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ShowCadillac Jones 2012-11-10 Bear Creek Music & Art Festival [AKG 483>OCM R-44]
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TorrentCJ2012-11-10.AKG483.flac1644.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asCJ2012-11-10.AKG483.flac1644
Info hashf25ff3a9acb36bb9967512213a1faea12bdfa3f8
DescriptionCadillac Jones
Bear Creek Music & Art Festival
Big IV Amphitheater
Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park
Live Oak, FL

Source: AKG c480b/ck63 (DIN) > Oade Concert Mod Edirol R-44 (24Bit/48KHz)
Lineage: R-44 > SDHC > Adobe Audition 3.0 (Gain, Fades, Resample, MBIT+ Dither) > TLH > FLAC (16Bit/44.1kHz) > Foobar2000 (tagging)
Location: Approx 8' High, FOB Inside Rail

Recorded, transferred & seeded by Scott Douglas (

1. Intro
2. Tilt
3. Sammy Sosa
4. B'nai Brown
5. Rhythm Method
6. Barbados
7. Tarzan
8. Late Night With Merle Epstein
9. Friend or Foe
10. Concourse '73
11. Suya*

*with Atlanta Funk Society Horns
ChecksumsCJ2012-11-10t01.flac:76aa7ffc0b5d74f4ed24659da3530aac<br />
CJ2012-11-10t02.flac:1a8a31adb6fccd7bdaaafaefb233f963<br />
CJ2012-11-10t03.flac:ed1cb985c17fcf351dd1f6909c7a76dc<br />
CJ2012-11-10t04.flac:18c9f968870bd3fb948f99e4e53aaaf0<br />
CJ2012-11-10t05.flac:e175f7a0a459a150c827b7b5b46eb0f5<br />
CJ2012-11-10t06.flac:ab4f2535e4499012b4020f4b258daec8<br />
CJ2012-11-10t07.flac:afed86b3c2b0be4f3cf3314092e4373a<br />
CJ2012-11-10t08.flac:a5386e3221230cad91f71b76de356a9f<br />
CJ2012-11-10t09.flac:d0ecaf6480994a844042f71cb8c5b9ca<br />
CJ2012-11-10t10.flac:2b8a8af8028e16ca03fc0e239d2ff68f<br />
CJ2012-11-10t11.flac:f837834fcf787629b4f0e9967b8ef159<br />
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CJ2012-11-10t02.flac27.36 MBN/A
CJ2012-11-10t05.flac26.10 MBN/A
CJ2012-11-10t04.flac22.44 MBN/A
CJ2012-11-10t01.flac3.37 MBN/A
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skotdee 2013-01-05 08:24:29
Forgot to seed this one, nice set
suwanneejoe 2013-01-05 10:11:37
Thanks for catching us up on the Bear Creek shows!

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