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ShowPhish 12-28-2012~Madison Square Garden~New York, NY~*Schoeps mk41v's*
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Torrentphish2012-12-28.mk41v.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash4c0faa821e265851adb9609dd67d269995ccb52b
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December 28th, 2012
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

Source: Schoeps mk41v's(DIN)>kc5>m222>nt222>aeta psp-3>788t
Location: Section 2, Row 1/DFC
Transfer: 788t>Wavelab 5>CD Wave>Wavelab 5>Flac
Taped and Transferred By: Derek Davis

Set 1

01 Intro
02 Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan
03 The Moma Dance
04 Funky Bitch
05 Army of One
06 Tube ~>
07 Stash
08 Nellie Kane
09 Kill Devil Falls
10 Free
11 Wolfman's Brother ~> The Little Drummer Boy ~> Wolfman's Brother

Set 2

01 Intro
02 Tweezer ~>
03 Maze
04 Twist[1] ~>
05 Theme From the Bottom ~>
06 Fluffhead
07 David Bowie
08 Bouncing Around the Room
09 Good Times Bad Times

[1] Little Drummer Boy teases and quotes
Checksumsphish2012-12-28.d1t01.flac:c6437f8fd8d22c471176867ab6709956<br />
phish2012-12-28.d1t02.flac:7535f7ff3a126e3d6812506409e9246b<br />
phish2012-12-28.d1t03.flac:3312d8085c3b95d6011a47b1110c3640<br />
phish2012-12-28.d1t04.flac:c9f3bb210dce4ee4fb418f2070460613<br />
phish2012-12-28.d1t05.flac:08c8a15a3c5d3dfdcd9029c3ebaa7eaa<br />
phish2012-12-28.d1t06.flac:cd24d3cd31757087e2f4e8abd343e449<br />
phish2012-12-28.d1t07.flac:d95e719ade76706b35ac944a4bbc1f8e<br />
phish2012-12-28.d1t08.flac:fae00beec890ba0f856ea7ee2b9c19a9<br />
phish2012-12-28.d1t09.flac:c2029d1a47b9f9bd22a0ce73fb822a2e<br />
phish2012-12-28.d1t10.flac:805e2b52713beefe0d7af4f681615300<br />
phish2012-12-28.d1t11.flac:2abb6afe66836151d37f5d3ca39cd631<br />
phish2012-12-28.d2t01.flac:33b17c7f3edbad35c9244f74599c0be8<br />
phish2012-12-28.d2t02.flac:57bd2b6450051fd2824858fd7038fb13<br />
phish2012-12-28.d2t03.flac:4060d4e596f947974ab069ef9773602f<br />
phish2012-12-28.d2t04.flac:3f7c59db8b8f0636b1f8ef0be85d7935<br />
phish2012-12-28.d2t05.flac:e5ecbc58dc5fda729de4ede49b7d1a32<br />
phish2012-12-28.d2t06.flac:8b6a95bd9bbc019c87dc09910550d577<br />
phish2012-12-28.d2t07.flac:a485d865566c4dd19bc028751a66af57<br />
phish2012-12-28.d2t08.flac:914dc5ed3baf220c8986eafde0d03518<br />
phish2012-12-28.d2t09.flac:e435e192458fe7bae98fe13b80da0f5c<br />
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Added2012-12-29 13:04:39
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jasonsobel 2012-12-31 15:30:44
>>> I go with the highest download source. If one source was downloaded more than the other then im hitting the highest.

feel free to download whichever source you want. but as a general rule of thumb, the most downloaded source is whatever is posted first, which may or may not be the best sounding recording.
wishy9 2013-01-01 02:38:20
As great as Derek's recordings of this run are, with those great sounding tube pre-amps, the tracking is poorly done. I notice this from a lot of tapers. The track won't start until the first note is already sounding. This is annoying when tracking to cd. You know, you start the cd and it's already into the track by a microsecond and it sounds really choppy. (Is any of this making sense.) So, I have a solution! Start the track ONE second earlier, and we can all have better flowing CD"S. Happy new year Derek, just a bit of constructive criticism.

P.S. Tracking Little Drummer Boy as part of Maze instead of Twist, was a big mistake, as far as cd traching goes, because the third Cd has to start with Twist, for it to not interrupt any jams.
LAStubbe 2013-01-01 07:14:31
I guess the other option would be he didn't have to post it at all.

If the second is that important to you then retract it yourself to your liking before burning to disc.

Tapers and seeders are in no position to start taking requests from everyone on how to do their thing. The downloads here are free.

Thanks for the great run of shows. They sound great!
kayatosh 2013-01-28 12:07:49
need to throw another BIG thanks up here for these super fine MSG tapes from derek. Truly amazing sounding recordings.

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