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ShowSeldom Scene 1995-06-24 Dahlonega BG Festival, Blackburn Park, Dahlonega, GA
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Torrentseldom_scene1995-06-24.akg391.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashaf279d6ed94ab7dab9d33deaa7f723f50ac389db
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DescriptionSeldom Scene
Dahlonega Bluegrass Festival (21st Annual)
Blackburn Park, Dahlonega, GA

AKG391's->B18's->D7 (16/48KHz)
Panasonic SV-3700->Marantz PMD-661
Audacity Conversion to 44.1KHz->CDWav->TLH Flac8

Recorded/Transferred/Seeded by Jeff Moores

Early Show
1 Breaking New Ground
2 Let Me Be your Friend
4 Fallen Leaves
5 Old Train
6 Carry This Sword for You
7 Treasures Untold
9 Spanish Grass
10 California Earthquake

Late Show
1 Little Georgia Rose
2 House of Gold
3 Philadelphia Lawyer
4 Blue Ridge
5 House of the Rising Sun
6 Lay Down Sally
7 Blue Eyed Darling (Moondi Sings Opera)
8 I Know You Rider
9 Working on A Building
ChecksumsSeldomScene1995-06-24early-t01.flac:1d6a7f482b10ec608a94632821cc8f0f<br />
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t02.flac:a3e830c44f980db2093008132139fc52<br />
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t03.flac:8fb0db1613da0ab7c3f100016c1771b5<br />
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t04.flac:4c7a1bec66279c2edbad89da156f5069<br />
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t05.flac:988c4b9ad66a20d3b0c6d648d6225d60<br />
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t06.flac:031a9dada3930ca920e26f3ad1a7b004<br />
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t07.flac:592ac76dbdfbb1840dcf26c675361f8d<br />
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t08.flac:7fec96b53f3d32423ad6b0ed82f01afa<br />
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t09.flac:ec2b226bcd595ebdbf111ba82856da18<br />
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t10.flac:6ce3875e2148b25eaaad61642aa5faa8<br />
SeldomScene1995-06-24late-t01.flac:1419607f461c0691fd4ff713f89adfad<br />
SeldomScene1995-06-24late-t02.flac:02cefc264775a738f92d8edcfc870e2b<br />
SeldomScene1995-06-24late-t03.flac:4b34706b94f61dcab54ea96ab87511c7<br />
SeldomScene1995-06-24late-t04.flac:a218f8ce1a456fc62c137034b0f42b32<br />
SeldomScene1995-06-24late-t05.flac:579dff2f61bcd2616b92efe8aad916b0<br />
SeldomScene1995-06-24late-t06.flac:9ba979b67083e1c8203d5bcc3500fe5f<br />
SeldomScene1995-06-24late-t07.flac:35941cf1ed3262b38db9fd0fa015a2ae<br />
SeldomScene1995-06-24late-t08.flac:2cc310945f2aefc200db31b90dcd6a99<br />
SeldomScene1995-06-24late-t09.flac:0394537e9787be70b0719767627d065f<br />
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Added2013-01-03 17:25:27
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SeldomScene1995-06-24late-t05.flac39.05 MBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24late-t08.flac32.63 MBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24late-t06.flac27.58 MBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t10.flac27.35 MBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t06.flac24.32 MBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24late-t09.flac22.50 MBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24late-t03.flac20.98 MBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24late-t01.flac20.32 MBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24late-t02.flac18.61 MBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t04.flac18.53 MBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t05.flac16.91 MBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t07.flac16.87 MBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t08.flac16.47 MBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24late-t04.flac16.17 MBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t01.flac15.99 MBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t02.flac15.59 MBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t03.flac15.24 MBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24early-t09.flac15.06 MBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24late-t07.flac7.15 MBN/A
seldom_scene1995-06-24.akg391.ffp1.3 kBN/A
SeldomScene1995-06-24.txt696 BN/A
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mo-mule 2013-01-03 17:28:53
Kevin, Here is the only Seldom Scene that I recorded. How about filling in the setlist holes. I have a couple Chesapeake that I will try and put up over the next couple of days.
Freeborn_Man 2013-01-03 18:58:13
thanks Jeff. i'll jump on.
i thought you did the '93 dahlonega? I've found a show from the variety 3-24-95 and another from Bass Mt 9-3-94 gotta check em out to see the source info and who done it. Could be Chris or gene if not yours?
Freeborn_Man 2013-01-03 19:00:11
i have bunches of thier stuff from the old Birchmere back when we could record from wherever. they would be on cassette. most r not transferred...
mo-mule 2013-01-03 19:19:42
This is the only Dahlonega that I did. I am going to see Gene in a couple of weeks and he told me that he has all of his tapes out of storage, so we are going to go through a lot of his tapes. I may spend some time showing him how to upload. I think they only have a Nomad JB3 to transfer stuff with though.
dgeisler 2013-01-03 21:35:34
"I am going to see Gene in a couple of weeks and he told me that he has all of his tapes out of storage, so we are going to go through a lot of his tapes."-mo-mule

I really like the sound of this.

"I may spend some time showing him how to upload"-mo-mule

Lindsay may be a better bet-just sayin' ;)
Freeborn_Man 2013-01-03 22:32:04
he'll have plenty of time to transfer and upload while he's up late nights with that baby on they way. That's when I did a huge chunk of mine. I might just have to drive over for a day when you come in.
I have a m-audio usb that I'll give him to do the digi transfers from his Panasonic.
dgeisler 2013-01-04 10:13:36
@ mo-mule

If you find an ABB show in Gene's box of dats from the Riviera Theater in May of '96 those are my master copies... would love to get some digital files of those if possible-
thnx DG

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