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ShowBernie Worrell Orchestra, Providence, RI 2012-12-29
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TorrentBernie Worrell 2012-12-29.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash28b8213ad5405b2f9f797b6446c80fe3dfcc2810
DescriptionBernie Worrell Orchestra
The Spot Underground
Providence, Rhode Island

Source: Neumann AK40(ORTF)>LC-3>KM-100> UA-5 T+ > Yamaha C24

Transfer: SD> Audacity > WAV > TLH (FLAC (8))
Taped By: Mike Camp

01 Intro - Undisco Kidd
02 Woo Together
03 BWO Is Landing > All Things You
04 Thug
05 Take Me To The River @
06 Y-Spy >
07 Super Stupid
08 Mothership Connection
09 Get Your Hands Off
10 Encore
11 Gamin On Ya
12 Bonus Track (Take Me > Sound Check Jam)

Clamped to Rail behind Right of Board, +/- 8'

As always, feel free to trade and share. Enjoy!
SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC, buy gear, buy CD's .......

Like what you hear? Buy a taper a beer ;)
Checksumsdca566cd5210500bb3d4e59534765aa4 *BWO-2012-12-29_KM140.txt
65a4024884a3d07717493d72200084ba *BWO-2012-12-29_KM140_S1-01.flac
9eef4d36ae66b9b7010ac80b8e51587f *BWO-2012-12-29_KM140_S1-02.flac
89b6fe61c0ccb5ca4972e12eec4346dc *BWO-2012-12-29_KM140_S1-03.flac
cf05d98e792504387d43e8070ba9e117 *BWO-2012-12-29_KM140_S1-04.flac
9244e443494e59ddc3e4d56a7aa22c65 *BWO-2012-12-29_KM140_S1-05.flac
892c0af999a4637fe02db10db83247c8 *BWO-2012-12-29_KM140_S1-06.flac
85534e9f5e96574b4656c63cf1210976 *BWO-2012-12-29_KM140_S1-07.flac
35339957666e2da42fdaa2225fab82ff *BWO-2012-12-29_KM140_S1-08.flac
784b3c1ab2ad3bfd8ab912214c43e0fb *BWO-2012-12-29_KM140_S1-09.flac
393f9c56ec4d571dc2c036d14905b128 *BWO-2012-12-29_KM140_S1-10.flac
197f743be574bc1df9b92e6c3d3bf8b3 *BWO-2012-12-29_KM140_S1-11.flac
5be0a3b6a40c6776ffa77b1a9f873b75 *BWO-2012-12-29_KM140_SoundChk.flac
50cd5df91b467c016d20372f47fbc4ca *BWSetlist20121229.jpg
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zmanatl 2012-12-31 10:14:20
Nice work Mike! You stay awake and get 3 All The Way with a Coffee Milk afterwards?
gctaper64 2012-12-31 10:29:48
hahaha love the talking under the Mic comment,like people do it then get the recording and complain about it...Thanks for the post ...
obaaron 2012-12-31 10:30:56
2groundhog2 2012-12-31 10:40:04
Thanks! Looking forward to seeing Bernie next Sat in Lowell.
mec111272 2012-12-31 11:01:41
The Take Me to the River in the soundcheck file may be the best music of the night! I was there WAYYYYYYY too early. I did find out that Bernie Likes Chix Wings.
mec111272 2012-12-31 11:02:28
Maybe pre-game for Umphries for three all the way!
mec111272 2012-12-31 11:04:30
Maybe my comment should be, unless you want to hear your drunk ass for all eternity, SHUT THE HELL UP UNDER THE MICS.
BostonDPA4023 2012-12-31 13:47:35
Nice to see u upgraded to 140's Mike.
colinw 2012-12-31 19:25:56
excellent, thank you very much for the Bernie!

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