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ShowChesapeake (R.I.P. Mike Audridge) - Oct. 26 , 1997 (1st Magfest) - Live Oak, FL: sbd
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Info hash46db0ea9a5478cff88143a1aa7142218913d7b17
DescriptionChesapeake :
Mike Auldridge - Dobro and pedal steel;
T. Michael Coleman - electric bass;
Moondie Cline - guitar & vocals;
Jimmy Gaudreau - madolin & vocals;
* w/ Peter Rowan - guitar & vocals;
^ w/ Herb Peterson - banjo

Sunday; October 26, 1997
1st Annual Suwannee Magnolia Fest
Live Oak, FL

Source: SBD (stereo - Main XLR's) > sony SBM-1 > via optical > Sony 59ES (Kevin Preuss)
Transfer: Sony 59ES > M-Audio USB Pro > wavelab > cd wave > flac (KP - Feb 25, 2004)
SBE's fixed w/ TLH (1/2/2013)

01. Black Jack Davie
02. Nothing Ain't a Lot
03. Rockin' Hillbilly
04. Bed of Roses
05. Long Black Veil *
06. Working on a Building *
07. Land of the Navajo *
08. No Woman No Cry *
09. Moonlight Midnight *
10. How Mountain Girls Can Love * ^
Checksumscheasapeake+rowan1997-10-26t01.flac:2808aa68357dfe8c5baafe437907e4fc<br />
cheasapeake+rowan1997-10-26t02.flac:892369b8c115bd222e0112c0aceafc61<br />
cheasapeake+rowan1997-10-26t03.flac:8f3a7ea9a114a98ce5febab56791cfea<br />
cheasapeake+rowan1997-10-26t04.flac:fbef1bae80e0715101ffd0a5143fa9db<br />
cheasapeake+rowan1997-10-26t05.flac:26019d95d145cf20b0221ef23c353f1e<br />
cheasapeake+rowan1997-10-26t06.flac:a7612056e76d740dfabd840b19e055dc<br />
cheasapeake+rowan1997-10-26t07.flac:26a508f6ff3e4dbd2ed0f11cd6b43fa3<br />
cheasapeake+rowan1997-10-26t08.flac:96245b6450fce1ec329e3b5c6107cbe5<br />
cheasapeake+rowan1997-10-26t09.flac:70c94852f9bbe522c7ddab95ab2d2901<br />
cheasapeake+rowan1997-10-26t10.flac:7cc754eeca7c4144da28ea7a8d4e3932<br />
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cheasapeake+rowan1997-10-26t01.flac20.71 MBN/A
cheasapeake+rowan1997-10-26t02.flac20.24 MBN/A
cheasapeake+rowan1997-10-26t03.flac17.70 MBN/A
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Freeborn_Man 2013-01-03 00:50:29
RIP - "the master" of the dobro - Mike Auldridge (aka the poster boy for Niagra spray starch per John Duffy - of Seldom Scene). Absolutely the best at what he did, I miss those ol acid grass tunes he and John used to play the shit outta! The Seldom Scene was the "Grateful Dead" of Bluegrass music to many (to Bubba and I, anyway). They were my favorite bluegrass band and who drew me into bluegrass. So thanks Mike for a lifetime of memories and inspiration!!!
Rabork 2013-01-03 01:14:07
Sad to hear of Mike's passing. Altough nothing is downloading now, I look forwad to these recordings. Thanks,
Rabork 2013-01-03 01:32:22
Downloading now, many thanks, Your discription of Seldom Scene as the Grateful Dead of bluegrass feels so right. I'll miss Mike as well as the Seldom Scene. I so thank my friend Steve Francis for introducing me to them back in the early 1980's
redmule82600 2013-01-03 08:34:46
IT IS SAD TO HERE OF MIKE PASSING. what a set !!! Thank You Much ! He Is With Doc & Merle now,and the other Angel Band member's
bigdaddybflo 2013-01-03 10:54:35
What a wonderful man Mike was. Last time i saw him was at the Mayville,Ny bluegrass festival in 2002. I recorded out of the board that day since it was raining cats an dogs. I'll get that show posted soon. So sad when i heard the news of his passing. R.I.P. Mike
kitnbob 2013-01-04 00:53:33
A Local NOVA Legend- Dobro pioneer.
I first remember Mike (and the Scene) playing at the Red Fox Inn (Bethesda MD) thursday nights.
Story has it, the band had a disagreement with the bar, and looked in Northern VA for another place to play.
Found a little pool hall, next to the A&P in a Shirlington Shopping Center. That was The (old - 1st) Birchmere.
played there every thursday nite

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