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ShowThe Metermen 2012-12-28 Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA [FLAC] (Top Hat Tapes)
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Info hash9085d8e2de89f6e003e5e81ba3180d5b27306868
DescriptionThe Metermen
Friday, December 28th, 2012
The Regency Ballroom
1300 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA, USA

Taper: LeifH
Source: CSBs (filter) > Sony PCM M10 @ 24/48 > Lexar 16GB microSD card
Transfer: Memory card > PC via USB > Wavepad Master's Edition (edits, downsample to 16/44.1) > flac (8) via Frontend

Setlist: 2:12:41
00 intro
01 Fire On The Bayou >
02 Funkify Your Life >
03 Funky Miracle
04 Look A Py Py >
05 Just Kissed My Baby
06 What'cha Say
07 Africa
08 The Dragon
09 The Hand Clapping Song
10 Cissy Strut >
11 Cardova
12 Happy Birthday
13 I Need More Time
14 People Say

This was my second time seeing George Porter Jr, Zigaboo Modeliste, Leo Nocentelli and Rich Vogel. I had seen them all at Bonnaroo, except Art Neville was playing keyboards with the Meters and Rich Vogel was with Galactic. This was my first time at the Regency Ballroom and I like the venue. This show was awesome, lots of fun, good sound and a great setlist. I met two other tapers, one was using Beyer mics on a stand, the other stealthing like me, with a Sony ECM mic + minidisc recorder. I also got a few songs on video. I was standing about halfway between the stage and the soundboard, dead centre. The venue was only about half sold. Security was almost non-existent at this show. Lots and lots of good smelling herbs floating around, and some excellent smelling hash throughout the show. Zigaboo commented on the "good weed" and also joked about a "bag of window pane". It was his birthday so he was in a great mood, and George Porter also recently celebrated his birthday.

After the show I shook George's hand and had him sign my ticket. Leo and Zigaboo left the stage a lot sooner so I didn't get the chance to meet them. There was birthday cake given out in the side lobby, and there were giant birthday cards that you could sign for George and Zigaboo. It started raining lightly sometime during the show and continued on into the night. I was walking back to the hotel, so I stopped at Mel's Diner and got a wet umbrella bag to put my gear in so it didn't get soaked.

Thanks to Ken for trading a beer for my extra set of ear plugs.
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metermen2012-12-28t11Cardova.flac79.80 MBN/A
metermen2012-12-28t08TheDragon.flac75.38 MBN/A
metermen2012-12-28t14PeopleSay.flac73.76 MBN/A
metermen2012-12-28t07Africa.flac53.72 MBN/A
metermen2012-12-28t05JustKissedMyBaby.flac48.97 MBN/A
metermen2012-12-28t01FireontheBayou.flac47.82 MBN/A
metermen2012-12-28t13INeedMoreTime.flac43.94 MBN/A
metermen2012-12-28t03FunkyMiracle.flac40.12 MBN/A
metermen2012-12-28t02FunkifyYourLife.flac39.87 MBN/A
metermen2012-12-28t09TheHandClappingSong.flac38.04 MBN/A
metermen2012-12-28t06What'chaSay.flac31.61 MBN/A
metermen2012-12-28t12HappyBirthday.flac25.84 MBN/A
metermen2012-12-28t04LookAPyPy.flac23.46 MBN/A
metermen2012-12-28t10CissyStrut.flac23.13 MBN/A
metermen2012-12-28t00intro.flac18.39 MBN/A
metermen2012-12-28images/7 Zigaboo ad b.jpg539.7 kBN/A
metermen2012-12-28images/3.jpg535.8 kBN/A
metermen2012-12-28images/6 Zigaboo ad a.jpg499.4 kBN/A
metermen2012-12-28images/5 George Porter Jr sig.jpg292.3 kBN/A
metermen2012-12-28images/IMGA0473.JPG126.4 kBN/A
metermen2012-12-28images/IMGA0469.JPG125.8 kBN/A
metermen2012-12-28images/IMGA0471.JPG122.1 kBN/A
metermen2012-12-28images/1.JPG118.7 kBN/A
metermen2012-12-28images/IMGA0472.JPG118.4 kBN/A
metermen2012-12-28images/IMGA0470.JPG117.9 kBN/A
metermen2012-12-28images/2.JPG117.7 kBN/A
metermen2012-12-28images/IMGA0468.JPG110.7 kBN/A
metermen2012-12-28images/4.jpg68.9 kBN/A
metermen2012-12-28images/LeifH12345.JPG68.0 kBN/A
metermen2012-12-28info.txt3.2 kBN/A
metermen2012-12-28ffp.ffp1.1 kBN/A
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varanasibull 2013-01-05 17:48:09
Cool stuff. Thanks for recording and sharing. Much appreciated. Cheers.
phil_er_up 2013-01-05 17:54:20
Thanks for the show. Great lineup.

The one running the beyers was deadheadcorey.
TopHatTapes 2013-01-06 16:24:29
here's the videos i got

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