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ShowBoris Garcia Dec 29, 2012 Denver, CO
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TorrentBoris_Garcia_2012-12-29.MTX.Hayes.Flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asBoris_Garcia_2012-12-29.MTX.Hayes.Flac16
Info hashd4c88a205f5a584c02bb7ee1c5748383e69b0aa5
Description Boris Garcia Dec 29, 2012
Quixote's True Blue
Denver CO
Total Time = 194:39

4 Source Matrix:
SBD | DPA 4022| DPA 4027 | DPA 4060

Source 1: DPA 4022 (XY) -> Grace V3
-> Tascam DR680

Source 2: DPA 4027 (ORFT) Naiant Big
Box -> Tascam DR680

Source 3: DPA 4060 (AB - 3 foot omni
spread) -> Tascam DR680

Source 4: SBD feed -> XLR cable ->
Tascam DR680

Location: In rail area to right
of SBD. DFC. Mics on stand at 7 feet.

Transfer: Tascam DR680 (24/96) wav ->
USB cable -> PC

Editing: Wavelab plugins -> Flac(16)

MD5's and SBE checked and verified.

Recorded by Patrick H.

Disc 1 Set 1 (62:36) Boris Garcia
01 2:04
02 4:03
03 10:18
04 10:44
05 10:08
06 11:27
07 13:54
Checksums49689d178472366c1f64086c38cfb684 *Boris_Garcia_2012-12-29_D101.flac
7d839f487b95e1101ec1d5b107da2373 *Boris_Garcia_2012-12-29_D102.flac
8e9e53cea436ce7eb0f7a24dadbc64ed *Boris_Garcia_2012-12-29_D103.flac
295b1cabeb58330f10c4b02d6c1ddb43 *Boris_Garcia_2012-12-29_D104.flac
52af2f5a7aaf6242b67d7108b63111db *Boris_Garcia_2012-12-29_D105.flac
cf39806ec7d5f41ded66eb23a6838052 *Boris_Garcia_2012-12-29_D106.flac
fc8d399351430fcec1eab3f9b41218a4 *Boris_Garcia_2012-12-29_D107.flac
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phil_er_up 2012-12-31 10:48:29
The first night I did not record these guys due to I was just setting up and would not of gotten a complete show.

One of the members in the band asked the first night if I recorded and I said no and said would try and record them the second night. They started early and I missed the first 15 minutes (due to still setting up the rig) then just hit record at 9:03 and recorded till about 10:10. First song is cut. The band is on the IA and supports opening taping.

The band can play many many different types of music. Sometimes is sounded like SF 60 era - Quick Silver, Airplane, GD, NRPS, David Nelson Band with modern influences too. Really like this music and it was very well played.

Boris Garcia:


Show Notes: This is the second night of
the 4 night stand for NYE 2012. Boris
Garcia Opened and played a strong one
hour plus set. JGB came on next and
played 2 60+ minute sets.

Recorded 6 audience channels with a SBD
feed and created a 8 channel matrix. Mics
were on stage to right of SBD in rail
area on stand at ~7 feet. The sound at the
venue was very good to excellent. Sounding
of the recording is very good to excellent.
Crowd noise is very minimal.

Performance: A+
Sound Quality: A

Support Live Music!

billydee 2013-01-01 03:15:29
These guys are good....real good and your description is spot on. Nice to see Philly guys playin in CO, wish I coulda been there.
Thanks a bunch for making this happen!

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