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ArtistMedeski, Martin & Wood
ShowMMW.:-:. Port City Music Hall- Portland, Maine 2009-12-05.460ck1.103192.flac16
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Info hashd9c52127274cc76fb2e82c210889c96dd49b072a
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DescriptionMedeski Martin and Wood
December 5, 2009
Port City Music Hall
Portland, ME

AKG ck1~> a60m~> c460b~> Silver T's~> Busman PMD660

Tracked in CDWAV
Flac'd in Traders Little Helper Level 8
Tagged In Foobar2000 with Live Show Tagger

Todd Turmel (newplanet7 at CONcast dot net)

01) Improv >
02) Improv >
03) Heaven On Earth* > Improv [@5:02] >
04) Open Improv >
05) Padrecito >
06) Sweet Pea Dreams
07) Wonton
08) Amber Gris

01) Broken Mirror
02) Amish Pintxos >
03) Walk Back >
04) Free Go Lily
05) Chantes Des Femmes >
06) Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down >
07) Undone
08) Billy Speaks/Crowd
09) Gwyra Mi >
10) Crosstown Traffic

Show Checksums

*Second time played. Heaven On Earth, a tune Medeski recorded
with James Carter on a live album by the same name.

Checksums; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader\'s Little Helper<br />
<br />
mmw2009-12-05d1t01.flac:f06142a7110e4e1b6d4d4686371fc1e8<br />
mmw2009-12-05d1t02.flac:83ce7283c507b37cf4655c3ab3447f40<br />
mmw2009-12-05d1t03.flac:6bff9a5a9d49c24690b5cf4821ce7a13<br />
mmw2009-12-05d1t04.flac:1f7917ce09bc5082747a0566a752e8ab<br />
mmw2009-12-05d1t05.flac:6efe0b1b72e96ca047d4ed88c60344d3<br />
mmw2009-12-05d1t06.flac:230bbccd2310e07f22ddf67187e569fe<br />
mmw2009-12-05d1t07.flac:12dee78719913be5f7f125eb2a9930c6<br />
mmw2009-12-05d1t08.flac:027eb3febdfde7ae3b80a2874444717f<br />
mmw2009-12-05d2t01.flac:13ebb27cb34d02f1fc0a82a9c3b186a7<br />
mmw2009-12-05d2t02.flac:2a4c7a4a3c542bd42d761a9b84c934d9<br />
mmw2009-12-05d2t03.flac:41112623a6caa52d03e6f6f8e61ba7ea<br />
mmw2009-12-05d2t04.flac:b0070cbef07ad0692f1f0fd136025086<br />
mmw2009-12-05d2t05.flac:c322257c25e81d90964d4b0ec173d311<br />
mmw2009-12-05d2t06.flac:a6db69ce6557a59bc5d406b4b17af4b2<br />
mmw2009-12-05d2t07.flac:b4c8da0f38340ac29afe58ea7e6381de<br />
mmw2009-12-05d2t08.flac:42781502a51b80c1dbd35438b6f7891a<br />
mmw2009-12-05d2t09.flac:9579f0e07fe135e2431fea421ca2c3bd<br />
mmw2009-12-05d2t10.flac:bfbf006b58192b12b122ba64411b556f<br />
TypeMedeski, Martin & Wood
Last seederLast activity 36 days, 03:56:43 ago
Size713.76 MB (748434528 Bytes)
Added2013-01-02 22:23:41
Snatched83 times
Upped bynewplanet7
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newplanet7 2013-01-02 22:30:46
This show is in my top five attended shows.
It's also in the top five favorite MMW recordings that I have made. Very clear and crisp.
Just an exceptional show from start to finish with tons of funk and intimate exchanges.
ENJOY, I did.
newplanet7 2013-01-02 23:12:14
02) Amish Pintxos >
03) Walk Back >
04) Free Go Lily

This is some of that hardcore funk. John tearing ass on the Clavinet. Some very nice break beats and funk laden bass lines.
Makes me moist.
Pisces 2013-01-03 00:16:36
benissimo 2013-01-03 03:58:50
I've already got a dozen shows from 2009, love them, but I'd told myself, enough already. Of course with a description like the one you gave for this show, you know I've got to grab it...
benissimo 2013-01-03 06:11:45
Oh hell yes this is funky. Greet seed, thanks!
HopHead 2013-01-03 17:44:15
Gotta catch 'em all!
InsectEffect 2013-01-03 19:25:23

Thanks! Nice to see Newplanet on the board again recently!

Question, for 08-18-2007 I have the "AKG C414B XLS" source, but recall you posting once that you found an EVEN better source? If so, a reseed for that fantastic show would be awesome!

Shack on!
duggy 2013-01-03 23:27:58
InsectEffect, I've got all the 8/18/2007 sources ready to seed in my next batch of 2007 shows ... I was going to do a batch of 2003 next, but I'll do 2007 after that ... but HOLD ON A MINUTE! I haven't got the source you're talking about! HA! I presume you are referring to this source:

... I see Todd seeded it last year:

... I recall being pretty busy (theatrically) at the time, and I see it wasn't even me who added the source entry, rather it was Mark Goldey, which means I *musta* been busy and not paying attention to the board! HA!

So, Todd, I 2nd InsectEffect's request for a reseed on that source! Please!
duggy 2013-01-03 23:35:12
This *IS* my favourite attended MMW show ... I think! HA! My wife, 15 year-old daughter and I, along with Tom (twilight) and his wife, were the first folks at the building that night waiting in line ... wonderful snow fall ... crazy addict on the street getting biblical in my face about which I had to correct him (I'm an old school church boy of Baptist upbringing, so I know my shit! HA!) -- maybe not the brightest move considering the look in the guy's eyes ... an odd encounter on the Portland street, I thought ...

As soon as the door opened I moved swiftly for dead-centre in front of the stage -- best view I've ever had, and I've had a couple other front row experiences but this was the best for energy and such (the other two were in a more laid-back setting) ... so cool to be hit by that bass amp all night and have such a close view to what's happening on stage ... I have a clear memory of a number of moments and listening back it's fun to play through that: Chris busting into that KILLER groove out of Heaven On Earth; that killer groove out of Heaven On Earth being cut short because Chris had to abandon his trouble laden electric bass set-up and move to the upright acoustic; the idiots to the side of us spilling beer on us -- ON MY DAUGHTER?! WTF? -- throughout the night (I was actually spared this because I was (selfishly) at the front of our group and buffered from the trouble! HA!); watching John use a screw driver to "play" his piano; loving the sounds of Chantes ded Femmes and its drift into a piano solo before Chris, using a slide, BUSTS into that amazing groove they pump out for Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down -- LOVE IT! Undone was a treat to hear as well as I feel it's kind of anthemic in its vibe and a fantastic closer ... the Gwyra Mi was a heavy wacked reggae bonus and when they surprised themselves moving into Crosstown, it was a priceless moment to witness ... fantastic night ... I listen to this show A LOT!
duggy 2013-01-04 18:26:22
Todd, just a question: Are you ID tagging all these seeds? I.e. same original source (verified via ffp) but change in the metadata (verified by md5)? I have all the seeds, but I'm going to grab them if you're tagging previously untagged circulated sources ... I'm just too nitpicky not to grab 'em if that's the case! HA! And I'd like to track the tagged versions in the source entries in db.etree as well ... THANKS!
wrightreyes 2013-01-05 13:45:12
this tour did kick ass!
the nyc Nokia show is up there with my favs I've seen....never heard this show - gonna download now - thanks so much!
newplanet7 2013-01-07 22:42:13
They are indeed tagged duggy. That's why I was going through them.
newplanet7 2013-01-07 22:45:23
Insecteffect, I will dig out the Geffel source for that 2007 show.
duggy 2013-01-08 00:08:17
Cool! Thanks for the info -- and for the impending seed! But actually, I was hoping you'd throw up this source for 8/18/2007:

... just wasn't sure what you were referring to ... do you have a Geffell source for that gig too? When you seeded that other AKG source last year you'd said it sounded great ... I stupidly missed grabbing it! HA!

newplanet7 2013-01-09 17:46:57
I am posting the c422 source now. Ha ha, I know Jason Adler and he usually runs Geffels, so I had it in my head that it was indeed a Geffel source. ANYWHI IT WILL BE UP IN A MINUTE.
duggy 2013-01-09 23:25:31
HA! Was wondering about the Gefell reference! HA! THANKS, MAN!

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