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ArtistGrateful Dead
ShowGrateful Dead ~ 1995-03-18 ~ The Spectrum Philadelphia, PA ** New source to circulation ** Audix shotguns > Analog Master > Flac **
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DescriptionGrateful Dead
The Spectrum
Philadelphia, PA

PLEASE NOTE: Visions of Johanna is in file set at Set 1, Track 9, it really should be Set 2, Track 9 as listed. Sorry for inconvenience.

Source: Audix shotguns > Sony WM-D6 (TDK SA-X type II/NR: on)
Transfer: Nakamichi BX300 (Analog master/NR: off) > Audio Quest Sidewinder cables (attenuated) > V3 (16/44.1) > Edirol UA25 > Sonar LE > Sound Forge 10.0
(tracking and normalize) > TLH (flac@8)

Recorded by Bob Crupi
Transfer by Bob Crupi

Set 1

01. Tuning
02. Hell In A Bucket
03. West L.A. Fadeaway
04. El Paso (acoustic)
05. Ramble On Rose
06. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
07. Jack-A-Roe
08. The Promised Land

Set 2

01. Tuning
02. It's All Too Much
03. Iko Iko
04. Playing In The Band >
05. Uncle John's Band > Jam >
06. Drums >
07. Space >
08. The Last Time >
09. Visions Of Johanna >
10. One More Saturday Night

11. Rain

Source note: This show contains the finest Visions of Johanna I know of both performance-wise and sonically. (The version from this show is on Phil's
Philzone CD).
Checksumsgd1995-03-18s01t01.flac:1d1679103535a76c4ba41ed0e67b7aa5<br />
gd1995-03-18s01t02.flac:660dd90276ad92167e9e2152387aaae1<br />
gd1995-03-18s01t03.flac:e64ccfbd69f9bef95d32477f867c5c7d<br />
gd1995-03-18s01t04.flac:a546eed991fead110c9ea910e81c5a6b<br />
gd1995-03-18s01t05.flac:0998e31470e575ead928c778f523b123<br />
gd1995-03-18s01t06.flac:2a3aea90e418306466e2d3fc19c88785<br />
gd1995-03-18s01t07.flac:b169c8f71ae4d03833bd0db83179ccad<br />
gd1995-03-18s01t08.flac:fd21e5b60a20ba4dbafbe253469f63cf<br />
gd1995-03-18s01t09.flac:18bbe1b1936cdc178de45a284f301801<br />
gd1995-03-18s02t01.flac:e4d0b6aed6f05def3007d1a8661d55d2<br />
gd1995-03-18s02t02.flac:93e52394acf4c6e6fb5b2e71365281bc<br />
gd1995-03-18s02t03.flac:bd7e48bcaa4e23c62557135efb1999f9<br />
gd1995-03-18s02t04.flac:7cf66141209b865a0bc16a394bb927ec<br />
gd1995-03-18s02t05.flac:e058c8f3028bfec5a13180c16026e144<br />
gd1995-03-18s02t06.flac:552c8d453f76edde3f8f767d25d5927c<br />
gd1995-03-18s02t07.flac:32936555653026e0489f0b99b28cad06<br />
gd1995-03-18s02t08.flac:52a4bf66517983d41c1d95ec6020fb8d<br />
gd1995-03-18s02t10.flac:ce362b9a04ab477d19d251fb8c02ef2b<br />
gd1995-03-18s02t11.flac:868102f863a9ebaacb3d3b7ae41d02f3<br />
TypeGrateful Dead
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gd1995-03-18s01t09.flac56.56 MBN/A
gd1995-03-18s02t04.flac56.29 MBN/A
gd1995-03-18s02t03.flac53.74 MBN/A
gd1995-03-18s01t03.flac47.90 MBN/A
gd1995-03-18s01t05.flac47.08 MBN/A
gd1995-03-18s01t06.flac37.15 MBN/A
gd1995-03-18s02t08.flac33.19 MBN/A
gd1995-03-18s01t02.flac33.11 MBN/A
gd1995-03-18s01t04.flac31.01 MBN/A
gd1995-03-18s02t02.flac30.69 MBN/A
gd1995-03-18s02t10.flac28.44 MBN/A
gd1995-03-18s02t11.flac25.85 MBN/A
gd1995-03-18s01t07.flac22.78 MBN/A
gd1995-03-18s01t08.flac22.17 MBN/A
gd1995-03-18s02t01.flac6.79 MBN/A
gd1995-03-18s01t01.flac6.10 MBN/A
gd1995-03-18.flac16.ffp1.1 kBN/A
gd1995-03-18.txt951 BN/A
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kramiller 2013-01-03 07:47:15
Thanks for the new source! Just an FYI, the text file lists 8 tracks for set 1, but there are actually 9 (Visions of Johanna is actually s1t9).
obaaron 2013-01-03 15:57:31
thanks for the new source!
axomxa 2013-01-03 16:33:29
Thanks for heads up re track placement kramiller. It is correct as on the list so I will amend the info rather than re-seed.

Thanks again.
naturalfractal 2013-01-03 17:33:59
albertpujols 2013-01-03 20:46:53
They broke out Visions at Salt Lake on 2/21/95, FYI.

Thanks for the up.
seremetcc 2013-01-04 17:03:48
Sorry. Visions came out in Hampton in March 1986.
wishy9 2013-01-06 19:57:25
I consider a 9 year absence for a song, a bust out. This is a very good Spectrum recording (not the best sounding place). It is also one of the 95 Spring tour best shows.
josiahrailrat 2014-01-05 12:57:05
Listening to the Aiko now, LOTS of analog compression/swirl, sounds like tape warp/warble. I'd pass.
josiahrailrat 2014-01-05 12:59:04
Also just noticed that THE song of the show, Visions (d2t09) ISN'T INCLUDED. ????????

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