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ShowBob Weir & Jackie Greene 12-11-2012 Celebrity Theater Phoenix, AZ (AUD~Flac16)
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TorrentBob Weir & Jackie Greene 12-11-12 Celebrity Theater Phoenix, AZ.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asBob Weir & Jackie Greene 12-11-12 Celebrity Theater Phoenix, AZ
Info hash40e0980719a842a86d6dc704e9b46cee37c86326
DescriptionBob Weir and Jackie Greene 12-11-2012
Celebrity Theater Phoenix, AZ

Source: Tascam DR-07 Front Row Center
Transfer: SD card > PC > Audacity to split files > Wav > TLH > FLAC
Taper: Charlie Kaiser
Transfered: Charlie Kaiser

Disk 1
SET 1 - Jackie Greene
01. Don't Let The Devil Take Your Mind
02. One Bad Love
03. 1961
04. Gone Wanderin'
05. Don't Think Twice It's Alright
06. Come On Into My Kitchen
07. Grindstone
08. Tell Me Mama

Disk 2
SET 2 - Bob Weir
01. Truckin'
02. Me & My Uncle
03. She Belongs To Me
04. Big Bad Blues
05. Desolation Row
06. Money For Gasoline
07. She Says
08. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
09. When I Paint My Masterpiece
10. Ranch Story

Disk 3
11. Looks Like Rain
12. Throwing Stones

SET 3 - Bob Weir and Jackie Greene
01. Shakedown Street
02. He's Gone
03. The Other One
04. Sugaree
05. Not Fade Away
06. Standin' On Shaky Ground
07 Not Fade Away

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Bob Weir & Jackie Greene 12-11-12 Celebrity Theater Phoenix, AZ.ffp1.6 kBN/A
Bob Weir & Jackie Greene 2012-12-11.md51.6 kBN/A
Bob Weir and Jackie Greene 2012-12-11.txt930 BN/A
Greene2012-12-11d1t01.flac31.30 MBN/A
Greene2012-12-11d1t02.flac19.80 MBN/A
Greene2012-12-11d1t03.flac29.03 MBN/A
Greene2012-12-11d1t04.flac22.14 MBN/A
Greene2012-12-11d1t05.flac26.12 MBN/A
Greene2012-12-11d1t06.flac25.18 MBN/A
Greene2012-12-11d1t07.flac17.60 MBN/A
Greene2012-12-11d1t08.flac23.90 MBN/A
Weir2012-12-11d2t01.flac54.35 MBN/A
Weir2012-12-11d2t02.flac18.30 MBN/A
Weir2012-12-11d2t03.flac23.63 MBN/A
Weir2012-12-11d2t04.flac41.78 MBN/A
Weir2012-12-11d2t05.flac57.48 MBN/A
Weir2012-12-11d2t06.flac37.61 MBN/A
Weir2012-12-11d2t07.flac30.52 MBN/A
Weir2012-12-11d2t08.flac20.52 MBN/A
Weir2012-12-11d2t09.flac21.78 MBN/A
Weir2012-12-11d2t10.flac18.52 MBN/A
Weir2012-12-11d3t01.flac48.05 MBN/A
Weir2012-12-11d3t02.flac43.61 MBN/A
WeirGreene2012-12-11d3t03.flac60.32 MBN/A
WeirGreene2012-12-11d3t04.flac43.93 MBN/A
WeirGreene2012-12-11d3t05.flac39.00 MBN/A
WeirGreene2012-12-11d3t06.flac59.11 MBN/A
WeirGreene2012-12-11d3t07.flac32.17 MBN/A
WeirGreene2012-12-11d3t08.flac9.58 MBN/A
WeirGreene2012-12-11d3t09.flac13.10 MBN/A
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SpiralLightofVenus 2013-01-04 23:43:25
Very special thanks to the taper, Charlie K, for sharing this with me to share with all of you. This is an excellent recording of a very good, enjoyable show that sounds as if it is happening in someone's living room. I have really had fun listening to this and I hope you do too but please note all thanks, credit, appreciation and accolades need to be sent Charlie's way.

Never change, never sell, never convert but always enjoy, always share and always turn others on to this wonderful, magical music.

Support live music and the artists that encourage our enjoyment of the music long after the show has ended.

(~}:-) SLOV
sloth1976 2013-01-05 00:22:14
Thank you and of course Charlie for the great work!!
chuckyalden 2013-01-05 01:59:54
i also recorded it but on an MP3 only player so it can't be uploaded per Etree but can't wait to hear recording was from about 6th row stage left, then after Bob's setbreak I went stage right and found the sound was a little bit better.

thanks much, can't wait to hear.
serodavid 2013-01-05 05:19:35
Timezone 2013-01-05 10:19:29
Thank you.
rsterrapin 2013-01-05 11:44:46
Many thanks!!!
chuckyalden 2013-01-05 12:11:52
forgot to add, the Shakedown is pretty hot, given that it is just Bob (the new looking ES335) and Jackie on acoustic. Quite a racket the old boys made on that tune.
jerome70 2013-01-05 12:15:59
Charlie Kaiser,thank you!
tprsqrrl 2013-01-05 13:06:47
Thank you! Does someone in the audience get into a fight during She Says?
chuckyalden 2013-01-06 10:42:07
"Thank you! Does someone in the audience get into a fight during She Says?"

the only thing I saw from stage left was at some point, there appeared to be some people sitting in someone else's seats, which required the intervention of venue security but the dispute ended quickly when the jackets showed up.....i wouldn't say it was fight though.

maybe you saw something i didn't.

security was nuts. it was a 65yr old man with an acoustic guitar, nto a gangsta rap concert. way overbearing.
Tiny_Dancer 2013-01-06 15:03:51
Thanks so much!! I'm very sorry the official G & N releases don't include Jackie's set. He's awesome.
Tiny_Dancer 2013-01-06 15:04:25
Gnome and Hobbits
Tiny_Dancer 2013-01-09 22:18:31
PHenomenal Throwin Stones. Is the g& H version cleaner, less aud noise, does anyone know? Thanks!

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