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ShowLake Street Dive 2012-12-09 LoLa, Denver, CO (FOB MK4)
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Torrentlsd2012-12-09,mk4.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asLSD2012-12-09.mk4.flac16
Info hasha3bc4f6e50ac18c2d073a687a897ea4ff66ecd04
DescriptionLake Street Dive
LoLa, Denver, CO
December 9th, 2012

Set One

s1t01 ?
s1t02 Miss Disregard
s1t03 Henriette
s1t04 Faith
s1t05 Wear A Wedding Band
s1t06 Better Than
s1t07 What About Me
s1t08 Don't Make Me Hold Your Hand
s1t09 Elijah
s1t10 ?
s1t11 Let Me Roll It
s1t12 Dupont
s1t13 You Go Down Smooth

Set Two

s2t01 Hello? Goodbye
s2t02 Be Cool
s2t03 Bobby Tanqueray
s2t04 Got Me Fooled
s2t05 Neighbor Song
s2t06 Rich Girl
s2t07 ?
s2t08 ?
s2t09 Bad Self Portraits
s2t10 Rabid Animal
s2t11 This Magic Moment
s2t12 I Want You Back
s2t13 Clear A Space

* Secret show billed as "Biological Mystery Children"

source: Schoeps MK4 > Nbox > Sony M10 @ 24/48 (FOB/DFC/HRTF)
transfer: Sony M10 > MacBook Pro > Adobe Audition CS6 > xACT > FLAC
taped by
Checksums;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.20 on 2012-12-27 18:47:52 -0700<br />
<br />
lsd2012-12-09s1t01.flac:a1a148cdc55049f451cecd626884fcbe<br />
lsd2012-12-09s1t02.flac:df13582597b9f5459f933c72868bf891<br />
lsd2012-12-09s1t03.flac:5e3d32276ec3de5d453f8e3fbb138865<br />
lsd2012-12-09s1t04.flac:70bde2bc8adc71aacabf3fc61a093d48<br />
lsd2012-12-09s1t05.flac:84a77eef3c0cc5b71ff378d0dfd1a2ed<br />
lsd2012-12-09s1t06.flac:2999d21472af6549cd475c78ea6acbd5<br />
lsd2012-12-09s1t07.flac:3799c0ee00fd057748f4d1cd4ef14cdf<br />
lsd2012-12-09s1t08.flac:00a344e6ca67b0020b8a512e7945bb16<br />
lsd2012-12-09s1t09.flac:a69ef84632a84f1dc6316fc45436c2fe<br />
lsd2012-12-09s1t10.flac:b3b4d90b4f231acdf2eaa5b4ff7d2d96<br />
lsd2012-12-09s1t11.flac:7588cec9025753fb47a3a370c2ede6fa<br />
lsd2012-12-09s1t12.flac:2468ad7bea430e61e2d5bb04ce8d50c3<br />
lsd2012-12-09s1t13.flac:1cb47c859bba727b0a075995c589a1c2<br />
lsd2012-12-09s2t01.flac:1bc1fa3019347a3466882aa6dc12b3ac<br />
lsd2012-12-09s2t02.flac:b5d18420ec87e2cf23247614c09f23c7<br />
lsd2012-12-09s2t03.flac:22f1384bfdf35c99ec71af3f12030c6c<br />
lsd2012-12-09s2t04.flac:a59f00db1dd3efb190c97212e54359fe<br />
lsd2012-12-09s2t05.flac:df1a67161a28aeff881316367c297402<br />
lsd2012-12-09s2t06.flac:e56bb7c20aabf99e5c406c4cc3874bca<br />
lsd2012-12-09s2t07.flac:694b82164067d87bcbef67b1a6c0fc3c<br />
lsd2012-12-09s2t08.flac:bd4b1475a339ce3ab29bf82a92971d19<br />
lsd2012-12-09s2t09.flac:95b7047f9f4b7627f5ee50857cb0b2ab<br />
lsd2012-12-09s2t10.flac:764fb60d70c66324c94572f4f92194e1<br />
lsd2012-12-09s2t11.flac:a220f9aabf7c0acd3c448d8c00b06cd4<br />
lsd2012-12-09s2t12.flac:e508b29f3bad156c5424c0a91b8eb597<br />
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lsd2012-12-09s2t12.flac28.26 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s2t07.flac28.05 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s2t05.flac27.77 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s1t07.flac27.27 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s1t11.flac25.31 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s1t10.flac24.98 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s1t13.flac24.11 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s1t09.flac23.48 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s2t13.flac23.36 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s1t12.flac22.96 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s2t08.flac22.88 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s2t09.flac22.57 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s2t04.flac22.06 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s2t03.flac21.98 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s1t04.flac21.93 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s2t01.flac21.83 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s1t03.flac21.42 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s1t06.flac20.02 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s1t01.flac19.81 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s1t02.flac19.41 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s1t05.flac18.43 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s2t10.flac17.03 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09s2t11.flac16.97 MBN/A
lsd2012-12-09.mk4.flac16.md51.5 kBN/A
lsd2012-12-09.mk4.flac16.ffp.txt1.5 kBN/A
lsd2012-12-09.mk4.flac16.rtf1.0 kBN/A
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jchesebr 2012-12-27 23:24:34
Thanks so much for this - great band. If you like fun soulful music, check them out and give them a shot.
ArchivalAudio 2012-12-28 03:26:46

thanks for more LSD!

Thwy are so much fun live I need to get my pickathon recordings done from august their west coast debut!
jchesebr 2012-12-28 10:44:35
I'm able to help with a a few additional titles:


T05: Wear a Wedding Band
T07: What about Me
T12: Dupont
T13: You Go Down Smooth


T01: Hello? Goodbye!
T03: Bobby Tanqueray

jkennedy 2012-12-29 11:50:40
thanks for the setlist help...

this show was a real treat, unannounced gig from 230-5pm at a brunch spot in LoHi. i caught word from a local musician it was going down a couple hours prior so i charged up the batts and hauled ass down there. ends up to be mostly brunch crowd but about 20 fans got serenaded Ms Racheal Price and crew. Check out some vids ;)

big thanks to johnny99 for the footage
edsi 2012-12-29 13:28:00
thanks Jeff. I love this band!
Pointkrewechief 2013-01-04 11:58:10
Thanks so much for posting! I'm a little late to this one and having some trouble getting it downloaded, if anyone could open their version and help a brother out, it would be much appreciated!

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