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ShowNew Orleans Suspects 2012-12-31, Smith's Old Bar, Atlanta, GA (mk4's fob)
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TorrentNew Orleans Suspects2012-12-31-flac.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash1576ec915bdae062304593ae5eb1acf2aef74372
DescriptionNew Orleans Suspects


Smith's Old Bar

Atlanta, GA

Schoeps mk4's(ORTF)>kc5>cmc6>Oade WMOD PMD 661 @24/48

fob-dfc~30 ft from stage

cool edit pro>cdwave editor>flac16

Taped, transferred and uploaded by Richard Skaggs.


01 - Big Chief
02 - Let the Good Times Roll
03 - Swampthing
04 - Get Back What You've Been Given (w/Band Intros)
06 - Tipitina
07 - Country Side of Life

Disc 2

01 - Countdown>Auld Lang Syne>Sailin' Shoes>Hey Julia>Sneakin' Sally
02 - Smoke Your Peace Pipe
03 - Cabbage Alley
04 - Glad
05 - 36 Cars
06 - Willie's Second Line
07 - Oak Street Rag
08 - Hey Pocky Way
Checksums8da22fa7069b582862da6e9e1937cad1 *New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d01t01.flac<br />
532090f297ecbb8591daefa6879695ac *New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d01t02.flac<br />
50bd95db5113e3f2df6f54e93e6f8606 *New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d01t03.flac<br />
2691a18f9837cf31c7182a4f4fa7ad70 *New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d01t04.flac<br />
1da8448219159996efb5f72a9bf1ae74 *New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d01t05.flac<br />
1c959d806f800d0238f61e17245d55de *New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d01t06.flac<br />
30ecfe433e4efb9e21661b962a244f41 *New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d01t07.flac<br />
12f6a3e7ac1d30616112178b5eda3e43 *New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d02t01.flac<br />
1e232cc4a8115f0d5cf766422a3dcc07 *New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d02t02.flac<br />
17ae5a8610b061f29ccf8dca22baccbc *New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d02t03.flac<br />
866f6b952f2c3ddfb1245a694d692a99 *New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d02t04.flac<br />
af069bb85f9b4bf2fc0f12bd666fcf23 *New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d02t05.flac<br />
6365074803e6fb7d7d10c51788f266e4 *New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d02t06.flac<br />
d0ca92f14d70b280e18bfe51496bb41a *New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d02t07.flac<br />
98582107b90a0414d86b98ea7d8d5ea4 *New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d02t08.flac
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New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d02t01.flac75.06 MBN/A
New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d02t08.flac73.52 MBN/A
New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d01t01.flac58.47 MBN/A
New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d01t07.flac50.34 MBN/A
New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d02t02.flac49.52 MBN/A
New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d01t04.flac42.30 MBN/A
New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d01t03.flac41.37 MBN/A
New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d01t06.flac38.93 MBN/A
New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d02t06.flac38.37 MBN/A
New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d02t03.flac36.00 MBN/A
New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d02t04.flac33.52 MBN/A
New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d01t05.flac33.12 MBN/A
New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d02t05.flac30.58 MBN/A
New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d01t02.flac22.50 MBN/A
New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31d02t07.flac20.30 MBN/A
New Orleans Suspects2012-12-31.txt1.8 kBN/A
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okebo 2013-01-05 19:31:38
Thank you!
freetime 2013-01-07 11:14:16
Thanks for sharing this. I am looking forward to the 35th Annie shows in a couple of weeks!

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