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ArtistInfamous Stringdusters
ShowInfamous String Dusters NYE 2012 mg21
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TorrentISD2012-12-31flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash5641eb8c363269d3c3d79f91f6ee9b44c2b9b383
DescriptionInfamous String Dusters
Dec 31, 2012
The Jefferson Theatre
Charlottesville, VA

source: m. gefell sms 2000?mg21(hypers)>
M148?P3(acm mod 24/48)
trans: card reader> wavelab(fades, track
resample, dither) traders little helper
(flac, fix sbes, check sum)
Checksumsc6d455cb7d27468408c12a39059f52f8 *ISD2012-12-31s1t01.flac
4bc398ca1e1da6e6f6cace8a036b35fb *ISD2012-12-31s1t02.flac
6947bbae35deb7d15172053f3ec7b9f1 *ISD2012-12-31s1t03.flac
7ea5016f8d23de08e79d8c2442367bf8 *ISD2012-12-31s1t04.flac
d4ceaa76255533ba8d592e92c5afbd1c *ISD2012-12-31s1t05.flac
b2d4ffbeabbd35f3230f5c0e8d86ad7b *ISD2012-12-31s1t06.flac
060aba81b6ede0cdf9216c788c20c711 *ISD2012-12-31s1t07.flac
e02a6ff1bfea3f1f1fbad522ddbb69d8 *ISD2012-12-31s1t08.flac
7bde2c06a249fe594fccea5511f2d072 *ISD2012-12-31s1t09.flac
1357be05d4514245979a515cccc3e319 *ISD2012-12-31s1t10.flac
ab46b30b5aa5bba9bef3b8f0d2210c72 *ISD2012-12-31s1t11.flac
5ab595388e2e10d9f3e4488889225589 *ISD2012-12-31s1t12.flac
d0ad05041759600cc99199e126a186d3 *ISD2012-12-31s1t13.flac
04c5fb0f344492938c9dbf00fbca3bc5 *ISD2012-12-31s1t14.flac
9100b548e99cda7e0a26a4522983b7f6 *ISD2012-12-31s1t15.flac
90f426ccda167a9177e220b92d693fce *ISD2012-12-31s2t01.flac
e9a07b90d90c31288d23fcb7d381335b *ISD2012-12-31s2t02.flac
eba09f487d380c467b949808ec59d314 *ISD2012-12-31s2t03.flac
79454581c6321c9550987b5e0063a599 *ISD2012-12-31s2t04.flac
07dc19017e8ad05de2e45404c11c45b5 *ISD2012-12-31s2t05.flac
79da5fda8bbaabaa7cf0e1a4e9ecb23e *ISD2012-12-31s2t06.flac
17be10ee7d1d606e8bfed47c9d60d101 *ISD2012-12-31s2t07.flac
4ede8157b49a836f1c350cc7218c9c64 *ISD2012-12-31s2t08.flac
dbc8def0c379e1c4dc92b5181fb9e7c2 *ISD2012-12-31s2t09.flac
29fb5cb8be1dbff7fb098304a5e9167a *ISD2012-12-31s2t10.flac
2c922bb58f6a061d4cf108354193b52f *ISD2012-12-31s2t11.flac
87008cc12a10047dfd48fad2a8aeb04e *ISD2012-12-31s2t12.flac
20695a260346ab8fe193074a8928b69e *ISD2012-12-31s2t13.flac
cb6a0b6e04c4720e3d90b9e3d4931487 *ISD2012-12-31s2t14.flac
aef8ea48dd7cd21db4c16625493707ab *ISD2012-12-31s3t01.flac
a17b460a35943ee63d042ed6e827491b *ISD2012-12-31s3t02.flac
d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e *New Text Document.txt

No errors occured.
TypeInfamous Stringdusters
Last seederLast activity 21 days, 19:15:35 ago
Size966.37 MB (1013311760 Bytes)
Added2013-01-02 19:49:08
Snatched134 times
Upped byjamgrass
Num files34 files
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ISD2012-12-31s2t02.flac74.25 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s2t09.flac59.98 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s1t11.flac58.49 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s2t05.flac49.09 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s2t14.flac46.10 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s1t10.flac44.52 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s2t11.flac43.72 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s1t01.flac40.19 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s1t05.flac39.42 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s1t03.flac37.47 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s1t14.flac33.84 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s1t15.flac33.75 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s2t12.flac30.58 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s1t13.flac27.85 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s1t07.flac26.97 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s1t09.flac25.80 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s2t03.flac24.10 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s2t08.flac23.49 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s3t02.flac22.01 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s3t01.flac21.99 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s1t04.flac21.79 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s1t06.flac21.53 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s2t06.flac19.80 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s2t10.flac19.49 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s1t08.flac19.45 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s1t12.flac18.72 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s2t04.flac17.78 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s2t01.flac17.08 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s1t02.flac16.86 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s2t07.flac15.18 MBN/A
ISD2012-12-31s2t13.flac15.08 MBN/A
md5.txt1.9 kBN/A
isd2012-12-31.txt263 BN/A
New Text Document.txt0 BN/A
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jamgrass 2013-01-02 19:50:44
I left an empty test file by accident.
To damn lazy to do the setlist, if someone wants to add it, great,
otherwise, I'll add it later here.
jamgrass 2013-01-10 18:52:55
set list. thanks to Chris Obrien and some other fans

101 - Traveling Teardrop Blues (Shawn Camp) > Foggy Bottom Breakdown (Flatt & Scruggs)
102 - Road To Boulder
103 - Hitchhiker
104 - End Of The Line (John Pennell-Jeff White)
105 - Sunnyside Of The Mountain (Harry McAuliffe)
106 - Something On The Wind
107 - High Country Funk
108 - Ain't No Way Of Knowing (Shawn Camp)
109 - The Place That I Call Home
110 - Get It While You Can (Danny Barnes) **
111 - Moonman

Founding Fathers Tweener Set
112 – Cosmic Crazy Horse Jam???
113 – While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Beatles)
114 - Sittin’ On Top Of The World (Walter Jacobs and Lonnie Carter)
115- ? Phoenix

201 - Countdown/Auld Lang Syne
202 - Night On The River > Rain
203 - Don't Think Twice (Bob Dylan)
204 - Rockets
205 - Machines
206 - This Weary Heart You Stole Away (Stanley Brothers)
207 - Long And Lonesome Day
208 - All The Same
209 - Jack-A-Roe (Grateful Dead) > Beachgrass
210 - When The Night Comes Around
211 - Lovin' You (Sarah Siskind)
212 - He's Gone (Grateful Dead)
213 - Love Grown Cold (Johnny Bond)
214 - Y2K

301 - Poor Boys Delight (Benny Galloway)
302 - Echoes Of Goodbye

** with Lake Street Dive

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