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ArtistGovt Mule
ShowGov't Mule 2012-12-29 Tower Theater Upper Darby PA Schoeps MK-4 (24/96)
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Torrentgm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.flac24.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asgm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.flac24
Info hashde7c968ac84b42965d9fa28fbef731c69a21d58e
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DescriptionGov't Mule
2012-12-29 Tower Theater
Upper Darby, PA USA

** 24/96 fileset intended for DVD-A or computer playback**

source : schoeps mk-4 (din) > actives > naiant tinybox > sony pcm-m10 > 24/96 wav >
adobe audition > ozone 5 > xACT 2.21 > flac 16
taper : edtyre
location : clamped to center loge first row dfc

Set 1 (76:30)

Steppin' Lightly >
Any Open Window
Inside Outside Woman Blues
Brand New Angel
Far Away
New World Boss
One Rainy Wish >
Lay Your Burden Down > w/ Get Up, Stand Up Tease
Smokestack Lightning > *
Lay Your Burden Down *

Set 2 (94:34)

Working Class Hero *
Patchwork Quilt
No Reward >
Drums >
Get Behind The Mule *
32/20 Blues *
Effigy >
Folsom Prison Blues Jam >
Maggot Brain >
Morning Dew

* w/ Hook Herrera on harp
Checksums#MD5 checksums generated by xACT 2.21 on 2012-12-30 09:45:39 +0000<br />
<br />
bb36e936cdd52d6330e9bccd91fbad39 *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t01.flac<br />
0dd2e3b290b881303a12f31591fbea56 *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t02.flac<br />
5c214f1eb835f891386ff062dba490a5 *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t03.flac<br />
fc2d5a6561b649cbbf4193666dd9ced5 *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t04.flac<br />
b1acbd26d600f2d149f443b30212e714 *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t05.flac<br />
a3947ad30de1e8f1b9a7dcb3fbb821f8 *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t06.flac<br />
9efc4850a20d41b83b74a865a03f3eeb *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t07.flac<br />
d042a7b1687af77013dd9b1a5d15b2ae *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t08.flac<br />
4f78f573e639425979d36cf0074f4c9e *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t09.flac<br />
032e0e9bb5fb431b1a9aa618af3d303a *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t10.flac<br />
be63083656ec0966cf4bed96fdd81a6a *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t11.flac<br />
1cbde03d65af7ca028af503239239522 *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t12.flac<br />
70562e666bbccf9d4da79c4216b3eebf *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t13.flac<br />
90dfa47c6fbbeef441b13c603d84f6db *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t14.flac<br />
6d1282ae3e27931daa1be4d8e8fb5ff0 *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t15.flac<br />
856234485ac2444e46df3389990d3fe9 *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t16.flac<br />
0d0842219c119294af72028dee9e2d4f *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t17.flac<br />
7c894e05a553eab7140b42272f71e165 *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t18.flac<br />
05571538c5307db0bcb0758859f91952 *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t19.flac<br />
253be29701aed94fe96fdadeb043f3d5 *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t20.flac<br />
68e68b56eb2013f121f1a58b5f4fa165 *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t21.flac<br />
a3d1940fa892013d22bf458cb9c4062f *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t22.flac<br />
4254f3c897200013157128bd9e077deb *gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t23.flac<br />
TypeGovt Mule
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Size3.463 GB (3718295267 Bytes)
Added2012-12-30 05:37:11
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Upped byedtyre
Num files26 files
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fingerprint.ffp.txt1.6 kBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t01.flac166.55 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t02.flac104.99 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t03.flac216.70 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t04.flac180.82 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t05.flac231.49 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t06.flac108.89 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t07.flac132.19 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t08.flac88.08 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t09.flac131.47 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t10.flac182.77 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t11.flac72.19 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t12.flac210.22 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t13.flac117.57 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t14.flac223.02 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t15.flac103.18 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t16.flac150.42 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t17.flac188.79 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t18.flac193.39 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t19.flac101.50 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t20.flac82.81 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t21.flac115.18 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t22.flac172.98 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.t23.flac270.83 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29.aud.mk4.edtyre.txt799 BN/A
md5sum.md51.7 kBN/A
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africolaman 2012-12-30 06:07:20
Thank you. Great meeting you in person at the Tower!
edtyre 2012-12-30 06:15:02
>Thank you. Great meeting you in person at the Tower

Great meeting you guys at the show. Thanks for your kindness.
I hope you have a wonderful time in NYC. I'm jealous, i wish
i was going to the Beacon for two more. Make some nice recordings :-)
Albix 2012-12-30 17:16:46
Thanks Ed ~>
Tomahawk Kid 2012-12-31 03:37:30
Thank you very much!

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