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ArtistGovt Mule
ShowGov't Mule 2012-12-31 Beacon Theatre, New York, NY **AKG480's w/CK63's->Oade M148**
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Torrentgm2012-12-31.akg480.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asgm2012-12-31.akg480
Info hash4afba3e1812aa540a7ed6141365f6d7161d643c4
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DescriptionGov't Mule
Beacon Theatre
New York, New York

Akg480's w/CK63's->Oade M148->Marantz PMD-661
Row N, Almost DFC, right next to Wendy's Lighting Desk, 10'
Audacity Dither and Conversion to 16/44.1->CDWav->TLH Flac 8

Recorded and Seeded by Jeff Moores

Set 1
1 Bad Little Doggie
2 Left Coast Groovies
3 About To Rage
4 Streamline Woman
5 Endless Parade
6 Monkey Hill > She's So Heavy
7 Brighter Days

Set 2: Three Kings with Chronic Horns
*Freddie King
1 Kirk West Introduction
2 Pack It Up*
3 I Got The Same Old Blues*
4 Only Getting Second Best*
5 Texas Flyer*
6 She's A Burglar*
*Albert King
7 Kirk West Introduction
8 Blues Power*
9 Crosscut Saw*
10 Down Don't Bother Me*
11 Born Under A Bad Sign
*B.B. King
12 New Years Countdown >
13 When Love Comes To Town* with Nigel Hall
14 To Know You is to Love You*
15 How Blue Can You Get?*
16 I Got Some Help I Don't Need*
17 Hummingbird* with The Ass-ets

Set 3
1 Thelonius Beck
2 Beautifully Broken
3 The Hunter # > Drums >
4 How Many More Years #
Encore: Three Kings Medley: with Chronic Horns
5 I'll Play The Blues For You* >
The Thrill Is Gone* >
Ain't No Sunshine* >
The Thrill Is Gone

* First Time Played

The Chronic Horns are:
Buford O'Sullivan
Pam Fleming
Jenny Hill
Steve Elson

The Ass-ets are:
Machan Taylor
Alicia Shakur
Nigel Hall

# with Chronic Horns, Oz Noy & Hook Herrera
Checksumsgm2012-12-31s1t01.flac:6afebe49a48625157b23e557d788837b<br />
gm2012-12-31s1t02.flac:394428ea5d52c6b2a598acd67deca040<br />
gm2012-12-31s1t03.flac:fa3c1c22d99ea30291f47ab0c4aab7c9<br />
gm2012-12-31s1t04.flac:a828a0907fca0ff5e24d333f9f1b6082<br />
gm2012-12-31s1t05.flac:171511600f2e8a7a07d0fba6f1d59334<br />
gm2012-12-31s1t06.flac:f330c0f70d27ad620f08502af4223653<br />
gm2012-12-31s1t07.flac:608291067961214d897994560bd3bdd9<br />
gm2012-12-31s2t01.flac:ac5808a74d5cca9dde8bd2443ba411ad<br />
gm2012-12-31s2t02.flac:2c115b03dfe995ce74fc45464b6d2e93<br />
gm2012-12-31s2t03.flac:a9947b26d34003c2fa85c662b74e4388<br />
gm2012-12-31s2t04.flac:54f0a9ed88f7f6fd9876a99f22cd62e8<br />
gm2012-12-31s2t05.flac:57efcf22236eb3f33d24331f974045ba<br />
gm2012-12-31s2t06.flac:9267580dabbabdab33fe19acafee2150<br />
gm2012-12-31s2t07.flac:9bf1631d5b0d27fc0bde92700469278b<br />
gm2012-12-31s2t08.flac:6aa86d328e76c1981fd5f4799995da0e<br />
gm2012-12-31s2t09.flac:599be37b93bb29c86038e28df482d788<br />
gm2012-12-31s2t10.flac:e28f92aa8a5912b650f20e8c61474acd<br />
gm2012-12-31s2t11.flac:1729cc2b60c34044fd6ea25ede83d669<br />
gm2012-12-31s2t12.flac:c88b61cbd6a98a5612bd6bd0bf684438<br />
gm2012-12-31s2t13.flac:ef9165b5b80a8a6542ecda0f5ee9490e<br />
gm2012-12-31s2t14.flac:6ff84a7c7a008a74573a3065556657ea<br />
gm2012-12-31s2t15.flac:38aec3c480abf66c2b71e69353568965<br />
gm2012-12-31s2t16.flac:b1c0173ff1483da67823cbb8669be94e<br />
gm2012-12-31s2t17.flac:779128a2ae9fedb604edc1ee575bcabb<br />
gm2012-12-31s3t01.flac:333fe9bf98f3d9005c70c064698fb858<br />
gm2012-12-31s3t02.flac:bbf768c22e37b778f10846fe9672d306<br />
gm2012-12-31s3t03.flac:502d1befcbdedbddde402f67b0365f66<br />
gm2012-12-31s3t04.flac:a0e514bd091d71e527abf8dbb11433f5<br />
gm2012-12-31s3t05.flac:55fbbcdf4cc50d8f8c7e58263f6afa0e<br />
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gm2012-12-31s2t08.flac50.39 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s1t07.flac47.41 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s3t04.flac46.93 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s1t05.flac46.88 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s2t17.flac46.25 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s2t16.flac45.21 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s3t02.flac42.87 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s3t03.flac42.68 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s1t02.flac38.60 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s3t01.flac38.14 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s1t06.flac38.07 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s2t14.flac37.96 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s2t06.flac37.92 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s2t15.flac35.00 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s1t04.flac27.52 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s2t05.flac26.97 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s1t01.flac25.95 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s2t03.flac25.88 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s2t02.flac22.09 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s2t10.flac21.78 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s2t04.flac19.37 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s2t11.flac16.38 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s2t07.flac9.76 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s2t01.flac6.58 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31s2t12.flac2.41 MBN/A
gm2012-12-31.akg480.ffp1.6 kBN/A
gm2012-12-31.txt1.4 kBN/A
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_MULETAPER 2013-01-01 18:49:49
Thank You Sir!

hope you had alot of fun~
I will be back next year for sure.
zmanatl 2013-01-01 19:46:30
Nice work Jeff!
Tom_of_Mule 2013-01-01 19:55:57
Thank you !
africolaman 2013-01-02 03:28:58
Tomahawk Kid 2013-01-02 03:58:31
Thank you kindly!
lucaluigi 2013-01-02 05:15:09
thank you very much
RowJimmy1 2013-01-02 11:19:35
Please see comment at 12-29-12. Thank You so very much.
Handsome 2013-01-02 13:24:13
Thanks very much.....and...the description above has the wrong date.
homegrn 2013-01-02 18:04:12
wow an old m-148 mind died years ago miss the warm sound they gave ps sounds great
vwmule 2013-01-02 20:32:09
Great recording. Thanks.
mike1061 2013-01-03 20:04:34
timk 2013-01-04 03:15:43
Thanks for recording and sharing! This source sounds the best to my ears of all those released so far. Great clear sound. Well done!

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