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ShowHarmony Riley Dec. 28th 2012 Reunion show Giovanni's Rockford,Il. (Miles Nielsen)
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Torrent2012-12-28 Harmony Riley Giovanni's Rockford ,Il flac.torrent (click to download)
Downloads as2012-12-28 Harmony Riley Giovanni's Rockford ,Il flac
Info hashe50a78d3dd20f9f49ec403f80d0ae17a71b3c4e2
DescriptionHarmony Riley

Time: 2hr 21 min 30 sec
Quality: A-
Taped: Dpa 4022> Naiant Midbox> Edirol R-09hr
Transferred: R-09hr> Usb> Magix ACL> flac
Location: 25ft back,DFC
Taped And Transferred By: MarkE


Don't Give Up The Ride
Over Now
Miles Talks 1
Dynamite Man
Wooly Mammoth
Ale & Wood
Miles Talks 2
Miles Talks 3
Lovelight *
Miles Talks 4
Love Yourself **
Falling Away
Miles Talks 5 /Encore
Radar Love > Drum Solo
Miles Talks of Middlechunk
Baba O'Riley>
Need Your Love Jam

*= w/ Jorje on stage
**= Andy Scarpaci on Bass~From Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts

Harmony Riley :
Miles Nielsen = Guitar & Vocals
Daxx Nielsen = Drums
Matthew "Bighed" Makris = Bass
Dan McMahon - Guitar ~From Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts
Adam Plamann- Keyboard / Sax/ Etc.~From Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts

~Special props to Guitarist Kevin Buck, who 's health forced him to cancel his appearance (Good luck to you)~

Other Past Members:not at show..
Jonathon Marx
Brent Stenburg
Christian Cullen

Harmony Riley was a fun rock bands from 97~04. They played a one off reunion show at Giovanni's in Rockford, which is not a club, but more of a reception hall. Decent acoustics as this recording shows. Each member has moved on from this band, butthey did look like they were having a blast (even during "Happy"). So if you know who these guys are, download it becuase it was a real good show. We had alot of great memories at their shows and this was no exception.

Checksums01 Intro.flac:9dd2c2b11927a14f54e65a07cd0625ce<br />
02 Don\\\\\\\'t Give Up The Ride.flac:568c2a9b56ac4fa6510d6d5d762a89ad<br />
03 Hammes.flac:b5a89b8b62b8a3ecf5b3336e33858e4d<br />
04 Over Now.flac:e9cbefc0579e2fdcf9cf3fe0d81efc9d<br />
05 Miles Shout Outs 1.flac:d2b87ba87679830e2981a6a571273cf8<br />
06 Dynamite Man.flac:5817f96dc4309935a00d3b6b89c7e59c<br />
07 Happy.flac:6dc253faba29138bfbe97bb76e4779f5<br />
08 Wooly Mammoth.flac:18937435de467a0ce1bfc78d7061340a<br />
09 Ale &amp; Wood.flac:d403dd9b4b7f03731eec66436bcf178f<br />
10 Exodus.flac:af98f3cc2acf5f42be8c2878e84a80b6<br />
11 Miles Shout Outs 2.flac:a58d4a5541eaaaddaec7b9b4bcce4980<br />
12 Intendo.flac:06c1a2162899b74057faf23d39d6d391<br />
13 Miles Shout Out 3.flac:4711a2c36f5424879c4199e1a249858f<br />
14 Lovelight.flac:f8b6981e571881f6c71b33d4dbea59d0<br />
15 Moonwalk.flac:f8a7bc2e52c89dfc64f8d46776a6a303<br />
16 Miles Talks.flac:2ce67b95e4318d3403c6dd7f3191744d<br />
17 Love Yourself.flac:cdf031b43e3846305c43251f2396d96e<br />
18 Cowbell.flac:5be52e8edc50f71a078bed3e59d5b472<br />
19 Falling Away.flac:e89c7c58174d395ce7cd346978a6eb69<br />
20 Miles Talks 2 _Encore.flac:3706756cbe4f7d3b9847ae12439abd4e<br />
21 Radar Love _ Drum Solo.flac:1952aff75df034fbd1d076af41a69e95<br />
22 Miles Talks _Chunk.flac:62c7ff848898df326fb736d9ac1e2b48<br />
23 Baba O\\\\\\\'Riley _.flac:28eb87c616c7abb3d0865a8abe15c934<br />
24 Need Your Love Jam.flac:9fa3cb3bdbbdb8ccdbbdc7598fac6dbb<br />
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morst 2013-02-22 12:37:22
Thanks MarkE, I added this fileset to the LMA!

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