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ShowLake Street Dive 2012-12-29 State Theatre Falls Church, VA [KM140](opening for Stringdusters)
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TorrentLSD2012-12-29.KM140.FallsChurch.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash598ee8322b364a70ee93829e561ab7cfee86ef9a
DescriptionHere's the opener for last night's Stringduster's show, if you haven't seen Lake Street Dive yet do yourself a favor; catchy soulful R&B/rock/pop/whatever you want to call it. Rachael Price is one of the best frontwomen on the scene and just commands attention with her talent and onstage presence. Thanks Neil for the patch!

Lake Street Dive
State Theatre
Falls Church, VA

rec. info:
Neumann KM140 > Busman modded Edirol R4 > patch > Sony PCM M10 @ 24/44.1
HDD > Audacity (fades, normalization, dither) > FLAC > mp3Tag

Thanks to Cornelius for taping and the patch!

Fileset prepared/finished on 2012-12-30

opened for Infamous Stringdusters

01. You Go Down Smooth
02. Stop Crying
03. Henriette
04. Don't Make Me Hold Your Hand
05. Faith
06. Clear a Space
07. Miss Disregard
08. Bad Self Portraits
09. Elijah
10. Got Me Fooled
11. Hello? Goodbye!

Rachael Price - vocals
Mike Olson - guitar, trumpet, vocals
Bridget Kearney - bass, vocals
Mike Calabrese - drums, vocals

Buy the official releases and merchandise and go see 'em live!
Checksums4ae8501ea436c23d68a4fd89d0baeb8c *LSD2012-12-29.KM140.FallsChurch.t01.flac
bb634ab7e1462ef4e54b363e4ab147e0 *LSD2012-12-29.KM140.FallsChurch.t02.flac
b80235557720faf00021f94ca7ad50d4 *LSD2012-12-29.KM140.FallsChurch.t03.flac
9b5d4979d78291e602c4f8a6c788758e *LSD2012-12-29.KM140.FallsChurch.t04.flac
0c347314a317acdc60551a50a2b72567 *LSD2012-12-29.KM140.FallsChurch.t05.flac
52325c59ec79195b01c6451d860c9f2d *LSD2012-12-29.KM140.FallsChurch.t06.flac
76e8ff2b84f0d985957be6216d040431 *LSD2012-12-29.KM140.FallsChurch.t07.flac
6855df4c99cb32d856d296a437dabb0c *LSD2012-12-29.KM140.FallsChurch.t08.flac
c805512286a5fca293aeaebc8c0ed1d0 *LSD2012-12-29.KM140.FallsChurch.t09.flac
b938789cc9c01e8344ec5fed8616de79 *LSD2012-12-29.KM140.FallsChurch.t10.flac
bce875038e0c351c1315233bccd82741 *LSD2012-12-29.KM140.FallsChurch.t11.flac
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ArchivalAudio 2012-12-30 20:16:06

thank you for sharing some more LSD!

they are so much fun live... yes, check them out!
jbrid 2012-12-31 09:49:34
Pointkrewechief 2013-01-03 11:55:35
Thanks so much!!! Love this band!

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