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ArtistMedeski, Martin & Wood
ShowMMW w/Marty Ehrlich - Blue Note Jazz Club, New York City, NY (Night #5 of 6) - 2012-12-15.tascam-dr40.123228.t-flac16 [The Shack Project] **ID3 TAGGED FILESET**
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Torrentmmw2012-12-15.tascam-dr40.123228.t-flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashdced076317fd5d4e775418d9f1285692e29e3e5e
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MMW Blue Note Residency 2012 - Night #5 (of 6)

Medeski Martin & Wood w/ special guest Marty Ehrlich (saxophone, winds & flutes)
Blue Note Jazz Club, New York City, NY
Saturday, December 15/2012

Source: Tascam DR-40 > 16bit WAV
Taped by NYC Guerilla Taper

Tracking/Encoding: 16bit WAV > WaveLab 6.11 (tracking/fades) > Trader’s Little Helper (fix SBEs + FLAC Level 8) > MP3Tag (ID tags)
by dug (crookedbirds AT gmail DOT com) – Dec 27th/2012

-+- Early Show -+-
01. [00:19] - 'Intro'
02. [09:02] - Improv >
03. [08:54] - Improv >
04. [08:59] - Improv >
05. [03:39] - Bass Improv/Solo
06. [11:00] - Syeeda's Song Flute >
07. [01:49] - Open Improv >
08. [15:53] - Flat Tires
09. [11:26] - Shackman*
10. [01:10] - 'Billy Speaks'

-+- Late Show -+-
01. [00:16] - 'Intro'
02. [11:36] - Improv >
03. [05:01] - Improv >
04. [03:08] - Bowed/Bass Improv+ >
05. [11:40] - "Ehrlich Blues"^ >
06. [11:44] - Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps)* >
07. [04:22] - Drum Solo >
08. [03:02] - Flute Improv* >
09. [07:36] - Improv >
10. [13:16] - Seven Deadlies
11. [01:27] - 'Billy Speaks'

* brief buzzing in a few quiet moments
+ @2:38 Chris shifts from bowing to plucking the bass
^ sounds like a song; could be an Ehrlich original or a cover

SETLIST DISCLAIMER: Tracks noted as "Improv" may very well be songs in some instances, but they were unknown to me (dug).

Traders Little Helper used for creating checksums:
- FLAC ST5 & MD5 generated for ID3 tagged FLACs

MP3Tag (current version) used for all ID3 tagging:
- The metadata ID3 tags can be read by any player that plays FLAC files.
- ID3 tags will be stripped if converted to WAV, however audio data will be unaffected

Use FLAC ST5 to validate audio integrity.
(Alternatively, the FLAC FFP contains the same checksum values.)
t-FLAC MD5 values will change if ID3 tags are altered.
T-FLAC16TAG.HTML uses FOLDER.JPG to display album art
T-FLAC16TAG.TXT provides a track-by-track breakdown of the fileset's ID3 tags
- by dug [crookedbirds AT gmail DOT com] 2012-12-25

flac-ffp will verify pre- and post-tagged files
flac-st5 will verify pre- and post-tagged files
flac-md5 will verify pre-tagged files
t-flac-md5 will verify post-tagged files

5c44ff10c6e13487d4fb6f9f90600612 [shntool] mmw2012-12-15early-t01.flac
02c22efc02a521ee98218f89c17fa306 [shntool] mmw2012-12-15early-t02.flac
53a0bdf0c25e550e9714f1ff3c4033f0 [shntool] mmw2012-12-15early-t03.flac
5d2898d470ddba9d8be4c2a56d25cc2d [shntool] mmw2012-12-15early-t04.flac
e7d3180de07bf318a2e39fea07b0569f [shntool] mmw2012-12-15early-t05.flac
a1be3b44a3fc7132137c145bd51eba92 [shntool] mmw2012-12-15early-t06.flac
82469afebcc93cc6f594cf4894336cba [shntool] mmw2012-12-15early-t07.flac
3a1366102d0e521af1f70d40e6f19218 [shntool] mmw2012-12-15early-t08.flac
17e90e23daf9fc4867b5890f13acac4f [shntool] mmw2012-12-15early-t09.flac
15173eca6d8dcd94b5ac0d6cd3bcf3bd [shntool] mmw2012-12-15early-t10.flac
bf0df10d3abe92b71778c6eeb3e1a632 [shntool] mmw2012-12-15late-t01.flac
2f7c550c7525684bbafbaf20ef1d2a6e [shntool] mmw2012-12-15late-t02.flac
81351d997dad6929d14e1c2ec4f0975a [shntool] mmw2012-12-15late-t03.flac
3c9efc1e8663cdeb964b2f33e9e6107d [shntool] mmw2012-12-15late-t04.flac
33dc5c6e85b243d735279d217a926635 [shntool] mmw2012-12-15late-t05.flac
7bb1503ca7688601b78ff7305c2b215d [shntool] mmw2012-12-15late-t06.flac
1a7e1615b8e101563d592d61807fa4aa [shntool] mmw2012-12-15late-t07.flac
7d7bd9b7a35f124a24a3cbef1a2d4ef7 [shntool] mmw2012-12-15late-t08.flac
f84e88cde91698a49133cee726bfff1a [shntool] mmw2012-12-15late-t09.flac
1ed3d5d22399d18d393715a2cfa99c4b [shntool] mmw2012-12-15late-t10.flac
57df14d9854d0016328e327f3f473b0f [shntool] mmw2012-12-15late-t11.flac
TypeMedeski, Martin & Wood
Last seederLast activity 6:06 ago
Size765.62 MB (802808051 Bytes)
Added2012-12-28 23:23:19
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Upped byduggy
Num files29 files
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mmw2012-12-15late-t10.flac86.05 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15early-t08.flac80.21 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15late-t05.flac72.37 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15late-t02.flac66.39 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15late-t06.flac61.27 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15early-t06.flac58.24 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15early-t09.flac47.63 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15early-t04.flac47.23 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15early-t02.flac47.01 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15early-t03.flac46.03 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15late-t09.flac41.92 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15late-t03.flac29.52 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15late-t07.flac25.43 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15early-t05.flac12.40 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15late-t04.flac11.95 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15late-t08.flac10.28 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15early-t07.flac7.37 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15late-t11.flac6.35 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15early-t10.flac5.49 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15early-t01.flac1.28 MBN/A
mmw2012-12-15late-t01.flac971.8 kBN/A
folder(1).jpg85.0 kBN/A
folder.jpg84.3 kBN/A
mmw2012-12-15.tascam-dr40.123228.t-flac16tag.html70.9 kBN/A
mmw2012-12-15.tascam-dr40.123228.t-flac16tag.txt8.8 kBN/A
mmw2012-12-15.tascam-dr40.123228.txt2.5 kBN/A
mmw2012-12-15.tascam-dr40.123228.t-flac16.st51.5 kBN/A
mmw2012-12-15.tascam-dr40.123228.t-flac16.md51.3 kBN/A
mmw2012-12-15.tascam-dr40.123228.t-flac16.ffp1.3 kBN/A
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mmwarchives 2013-01-01 20:40:44
I agree with the above & would LOVE to put out more stuff from their archives as well as get them onto as folks just
love their live stuff(myself included) & want to soak it up. Been trying to make inroads toward this & hopefully more stuff will start
to loosen its way out there in some fashion.

The Bowery Ballroom run was indeed stellar & is an apt comparison to this run, though playing at that venue was a lot looser &
allowed for more guests & more general mayhem(I mean that in a good way).
wrightreyes 2013-01-03 13:44:50
this show is great!!
thanks for taping and sharing!
still hope nights 1 and 6 show up sometime....20 min coconut boogaloo to open night 6!
thanks again!
rDtaperNYC 2013-01-05 00:40:46
Why not release the Bowery Run? People would dig a box set. Tho, our recordings were pretty damn good! Great sound those 5 nights.

wrightreyes 2013-01-05 13:09:22
this seven deadlies is too freakin good!!
also the flat tires!!
love this tape!
rDtaperNYC 2013-01-05 21:09:34
to be honest, the more I listen and recall from that nite, the more I think that this was the best of the run.

rDtaperNYC 2013-01-09 22:13:49
if you need a seed to help the torrent along, contact me @

duggy 2013-01-09 23:29:38
FYI: My seed is ALWAYS open ... I got hooked up on a KICK ASS connection last year so my speeds are crazy ... I'm currently seeding every Shack Project show I've put up since last January 2012! That's 148 shows! HA!

If anyone ever needs a seed on ANY of my torrents seeded since January 2012, let me know because my connection should be open and running already ...
rDtaperNYC 2013-01-10 17:35:29

geewiz010 2013-01-12 12:23:16
Thanks for these!
rDtaperNYC 2013-01-18 16:42:49
Damn, that 2nd set is HOT!!!

Track 5 'Ehrlich Blues' is definitely a tune, so freaking familiar.

Come on! Someone help us with that title.

Hugger 2013-02-02 09:00:07
As usual duggy, thanks for the seed(s).

Can anybody jump on and seed those Bowery '99 shows?

I need to check these out!

shackaholic 2013-02-18 21:31:47
thanks for this nice recording.

listening to the opening improv right now and it's definitely doing the trick!
duggy 2016-04-29 15:53:55


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MMW w/Marty Ehrlich - Blue Note Jazz Club, New York City, NY (Night #5 of 6) - 2012-12-15.tascam-dr40.123228.t-flac16 [TSP2012#3] ~ FAITU#15 -- LISTEN NOW!**

enjoy the grooves

Please email mmwshackproject AT gmail DOT com if a seed is NOT active
duggy 2016-04-29 15:54:24
New seed available here:

... or stream through here:

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