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ShowRatdog ~ 1996-07-07 ~ Meadows Music Theater ~ Hartford, CT ** New Source to circulation ** Audix shotguns > DAT >Analog Remix > Flac ** PLEASE READ SOURCE NOTES BEFORE DL/SET 1 ONLY**
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Further Festival
Meadows Music Theater
Hartford, CT

Source Notes: 1) Set 1 only with Easy Answers fade (i.e. very end of I and Set II "Jam Session" is unavailable) and 2) beg of Easy To Slip slight wind distortion

Location: lawn/DFC ~75ft from stacks
Source: Audix shotguns > Sony TCD-D7 > Nak BX300 (analog remix on TDK SA/NR: off)
Transfer: Nak BX300 (Analog remix) > Audio Quest Sidewinder cables (attenuated) > V3 (16/44.1) > Edirol UA25 > Sonar LE > Sound Forge 10.0 (analog splice & normalize) > TLH (flac@8)

Recorded by B Crupi
Analog remix by B Crupi (sometime in 2003 or 2004)
Trasfer by B Crupi

Set 1:

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
City Girls >
Big Boss Man
It's All Over Now
Looks Like Rain^
The Winners >
Easy To Slip >
Supplication Jam >
Easy To Slip >
Bass Solo >
Easy Answers (fade edit)

* with Pete Sears
** J Johnson vocal
^ with Bruce Hornsby
Checksumsrd1996-07-07s01t01.flac:fa63c9b8594ab19149a842ad8273feef<br />
rd1996-07-07s01t02.flac:07651569c9c105f50d6a7e4d4e86f05b<br />
rd1996-07-07s01t03.flac:f049e2b8982d12b04455be55683e0ae0<br />
rd1996-07-07s01t04.flac:05f685b2b8cb86e6458c1a59b4a7560f<br />
rd1996-07-07s01t05.flac:4b62d5d83eee65c80bb1934facf9eff9<br />
rd1996-07-07s01t06.flac:1cc9a029a174a59325bf8f130ad9050d<br />
rd1996-07-07s01t07.flac:7887e4990b885c8b457ccb158d02e7d3<br />
rd1996-07-07s01t08.flac:55110a91e3f5297aaa11a6d1e238ed7b<br />
rd1996-07-07s01t09.flac:7985b0c23d4e5d0d5266723e7992a787<br />
rd1996-07-07s01t10.flac:7041fd357ebeb43dfd7d6cae402f3440<br />
rd1996-07-07s01t11.flac:de83dbe4985c96f6487ede14ff3c8aa7<br />
rd1996-07-07s01t12.flac:65d23daaaf35e6e3f15fc81e670146f3<br />
rd1996-07-07s01t13.flac:3cd932abb5909ff8488d26959098cca8<br />
rd1996-07-07s01t14.flac:fadf394aa8ea81f87c8c67b118664838<br />
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rd1996-07-07s01t06.flac26.09 MBN/A
rd1996-07-07s01t09.flac24.00 MBN/A
rd1996-07-07s01t01.flac23.86 MBN/A
rd1996-07-07s01t11.flac22.68 MBN/A
rd1996-07-07s01t05.flac22.12 MBN/A
rd1996-07-07s01t02.flac21.64 MBN/A
rd1996-07-07s01t14.flac7.88 MBN/A
rd1996-07-07s01t12.flac5.77 MBN/A
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_MULETAPER 2013-01-02 15:37:05
I have a senn 421 fob of this I need to get out one day! Maybe soon since you only have 1 set. Let me dig and transfer it now to work on later.
thecat18 2013-01-02 15:40:11
Thanks for sharing.
axomxa 2013-01-02 18:34:03
Great muletaper. I actually have the whole festival on DAT but the 2 DAT decks are down right now. One NYE resolution is to start archiving and upping my decent analogs and DATs!
detroitlightn 2013-01-02 19:24:46
RowJimmy1 2013-01-03 09:44:39
This show is also available at (lma), also as a front of board show. Different mics than what Matt mentions. Thanks and take care.

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