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Info hasheae3e67b18641958e0f735b25c187b497866914c
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DescriptionThis is a tagged version of shnid: 30625

Grateful Dead
Manor Downs
Manor, TX

Sick Bits Vol. 11

Source: Matrix:

SBD: (shn ID 3415)
Lineage: Soundboard>Master Cassette>Cassette>Dat>CDR>EAC>SHN(via Jeff M.)

AUD: (shn ID 19017)
MAC (Taped by Steven Martin, modified Nakamichi CM-700 mics > Sony TC-D5M) >

Nak Dragon playback > Cardas audiophile cables > HHB CDR 800 master CD >
Samsung SW-232B extraction (EAC v0.9 beta 4) > tracking (CD Wave) >
sector boundary verification (shntool v1.01) > .shn encoding (mkwACT v0.97 beta 1)
(via: A > D by Steven Martin + EAC > SHN by Jack Warner)

All sources were shn files downloaded from the LlaMA and converted to
WAV > Vegas 5 (matrix) > WAV > CD Wave > FLAC 16 (level 8)

Matrixed by Chris Chappell

--Set 1--
101-d1t01 - Tuning
102-d1t02 - Alabama Getaway ->
103-d1t03 - Promised Land
104-d1t04 - Candyman
105-d1t05 - El Paso
106-d1t06 - Bird Song ->
107-d1t07 - Little Red Rooster
108-d1t08 - Ramble on Rose
109-d1t09 - It's All Over Now
110-d1t10 - Brown Eyed Women ->
111-d1t11 - The Music Never Stopped
112-d1t12 - Deal

--Set 2--
201-d2t01 - Tuning
202-d2t02 - Scarlet Begonias ->
203-d2t03 - Fire on the Mountain ->
204-d2t04 - Estimated Prophet ->
205-d2t05 - Eyes of the World ->
206-d2t06 - Jam (sans Garcia+Lesh) ->
207-d2t07 - Drums ->
208-d3t01 - Space ->
209-d3t02 - Uncle John's Band ->
210-d3t03 - Truckin' ->
211-d3t04 - Morning Dew ->
212-d3t05 - One More Saturday Night

213-d3t06 - Dont Ease Me In

Total Times:
Disc 1 [79:25]
Disc 2 [58:34]
Disc 3 [43:48]


General Notes:

Given the two sources available on, I decided to put the
effort into editing a matrix of this incredible night at Manor Downs
(pronounced "Mayner") in Manor, TX (not Austin, Manor Downs is the racetrack
outside of Austin about 6 miles in the town of Manor).

The FOB AUD is an excellent recording for '82 and the SBD is balanced with
everyone in the mix. Aside from the fact that the SBD is compressed and the
AUD has a pretty slappy kick drum, the two sources work well together
even when Phil drops huge bombs resulting in massive overload.

This show is simply smokin', definately top 5 '82 along with 9-17, 4-6, 8-10
and 8-3. Apparently, post drums is actually after midnight, thus Jerry's birthday,
which a few people remind him during the mellow part of the Dew. The crowd
certainly got treated to "one of those shows" this night at the racetrack.

Reviews from

- "Jerry turns 40 as Brent wails. Download now !!!!"

- "High points in set one are Bob going crazy with the slide guitar on Little Red
Rooster and Brent burning it up on All Over Now. The second set is extremely
good, with Brent on organ for Scarlet>Fire and Phil dropping bombs left and
right, especially at the close of Truckin' and in Morning Dew. This second set,
while not flawless, will most likely end up in your top 10 for the Brent years.
Get it now!"

- "Although the next day at OKC was Jerry's Birthday show, this show went past
midnight after drums, so we were treated to an early birthday jam. The uncle
john's>truckin>dew was a perfect way to start the celebration that would last
through the next show. Very sweet."


Editing Notes:

- Pitch
Both sources were pitched differently, the SBD being the sharpest,
and the AUD being the flatest. I used the SBD as my master timeline
and pitch referenced the AUD to it. The AUD on average had to be pitched
up about .12 (12 cents) to achieve pitch correction - 1.00 being
100 cents which is a semitone. The SBD very close to A=440.

- Synch
Because of the speed fluctuation within a given source, multiple edits
were performed to keep the sources synched. Because the SBD was my
master pitch and time ref, the AUD was synched to the SBD (too many
edits to list).

- Sonic Quality/Matrix ratio
The only dynamic processing I employed was a little EQ to the AUD source,
cutting 2.5k about 1 dB to minimize the attack on the kick drum; also I
applied Waves L2 (limiter) to the master 2 buss to keep things contained.
All I was trying to do here is to add some dimension to the SBD by using
the ambience of the AUD. The result is a lively but clear recording,
hopefully close to how it sounded at the show. The AUD is higher in the mix,
but the SBD is compressed so it has much more presence. If I had to guess the
SBD/AUD ratio would be somewhere between 2.5:1 and 3:1. The SBD suffers from
occasional distortion as well as a pretty wispy and present hi-hat due to
the previously employed compression, however I did nothing to the SBD.

- Edits
The following are places where the SBD and AUD had splices, holes or
incomplete coverage in reference to the final matrix timeline.

d1t06 (6:36:51 - 6:36:64) - removed glitch (left channel only)
d1t07 (8:06 - 8:11) - missing (crowd)
d2t01 (0:00 - 0:06) - missing (crowd)
d2t06 (0:04 - 0:15) - missing
d3t02 (3:34 - 3:35) - minimized static (left channel only)
d3t02 (8:28 - 8:29) - missing
d3t05 (0:04 - 0:13) - missing
d3t05 (4:44 - 4:56) - missing (crowd)

d1t01 (0:00 - 0:49) - missing (crowd)
d1t03 (4:17 - 4:45) - missing (crowd)
d1t07 (8:00 - 8:01) - missing (crowd)
d2t05 (0:02 - 0:11) - missing
d2t05 (4:32 - 4:32) - removed glitch
d3t02 (1:27 - 1:52) - removed dropout (right channel only)
d3t03 (1:03 - 1:24) - removed dropout (right channel only)
d3t04 (0:09 - 1:01) - removed dropout (right channel only)
d3t05 (0:00 - 0:02) - missing
d3t05 (4:23 - 4:31) - removed dropout (right channel only)

Note that alot of the missing elements from the SBD or the AUD source are
just crowd segments except for tape flips from both sources, fortunately
not in the same places, thus full coverage is achieved.

Thanks to Jeff M. for providing the SBD. Thanks to Steve Martin for
recording the AUD and to Jack Warner for encoding it.



Tagging notes:
Show information is embedded within the header of each flac file.
It will display on any player capable of directly playing flac
files. If converted to wav during processing, all tags will be
stripped, however audio data will remain unaffected. If you must
transcode to a lossy format, do so directly Flac > Lossy.
Use ffp to validate audio integrity.
Md5 values will change if tagging is altered.
B. Proctor 10-25-10


length expanded size cdr WAVE problems filename
1:36.18 16976780 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d1t01.flac
4:58.62 52713068 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d1t02.flac
5:18.33 56172860 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d1t03.flac
7:34.68 80245580 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d1t04.flac
5:07.08 54173660 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d1t05.flac
9:25.70 99830684 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d1t06.flac
8:13.44 87068732 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d1t07.flac
7:20.30 77686604 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d1t08.flac
9:42.22 102716588 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d1t09.flac
5:44.69 60843932 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d1t10.flac
7:48.22 82606988 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d1t11.flac
6:32.04 69158252 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d1t12.flac
0:46.19 8159132 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d2t01.flac
12:46.57 135256508 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d2t02.flac
10:25.38 110339420 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d2t03.flac
11:21.64 120278972 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d2t04.flac
12:06.58 128202860 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d2t05.flac
2:40.05 28235804 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d2t06.flac
8:25.47 89192588 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d2t07.flac
7:31.72 79725788 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d3t01.flac
9:54.08 104800460 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d3t02.flac
7:20.48 77728940 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d3t03.flac
10:54.74 115539692 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d3t04.flac
4:53.22 51736988 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d3t05.flac
3:11.37 33779468 --- -- ---xx gd82-07-31d3t06.flac
181:42.24 1923170304 B(totals for 24 files, 0.6287 overall compression ratio)


TypeGrateful Dead
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82-07-31 - Manor Downs..jpg645.4 kBN/A
gd82-07-31.30625..ffp1.4 kBN/A
gd82-07-31.30625.tagged.md51.5 kBN/A
gd82-07-31.30625.txt10.1 kBN/A
gd82-07-31d1t01.flac8.21 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d1t02.flac32.34 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d1t03.flac32.98 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d1t04.flac46.23 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d1t05.flac31.20 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d1t06.flac58.47 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d1t07.flac52.26 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d1t08.flac45.12 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d1t09.flac61.91 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d1t10.flac37.29 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d1t11.flac51.64 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d1t12.flac43.92 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d2t01.flac4.00 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d2t02.flac84.33 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d2t03.flac69.66 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d2t04.flac72.54 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d2t05.flac81.18 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d2t06.flac16.74 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d2t07.flac48.76 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d3t01.flac39.41 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d3t02.flac64.43 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d3t03.flac49.63 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d3t04.flac65.73 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d3t05.flac32.70 MBN/A
gd82-07-31d3t06.flac22.48 MBN/A
gd82-07-31-sb11-cover.jpg609.4 kBN/A
gd82-07-31-sb11-tray.jpg326.9 kBN/A
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gctaper64 2012-12-31 10:59:51
Hey now you post alot..wondering...12/28/91..would love to get that..I taped this run but that day I missed the encore plus cut in flip...also...any interest in mastering some DATS into torrents, got alot of west coast 93 and 94 a few 95 and assorted east coast,have cassette masters of 12/8/90-12/16/92 almost all west coast shows some sbd

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