fd1 *mule 1995-06-13d2t03.flac
317c702ecfb84234deb99f16e7666b11 *mule 1995-06-13d2t04.flac
39cf7f0ed6a64ebe2085e4b1d3253bcb *mule 1995-06-13d2t05.flac
3e963bc79c749df4b52b45a2a8def539 *mule 1995-06-13d2t06.flac
a4f6db721e267677fd578ab3fd76c947 *mule 1995-06-13d2t07.flac
22e4168b328a8ff063888d7c90031bde *mule 1995-06-13d2t08.flac

ChecksumsNew Md5:<br />
e2029a63364d6797e93b8a41616c4ee7 *mule 1995-06-13d1t01.flac<br />
3601626223dd1ec75ebea7644b311c7c *mule 1995-06-13d1t02.flac<br />
e64ecf84540398370696d1c83b2148c9 *mule 1995-06-13d1t03.flac<br />
6489e499b8ecc017056747c03e016396 *mule 1995-06-13d1t04.flac<br />
13d256c2efeb58ab1142f400397f4fe0 *mule 1995-06-13d1t05.flac<br />
24ffaab3a62ec6513809fbb05dcf59fa *mule 1995-06-13d1t06.flac<br />
61225b45a2cb7583c606e34a593213bc *mule 1995-06-13d1t07.flac<br />
b89f97b7c4ced9619ad1a487e2fc4d7d *mule 1995-06-13d1t08.flac<br />
e3fe2f079326b2d7a1287137bb2cec16 *mule 1995-06-13d1t09.flac<br />
233ca7bcbafb0cc24e0009d984ea9ab5 *mule 1995-06-13d2t01.flac<br />
190de2170854defc302c8768de06185f *mule 1995-06-13d2t02.flac<br />
a4eff4309456334ba2729873f9704fd1 *mule 1995-06-13d2t03.flac<br />
317c702ecfb84234deb99f16e7666b11 *mule 1995-06-13d2t04.flac<br />
39cf7f0ed6a64ebe2085e4b1d3253bcb *mule 1995-06-13d2t05.flac<br />
3e963bc79c749df4b52b45a2a8def539 *mule 1995-06-13d2t06.flac<br />
a4f6db721e267677fd578ab3fd76c947 *mule 1995-06-13d2t07.flac<br />
22e4168b328a8ff063888d7c90031bde *mule 1995-06-13d2t08.flac<br />
<br />
TypeGovt Mule
Last seederLast activity 6:27 ago
Size640.16 MB (671252023 Bytes)
Added2012-12-27 13:30:31
Snatched377 times
Num files22 files
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gm1995-06-13.sbd.flac16.ffp1020 BN/A
gm1995-06-13.sbd.flac16.md51.0 kBN/A
gm1995-06-13.sbd.flac16.st51.2 kBN/A kBN/A
mule 1995-06-13.original .txt.txt604 BN/A
mule 1995-06-13d1t01.flac32.50 MBN/A
mule 1995-06-13d1t02.flac24.48 MBN/A
mule 1995-06-13d1t03.flac40.44 MBN/A
mule 1995-06-13d1t04.flac34.95 MBN/A
mule 1995-06-13d1t05.flac76.17 MBN/A
mule 1995-06-13d1t06.flac45.57 MBN/A
mule 1995-06-13d1t07.flac29.95 MBN/A
mule 1995-06-13d1t08.flac42.49 MBN/A
mule 1995-06-13d1t09.flac45.65 MBN/A
mule 1995-06-13d2t01.flac7.57 MBN/A
mule 1995-06-13d2t02.flac52.84 MBN/A
mule 1995-06-13d2t03.flac36.20 MBN/A
mule 1995-06-13d2t04.flac9.83 MBN/A
mule 1995-06-13d2t05.flac46.45 MBN/A
mule 1995-06-13d2t06.flac39.33 MBN/A
mule 1995-06-13d2t07.flac8.64 MBN/A
mule 1995-06-13d2t08.flac67.07 MBN/A
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_MULETAPER 2012-12-27 13:36:00

_MULETAPER 2012-12-27 13:38:12
This will keep ya busy until I finish up this new uncirculated source Im going to up soon.

Happy Holidays!
BlusOxator 2012-12-27 15:19:05
Thanx Matt, nice work :-> Happy Holidays :->
Tomahawk Kid 2012-12-27 16:52:51
Thank you!
Tom_of_Mule 2012-12-27 19:16:00
Thank you !
strangha 2012-12-28 21:56:19
MT be da man!

Thanks and the best of the holidaze to ya, bud.
jakid101 2015-01-27 17:54:51
please open this and any of your 1994, 1995, 1996, & 1997...

tyvm... Jesse on LI, NY

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