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ShowPhish 12-30-2012~Madison Square Garden~New York, NY~*Schoeps mk41v's*
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Torrentphish2012-12-30.mk41v.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash03e16c782deb2bfbb4bc745ab1b18d1c92ea9364
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December 30th, 2012
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

Source: Schoeps mk41v's(DIN)>kc5>m222>nt222>aeta psp-3>788t
Location: Section 2, Row 1/DFC
Transfer: 788t>Wavelab 5>CD Wave>Wavelab 5>Flac
Taped and Transferred By: Derek Davis

Set 1

01 Intro
02 Runaway Jim
03 Cities
04 Divided Sky
05 Back On The Train
06 Ride Captain Ride
07 Ocelot
08 Ya Mar
09 Horn
10 My Friend, My Friend ~>
11 Run Like An Antelope

Set 2

01 Intro
02 Down With Disease ~>
03 Twenty Years Later ~>
04 Carini ~>
05 Backwards Down The Number Line
06 Julius ~>
07 Slave To The Traffic Light
08 Harry Hood ~>
09 Show Of Life

Checksumsphish2012-12-30.d1t01.flac:94367244eaff403555bbd8dd59a731a1<br />
phish2012-12-30.d1t02.flac:fc75b0eb266b5117b4829b3ea2392012<br />
phish2012-12-30.d1t03.flac:451fdd17133059eced917c71860040b9<br />
phish2012-12-30.d1t04.flac:3230856ef1d90bf909f4f2d2a3a381f4<br />
phish2012-12-30.d1t05.flac:e9e749ca79e9c7b771860c8584666350<br />
phish2012-12-30.d1t06.flac:84d444c8339964a42ee55ec1d76f48d8<br />
phish2012-12-30.d1t07.flac:1a841398ed77d821debd1bcad0d6bd66<br />
phish2012-12-30.d1t08.flac:7b05087058a1ca89c43c5008107661b8<br />
phish2012-12-30.d1t09.flac:d051d9ee6d57cc390319e95c98271514<br />
phish2012-12-30.d1t10.flac:a2cbdf61676250060e29a3b431c998e4<br />
phish2012-12-30.d1t11.flac:3fdd9f6416d5be95308b3a07c58b8755<br />
phish2012-12-30.d2t01.flac:63e48ed801bc1b0e0173f618cf55f0d0<br />
phish2012-12-30.d2t02.flac:6ee067c512282908d4422825d94b3d19<br />
phish2012-12-30.d2t03.flac:8fec6ccec486f9d06d980d34450776e4<br />
phish2012-12-30.d2t04.flac:7382d665c64393fecf0e76b96dafbf82<br />
phish2012-12-30.d2t05.flac:90361bfbd85755024a0794d26ad8ac44<br />
phish2012-12-30.d2t06.flac:33ff0811dd4d7df0edc45d9fe3033e9a<br />
phish2012-12-30.d2t07.flac:d9faedac6bc0768d54931553e6364f86<br />
phish2012-12-30.d2t08.flac:fca6f3d262ffeb5918df1c1e23daff3d<br />
phish2012-12-30.d2t09.flac:712ef674e217fc2f49d8431494583d15<br />
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phish2012-12-30.d1t01.flac4.04 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d1t02.flac39.15 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d1t03.flac32.52 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d1t04.flac83.42 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d1t05.flac50.28 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d1t06.flac27.60 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d1t07.flac58.27 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d1t08.flac35.43 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d1t09.flac19.67 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d1t10.flac33.43 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d1t11.flac58.03 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d2t01.flac5.18 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d2t02.flac101.65 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d2t03.flac38.71 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d2t04.flac80.09 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d2t05.flac45.46 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d2t06.flac45.27 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d2t07.flac68.96 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d2t08.flac62.68 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.d2t09.flac29.92 MBN/A
phish2012-12-30.ffp.txt1.2 kBN/A
phish2012-12-30.txt.txt653 BN/A
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kingkita 2012-12-31 02:27:11
10 minutes too late,And we went out for food!
zmanatl 2012-12-31 02:35:36
Nice work DD, too much whiskey as my Grandson kicked your ass!
jasonsobel 2012-12-31 07:19:41
I just added this to the etree database:

noahbickart 2012-12-31 11:51:11
any chance of upping the 24bit files?
gctaper64 2012-12-31 11:56:43
great recording.thanks for the effort
noahbickart 2012-12-31 13:44:45
and Thanks. I love the 41v shound with the Schoeps t00bs
Pisces 2012-12-31 15:14:26
hseamons 2012-12-31 16:03:55
Awesome sound. Funnest shoe of run thus far. Thank you. Do fans need to sing so often? Am I a hater for wondering that?
hseamons 2012-12-31 16:37:56
I am a hater for wondering that. Sorry. Happy New Year!
wishy9 2013-01-01 02:41:36
Sounds great. Love the tube pre-amp sound. More choppy editing. see my comment's on Derek's version of the 28th.
wishy9 2013-01-02 22:57:46
Dear hseamons: Am I a hater for telling you that 'funnest' is not a word, and the band did not play inside a 'shoe'.
mgpr 2013-01-03 10:20:01
A lovely sound! Thank you very much for taping and uploading. I felt very much "in MSG" even though I haven't been there since about NYE 1997...

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