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ArtistBruce Hornsby
ShowBruce Hornsby - 1996/07/04 - Furthur Festival - Darien Lake PAC - Darien, NY
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Info hashc350606e2600ece6c993d81f8ec52ee5c79e0466
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DescriptionBruce Hornsby
Darien Lake Performing Arts Center - Darien Center, NY

Source: Unknown AUD (likely Sennheiser 441's > D6)
Transfer: CASS > Audacity > WAV > Izotope > FLAC
Taped by John Hambruch
Transferred from CASS by Bill Graves

Furthur Festival

1. "Soundcheck"
2. Jacob's Ladder >
3. Tighten Up
4. The Way It Is
5. Drunken Hiccups >
6. Western Skyline >
7. When I Paint My Masterpiece >
8. Don't Do It
9. Cruise Control
10. White-Wheeled Limousine
11. Jack Straw *
12. Quinn the Eskimo

*-w/Bob Weir on Guitar and Vocals

Big thanks to Dennis Brady for the use of the tape.

This show is part of The Furthur Project -
ChecksumsBruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T01.flac:511b1c7724d6da51a3939013b9381feb
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T02.flac:b3288da2ed613d897d1fe61b45b4a549
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T03.flac:40af01f72dfe5dd68c2a020205b64ff7
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T04.flac:f3e9de7d980ae4d42ecf7d5713d8e73f
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T05.flac:22754bc5441f9447a57cd445ff927a12
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T06.flac:471b9d655babb8f51026c77ab22ddd0d
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T07.flac:12ed4c9c4058546e5d589c611b098692
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T08.flac:570a699ec517bda08ff330b24e17848e
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T09.flac:3983e5e324f81d5778d6158a9349feb6
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T10.flac:4020cdb26ee986daf81af24c4f756744
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T11.flac:193608d2cbb530ab86cd78e0d30e115f
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T12.flac:ec23a4be9c4e084175d6050dde86751b
TypeBruce Hornsby
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Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T10.flac60.21 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T04.flac49.20 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T09.flac46.54 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T06.flac45.28 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T11.flac43.17 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T03.flac36.38 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T02.flac26.31 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T12.flac23.92 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T08.flac19.50 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T07.flac8.57 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T01.flac7.54 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-04_D1T05.flac7.54 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby - 1996-07-04.ffp.txt840 BN/A
Bruce Hornsby - 1996-07-04.txt669 BN/A
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bigdaddybflo 2013-01-01 10:01:29
BIG John Hambruch !!!!
bluelawn 2013-01-01 20:35:22
thanks Big John!

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