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ArtistGrateful Dead
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Torrentgd82-07-31.112575.sbd.latvala.gems.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asgd82-07-31.112575.sbd.latvala.gems.flac16
Info hash9a9721385d1b7b426c29bb1757395badc013ce0d
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DescriptionThe Grateful Dead
July 31st,1982
Manor Downs
Austin, TX.

Exact "as is" untouched DAT transfers from Dick Latvala

Transfered by Jamie Waddell on the **GEMS** Edit Station
Weiss-Saracon for SRC and Pow-r3 Dither to 16 bit 44.1 kHz

Tracked in CDWAV | Tag&Rename for Meta_Data
TradersLittleHelper for FLAC (Level 8) by Patrick White (

a **GEMS** Production March 2011

=Set One=

01. [01:11] Tuning
02. [04:59] Alabama Getaway ->
03. [04:49] Promised Land
04. [06:59] Candyman
05. [01:07] Tuning
06. [04:50] El Paso
07. [09:42] Bird Song ->
08. [08:05] Little Red Rooster
09. [07:33] Ramble on Rose
10. [09:14] It's All Over Now
11. [06:07] Brown Eyed Women ->
12. [07:39] Music Never Stopped
13. [06:34] Deal

=Set Two=

14. [13:28] Scarlet Begonias ->
15. [10:27] Fire on the Mountain ->
16. [11:20] Estimated Prophet ->
17. [14:38] Eyes of the World -> Jam ->
18. [08:54] Drums ->
19. [07:04] Space ->
20. [08:24] Uncle John's Band ->
21. [08:50] Truckin' ->
22. [10:54] Morning Dew ->
23. [04:36] One More Saturday Night


24. [03:10] Don't Ease Me In

All files have been meta-data tagged appropriately.

Please do not manipulate this recording in any way. Please do not dub to analog tape or convert to MP3 (or any other lossy format) and circulate.

If you would like to re-seed this torrent in the future, please use the exact files contained in the torrent with no file or ID tag manipulation. This will insure that the FLAC fingerprints, ST5 and MD5 hashes verify, keeping the integrity of the torrent intact.

The ffp was generated to verify and maintain the integrity of the music.
The ST5 was generated to verify and maintain the integrity of the meta data.
The MD5 was generated to verify and maintain the integrity of all the files included with the torrent
ChecksumsGD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.01.flac:931c749f9bc6c1d409782e145e050aa3<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.02.flac:66d820df2b6d2fa47abc0ae5adea48d0<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.03.flac:b030f62fe59ed748a622f6810952bb5b<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.04.flac:18ad94b5c5e87b8d4520ffd80116e849<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.05.flac:12bedd245a35fe23f6677748c905328e<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.06.flac:e1d15f4f4e33ff9c0f7f5b1267104b15<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.07.flac:232aa4622e505d92d62f60cb36a86ac1<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.08.flac:75642a334fd4d048d5f511bcf060d5ac<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.09.flac:caf10f9bb0d3c1e1dbd6523780b1d70f<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.10.flac:7db70bf703eb1995ba870299a8b1d748<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.11.flac:fce037a04903b1b06f4c5c9ecedf662c<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.12.flac:50187f2cf9270fef906cbdaa5e21e025<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.13.flac:707079119efb21959051841f3e61244c<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.14.flac:63b0d19c7a82a55c47d0b23bdb4fd95b<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.15.flac:a609c12c80ee6fb2f1b8e38b0a8141d7<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.16.flac:4752590e3fee23d05614b3ab3f5f99f1<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.17.flac:0e78f8b109c6b7afeaec9ab573ffde0d<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.18.flac:5a65d9978be84aa8cdf1c38caf72f756<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.19.flac:a8dbf9c4c019e5282d1e75202f393498<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.20.flac:527d464a08fc1048c953ba5e6c78eda8<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.21.flac:c12df31265df38170abd5d54a8bec599<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.22.flac:b8bd769bd99a9f94b262dcb91019dece<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.23.flac:dd113fe702ebcd50a53db4f7d1b0252f<br />
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.24.flac:1916f2b6c47a98f25b29023358a35bdf<br />
<br />
TypeGrateful Dead
Last seederLast activity 20:44 ago
Size1.093 GB (1173966255 Bytes)
Added2013-01-03 09:12:45
Snatched702 times
Upped bygermain
Num files30 files
File List
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GD1982-07-31.ffp1.7 kBN/A
GD1982-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.m3u936 BN/A
GD1982-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.md52.0 kBN/A
GD1982-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.st52.0 kBN/A
GD1982-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.txt3.6 kBN/A
GD1982-07-31.shntool_len.txt2.6 kBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.01.flac5.90 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.02.flac30.48 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.03.flac29.00 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.04.flac40.65 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.05.flac5.55 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.06.flac28.61 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.07.flac57.92 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.08.flac50.01 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.09.flac43.82 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.10.flac56.82 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.11.flac37.79 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.12.flac48.61 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.13.flac42.54 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.14.flac88.06 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.15.flac69.18 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.16.flac71.86 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.17.flac96.15 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.18.flac50.72 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.19.flac36.24 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.20.flac54.73 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.21.flac58.50 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.22.flac65.22 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.23.flac30.73 MBN/A
GD82-07-31.LATVALA.GEMS.TRACK.24.flac20.49 MBN/A
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jerome70 2013-01-03 11:38:52
thanx! also,the complete video of this show Should be up on youtube...& headyversion song highlights:

Morning Dew
some sweet work in set II in Austin

Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
smoking,always reminds me of capturing sunset in a bottle...

Brown Eyed Women
The band just rips it up here!
JohnChimpo 2013-01-03 16:54:09
Damn, and the first thing I was going to do is burn this to analog tape! :)
rovalle 2013-01-03 18:09:45
Is it alright to dub it to 8-track? thanks
jakechyllenhaal 2013-01-03 18:15:12
Jerry's b-day show. I was there.
miles1960 2013-01-03 20:04:52
looking for re-seed help on this if possible ..


thank you
dylanstubs 2013-01-03 21:12:11
LOL, analog tape??? :)
Lucifer Childs 2013-01-03 22:39:23
Hey, "jakechyllenhaal," Jerry's birthday is the 1st of August...are you sure you were there???
UncleWaldo 2013-01-05 10:54:10
I had an old audience of this show, and the Dew comes after midnight, so yes, Jer's birthday, and you could hear the heads signing Happy Birthday to him during the quieter moments. Damn Hippies!
TimeOnTarget 2013-09-09 14:41:29
This is great. My favorite show of the ones I saw. This is a really nice upgrade in quality. I have bunches of versions of it-- from AUD masters on, but his one sounds best.

jerry4257 2015-08-21 22:12:05
Thanks, Awesome!

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