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ArtistGovt Mule
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Torrentgm2012-12-29_cmc9_flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash5b1b0509e3b78ca53fdec4ab202d241e5bded8ff
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DescriptionGov’t Mule
Tower Theatre, Upper Darby (Philadelphia), PA

Soundprofessionals SP-CMC-9 Micro Sized Premium Audio Technica Stereo
Microphones(AT898)>SPSB-11-80036(No bass roll-off)>Roland R05(16/44.1)>.wav
.wav>CoolEdit2000 (fades+edits)>.wav>trader's little helper (level 6)>.flac>HD
checked (and fixed) for sbs's w/ tlh.

mic-position: Center Loge, Row DD, Seat 119

Mics croakie mount

taped & seeded by chico1610

SET 1:
1 Steppin' Lightly >
2 Any Open Window
3 Inside Outside Woman Blues
4 Brand New Angel
5 Far Away
6 New World Boss
7 One Rainy Wish >
8 Angel
9 Lay Your Burden Down > w/ Get Up, Stand Up Tease
10 Smokestack Lightning > *
11 Lay Your Burden Down *

SET 2:
12 Working Class Hero *
13 Patchwork Quilt
14 Captured
15 No Reward >
16 Drums >
17 Get Behind The Mule *
18 32/20 Blues *
19 Effigy > Folsom Prison Blues Jam > Effigy
20 E Maggot Brain >
21 Morning Dew

w/ Hook Herrera on harp

Warren Haynes – gui, voc
Matt Abts – dr
Jorgen Carlsson – b
Danny Louis – keys, gui, trump

taped & seeded by:

a Team Southern Germany Mule Junkies effort

Don't try to profit from these files, either by asking others to pay for them, nor by
asking for "donations", as if they cost you money to produce them, if you place them
on other blogging or file-sharing sites; just share them for free as they've been
shared with you. Please don't claim this torrent as your own if you post it

do not convert to mp3 or any other lossy format!
go to the shows and buy the cd's of the artists!

Checksumsgm2012-12-29_cmc9_01.flac:8da594d376ab12b8c0df445d0906bb2c<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_02.flac:234756784bdf519a89ba84a5c46962df<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_03.flac:dd9ac1170826aa555e13bed299d679cf<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_04.flac:7aeb634d213aa8af6e9b9c7f2234719e<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_05.flac:70987994beaa9c1826a9b717e337d6d8<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_06.flac:18bd1f83d372443508af04a459464940<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_07.flac:8ab9c76c5f6cf4b5dc1145ae31aba6d3<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_08.flac:ff9d910e614c540abe836b0b14dbc39f<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_09.flac:fba0c51301ec6f8313e0f5b877fe81e5<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_10.flac:cd1a534ec817885860b63bb87de48c28<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_11.flac:330df9dc6b9183ba3f11b0aae7f04e3a<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_12.flac:d46de88291bb662f330ad5e157598904<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_13.flac:10650fc90bad303947ff3eeb0e6cbfc5<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_14.flac:3884c88e21a006558893bbb9bf82b4ab<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_15.flac:156fd9d822014fc0c5886c77161ff9f6<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_16.flac:a3107eec834b1a66f5d60e77aa20c1d7<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_17.flac:b8385da8cb30b9255ab9a4b2ab30b86b<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_18.flac:18de46165d51f83390cd774cbac53118<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_19.flac:fc7d4b6f452b19ec449d82546839afd2<br />
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_20.flac:1c8599655c9131fe1d38c34d93c63f9b<br />
TypeGovt Mule
Last seederLast activity 693 days, 06:28:39 ago
Size933.17 MB (978500500 Bytes)
Added2013-01-02 11:28:35
Snatched73 times
Upped bychico1610
Num files23 files
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gm2012-12-29_cmc9_01.flac31.53 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_02.flac45.84 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_03.flac59.54 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_04.flac48.74 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_05.flac58.45 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_06.flac39.29 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_07.flac24.79 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_08.flac25.27 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_09.flac34.71 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_10.flac59.67 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_11.flac4.98 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_12.flac56.22 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_13.flac30.98 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_14.flac58.11 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_15.flac28.58 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_16.flac40.13 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_17.flac46.20 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_18.flac53.31 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_19.flac79.77 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_20.flac39.43 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_21.flac67.63 MBN/A
gm2012-12-29_cmc9_flac16.ffp1.3 kBN/A
info.txt2.9 kBN/A
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raimax 2013-01-02 12:59:19
Danke HO
Tomahawk Kid 2013-01-02 16:07:33
Thank you kindly!
lucaluigi 2013-01-03 05:50:29
thanx a lot!
africolaman 2013-01-03 09:45:31
Danke H.O. !!!

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