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ShowPhish 2012-12-29 Madison Square Garden NYC Mk4 Oade M248 16 Bit
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Torrentphish2012-12-29mk4m248-16bit.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashce68b31627e727000ce5a8284ecd22e64e0ba724
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December 29, 2012
Madison Square Garden
New York City, NY

Taped by pmonk

Source: Schoeps MK4>CMC-6 (DINa) > HYDRA stereo XLR cables > Oade M248 > HYDRA stereo Unbalanced RCA->XLR cables > Sound Device 702 [24/48]
Lineage: Flash Card Reader > USB >.wav >Adobe Audition [down sampled to 16 bit/44.1 khz]> CD Wave Editor>Traders Little Helper(Level 6)>foobar2000v0.9.5.6 (Tagging)>Traders Little Helper (md5)

Set One

01. Crowd Control
02. Mound
03. AC/DC Bag >
04. Rock & Roll
05. Sugar Shack
06. Reba
07. Halley's Comet >
08. Limb By Limb*
09. Wading In The Velvet Sea
10. Bathtub Gin**

Set Two

01. Golden Age >
02. Waves >
03. Prince Caspian*** >
04. Boogie On Reggae Woman >
05. Suzy Greenberg
06. Bug >
07. Cavern >
08. 46 Days


09. The Squirming Coil
10. Grind
11. First Tube

*Follow the Yellow Brick Road tease
**”Susie Q” quote from Fishman
Checksums5264823eeed2d98348f0e3297fcc0790 *phish2012-12-29mk4m248-16bit.txt
bf61f648ae1ad1ab5b6e2276e5caeeee *phish2012-12-29set1t01.flac
6d3ec20ea3eba2f46b17bebf0f454332 *phish2012-12-29set1t02.flac
18dcd3b115bbd06ce7a26aec21cae17b *phish2012-12-29set1t03.flac
1363b88a140e101691973181e4b3d4e3 *phish2012-12-29set1t04.flac
5025b2fbae91ee2ea328ef8fe6653f2f *phish2012-12-29set1t05.flac
395fc43b8f51eef646ea55761b059597 *phish2012-12-29set1t06.flac
7adc9812e5e9509e660059b5af099d7f *phish2012-12-29set1t07.flac
53e1ac476ffb15d3ceb9876e858bb547 *phish2012-12-29set1t08.flac
636ee0ab5155e28429d3848d0d360f9f *phish2012-12-29set1t09.flac
6ca268d0ebe659c66e036d85f9aea4d8 *phish2012-12-29set1t10.flac
cea543297b86ef88fe8222a710ddacc4 *phish2012-12-29set2t01.flac
3eb8fbcac2fa5d7347b91a5a0e4a0e90 *phish2012-12-29set2t02.flac
8c614db4f995810aa363a62a6a9b8631 *phish2012-12-29set2t03.flac
bdbaa27bb3c1dc79498dd1356298806f *phish2012-12-29set2t04.flac
f57e5bbaf8a55a1f9c10b4f5e7320b6e *phish2012-12-29set2t05.flac
7089562114855cd1cfa917c757e7ed2f *phish2012-12-29set2t06.flac
42f23f84d47fda38bb2de6aea752c2e5 *phish2012-12-29set2t07.flac
9e89611043d4402870c258bf8ca8aaa3 *phish2012-12-29set2t08.flac
39ab75350616e917cbf8fd8df0447c5d *phish2012-12-29set2t09.flac
4aa729a89d8acd9b816dd5f022ea7822 *phish2012-12-29set2t10.flac
8793860d08cc55358ee09f360a9897a3 *phish2012-12-29set2t11.flac
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Added2012-12-31 14:28:41
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phish2012-12-29mk4m248-16bit.md51.4 kBN/A
phish2012-12-29mk4m248-16bit.txt929 BN/A
phish2012-12-29set1t01.flac28.43 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set1t02.flac32.28 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set1t03.flac31.86 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set1t04.flac45.95 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set1t05.flac27.51 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set1t06.flac63.55 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set1t07.flac27.94 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set1t08.flac35.63 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set1t09.flac30.52 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set1t10.flac58.81 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set2t01.flac76.44 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set2t02.flac45.25 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set2t03.flac35.23 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set2t04.flac34.60 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set2t05.flac40.87 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set2t06.flac38.79 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set2t07.flac23.63 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set2t08.flac57.18 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set2t09.flac43.52 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set2t10.flac9.71 MBN/A
phish2012-12-29set2t11.flac44.25 MBN/A
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jasonsobel 2012-12-31 15:28:42
I just added this to the etree database:

metawhy 2012-12-31 15:46:38
thank you!!
metawhy 2012-12-31 19:02:40
I hope you taped some others from this run, because this pull is about as good as I've ever heard.
mikefreed 2013-01-02 08:46:18
thank you for recording and sharing your 24bit recoding

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