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ArtistLeftover Salmon
ShowLeftover Salmon - 1998/07/08 - The Flood Zone - Richmond, VA (New Source to Circulation)
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Info hash6b3a7fa5dbebddcb0678f7a252fdda2af6443deb
DescriptionLeftover Salmon
The Flood Zone - Richmond, VA

Source: DSBD
Transfer: D8 > Behringer UCA202 > Audacity (@48Hz) > WAV > FLAC
Taped by Robert Dunbar
Transferred by Bill Graves

Disc 1:
1. In the Summertime >
2. Louie Louie / GDTRFB >
3. Wabash Cannonball >
4. Promised Land >
5. Pistol Packin' Mama >
6. I'm Just Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail >
7. Thick Smoke & Spazmatic Bluegrass >
8. >
10. River's Risin'
11. Meet Me in the Morning

Disc 2:
1. Ukelele Lady
2. Ain't Gonna Work >
3. Muddy Water Home
4. Deep Elem Blues
5. Hot Corn / Cold Corn
6. Gold Hill Line >
7. >
8. Ask the Fish >
9. Shady Grove >
10. Ask the Fish
- Encore
11. Tuning / Banter
12. >
13. Rise Up / Wake & Bake

Any help with the setlist will be appreciated.

This show is a Boiler in the Basement Installment -
ChecksumsLeftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T01.flac:4a8f7dac55a94f075d2be7d76caf80ce<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T02.flac:09c92f28392e6169c195ea0ba97e09d6<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T03.flac:6cb92df5e1ea748694e7aaf7d8b32aa9<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T04.flac:b727fea89d3b715d459efae46629481a<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T05.flac:f4c6d347271d5471c3f40b259da0643a<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T06.flac:e78e389b63b262f8367bf0b6336c3e1b<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T07.flac:4ff6ff9dd909c09c72899bf65c13f949<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T08.flac:6dc4015eaed97f470b7c4e57e848d09d<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T09.flac:2eb99eaee3c62037a365f99c2e9fe841<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T10.flac:64f8bdb7f5268267552cb147422211bf<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T11.flac:b6d3f3e00987fb225102d237199b5e13<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T01.flac:11d89e35af0d290f51a6fe016385aee6<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T02.flac:ce207bca0175592dd81c7dc827fa9836<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T03.flac:3a77c37bb441affa51411bcbeeb7b444<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T04.flac:b190b7c15a49ae43b048bf67093fa55e<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T05.flac:e86bc49e0b5c11f6b34bbc1187cafe34<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T06.flac:4a594155edf7174c1a70d35d389462e2<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T07.flac:303b375bcacee7d1cffe08643e42778f<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T08.flac:7e29441d8f7888cf9bf350fa48b3ea2a<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T09.flac:3e5259b2a00a8fc0305c6676851a95a5<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T10.flac:e6dc4160526cc4a139d00124c31fb428<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T11.flac:7d6f9280232dcbaa4b59a300fd6cd10e<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T12.flac:9d6eee686218e7e74e3f8d564de8a0bd<br />
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T13.flac:17e33b244dc6c1073f18d19fa2fb1ddf<br />
TypeLeftover Salmon
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Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T08.flac52.04 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T04.flac46.26 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T11.flac43.08 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T12.flac41.29 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T10.flac40.95 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T09.flac33.34 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T13.flac33.00 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T06.flac28.95 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T05.flac24.90 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T03.flac21.37 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T07.flac21.18 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T01.flac20.92 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T06.flac18.50 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T02.flac14.82 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T09.flac13.70 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T01.flac13.35 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T05.flac12.64 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T07.flac11.96 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T11.flac11.48 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T03.flac11.18 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D1T04.flac5.47 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon_1998-07-08_D2T08.flac4.66 MBN/A
Leftover Salmon - 1998-07-08.ffp.txt1.7 kBN/A
Leftover Salmon - 1998-07-08.txt803 BN/A
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indydarkstar 2013-01-01 13:31:26
wow,keep em coming,thanks so much for sharing
teamdrink 2013-01-02 09:43:42
LetItRollOn 2013-01-02 19:50:24
great! Salmon AUD tapes. Gotta love me some salmon ambiance!
brotherjking 2013-01-10 08:43:05
Thanks for this! I haven't had a chance to re-listen since that day. See, my buddy lived directly across the street from the Flood Zone so we invited the band over. Vince took us up on the offer pre-show, then again at set break, then more of the band showed up post-show. Vince even taught me how to fix a broken guitar string since I didn't have any extras with me.

FTR, the only song on the setlist before the show was Deep Elum, which explains the segue-filled looseness of the first set. lol
hargarus 2013-01-14 08:07:32
Thanks for posting this show!!!! Does anyone know where I can find the 1st set?

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