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ArtistGovt Mule
ShowGov't Mule - 2012-12-30 - Beacon Theatre, New York City, NY [ca-11 > spsb-11 > r05]
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DescriptionGov't Mule
New Year's Eve Run 2012-2013
Beacon Theatre
New York City, NY
30.12.2012 [2012-12-30]

A Mad Piper & Africolaman [also mad] & Raimax Production

church audio ca-11 > sp-spsb-11 [bass roll-off at 69 hz] > [mic-in] roland r05 [16 bit/ 44.1 kHz]
> .wav > usb2 > audacity [amp +1db - fades] > .wav > cdwave [tracked and converted] > .flac
mics pointed at upper left p.a., ab, kfc, vfb, 50 ft from stack, 65 feet from stage
21 ft high [lower balcony, left side (Warren's side of stage), row e, seat 19/21, mics fixed to stand]
Taper: Ulrich Rettinger [africolaman AT gmx DOT de]
Taper's Supervisor: Rainer Neuburger

Disc 1 [1:15:40]
Set 1
01 Audience > Tuning
02 Railroad Boy >
03 30 Days in the Hole
04 Rocking Horse
05 Banks of the deep End
06 Painted silver Light
07 Birth of the Mule > +
08 Devil likes it slow +
09 I think you know what I mean >
10 When the Levee breaks % > Outro 1st Set > Audience

Disc 2 [1:14:11]
Set 2
01 Audience > Tuning
02 Mr. Man
03 Broke down on the Brazos >
04 Tributary Jam
05 Trouble every Day +
06 John the Revelator + % $
07 Good Morning little Schoolgirl % $ & no MA
08 Long as I can see the Light $ & no MA
09 Blind Man in the Dark w/ Pygmy Twylite Tease + > Outro > Audience Encore Call

Disc 3 [0:19:11]
01 Feel like breaking up somebody's Home + % $ ? > Final Farewell > Audience

Discs 2 and 3 are seamless.

Warren Haynes [guitar, vocals]
Matt Abts [drums]
Jorgen Carlsson [bass]
Danny Louis [keys, guitar, trumpet, trombone, backing vocals]

Specials Guests:
%) = w/ Hook Herrera [bluesharp]
+) = w/ Bill Evans [saxophone]
$) = w/ Jimmy Vivino [keyboards, trumpet, vocals]
&) = w/ Bill Kreutzmann [drums]
?) = w/ Andy Alledort [guitar]

Taped with permission of the band.

Share freely and the sun will always shine on you.
Definitely never sell.

Support the performers. See their shows and buy their official recordings.

Checksumsb1e27a14caa693f85648cb4c29a3a339 *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s01_t01.flac<br />
7129dbf644a66d2af4b89c0b6a402c8a *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s01_t02.flac<br />
39da97c2205d04bd47dd384eb0c78f6c *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s01_t03.flac<br />
08a64703e214c4fb245b2dcd5abe9913 *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s01_t04.flac<br />
65882aadad3e8f322b704b44c5585d9b *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s01_t05.flac<br />
622122298032f0d78b2078a1dd444776 *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s01_t06.flac<br />
563c2d2560007a47b50f90b7dab2f95c *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s01_t07.flac<br />
f436a3776dc605ed3cdc75d5ead841ee *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s01_t08.flac<br />
d91c6e9ff0177e0c25dfdd9fed22a497 *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s01_t09.flac<br />
0c915ea95e3a909108b3fb34c56797e1 *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s01_t10.flac<br />
a9d4738b4a63c16d58f422f7bb24597d *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t01.flac<br />
fb4fceffb5136a983648f7ca084693fa *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t02.flac<br />
a38a15d7460bf382dc2dbc34b6c72923 *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t03.flac<br />
ffd469deea7a8881dcab8df55e9e0c5b *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t04.flac<br />
dea1b76e4a51f433ec1775b6079d5e23 *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t05.flac<br />
3003303b30d0ab0f01c72926f5300541 *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t06.flac<br />
157ae4065d8fa04b2607328a9c62c2b3 *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t07.flac<br />
80a79253461c064af14c4eecbdee7ef2 *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t08.flac<br />
e07b97dd590a306647ee1393d9378715 *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t09.flac<br />
575bc65201fd2f69a7387f62926a99c8 *mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t10.flac
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mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s01_t06.flac39.68 MBN/A
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mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s01_t08.flac68.01 MBN/A
mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s01_t09.flac39.76 MBN/A
mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s01_t10.flac50.53 MBN/A
mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t01.flac2.51 MBN/A
mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t02.flac28.43 MBN/A
mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t03.flac34.61 MBN/A
mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t04.flac9.10 MBN/A
mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t05.flac77.01 MBN/A
mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t06.flac58.37 MBN/A
mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t07.flac34.85 MBN/A
mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t08.flac24.08 MBN/A
mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t09.flac119.66 MBN/A
mule_2012-12-30_ca-11_r05_s02_t10.flac106.02 MBN/A
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edtyre 2012-12-31 14:56:28
Nice job guys! Wish i was there. Happy New Year.
zmanatl 2012-12-31 15:03:34
Ulrich and Rainer rock!
Gr8fulDen 2012-12-31 15:15:03
Tom_of_Mule 2012-12-31 15:53:53
Thank you !

Ulrich - did you record the Philly 12/29 show?

Keep on Rockin'

Digam11 2012-12-31 16:31:10
chico1610 2012-12-31 17:10:24
thanks ulrich!
nice recording!!!!!
looking forward to seeing you tonite (lol - he's looking right over my shoulder ...)
the southern germany mule junkies are covering all 4 shows of this end-of-the-year-run - philly, nyc - so keep your eyes open for more to come, not only from africolaman.

it was nice to meet in poerson all those other famous tapers, freddu g and yossi just to name a few!!! I fel honored!

looking forward for tonite's show - will b.b. show up in person? we are ready to run, just a little fuel to the engine (some steaks, some beers) and off we go!!!!

_MULETAPER 2012-12-31 18:18:18

THIS recording ROCKS!!!

Uli and Rainer Sorry, I cant join you,next year for sure.This so far to my ears is one of the Best so far! Keep up the good work and I hope chico brought his gear too. Best Wishes for the New year~

wangadang 2012-12-31 22:19:02
30 Days in 1st set! can't wait to hear it. Thank you for your good work. Happy New Year!
Tomahawk Kid 2013-01-01 04:27:43
Thank you very much!
thrylos 2013-01-01 05:57:49
Thank you so much Uli and Rainer!
Have an excellent 2013, see you on the summer tour!
lucaluigi 2013-01-01 06:26:28
thank you very much!
Happy 2013 guys!
mule___ryder 2013-01-01 10:55:49
ty for sharing !


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