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DescriptionMedeski, Martin & Wood
Compilation of versions of "Hey Joe" (1999-2000)

1. January 17, 1999, Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY (with Marc Ribot on guitar)
2. March 19, 1999, Tonic, New York, NY
3. September 18, 1999, Dizzy's Den, Monterey Jazz Festival, Monterey, CA
4. September 19, 1999, Carriage House Theater, Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, CA
5. November 12, 1999, Tennessee Theater, Knoxville, TN
6. November 22, 1999, Calvin Theater, Northampton, MA (with Casey Benjamin on sax)
7. June 6, 2000, Palookaville, Santa Cruz, CA
8. August 18, 2000, Metropol, Pittsburgh, PA
9. August 19, 2000, Oregon Ridge State Park, Hunt Valley, MD

Even though "Hey Joe" has been a regular part of MMW's repertoire, 1/17/99 heralded a sustained run of being included on the setlist for a couple of years.
I made this compilation for friends at the time because I thought it actually made quite a nice blues album. I still do.
There was no method to why these versions were chosen except that they sounded good to me.
I hope you get some idea of the great imaginitive wanderings they brought to this song.

This compilation was from a time when I traded audio discs, usually via B+P so I wasn't diligent in keeping track of the sources.
However I doubt the sources would be any different to the ones already on etree so I encourage you to search them out.

Thanks to all the original tapers who provided these great covers.
TypeMedeski, Martin & Wood
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duggy 2013-01-05 21:03:53
Thanks, man. Always cool to hear the way other folks might compile music for different listenings ... and actually, 1/17/99 was like the 4th known performance of Hey Joe by MMW, having debuted the tune on 1/14/99 (at least, that's the first known performance). So this is a cool gathering of versions for listening to the band develop the tune more and more as part of their repertoire over the first year and a half of it's inclusion ... cool! Thanks ...
rDtaperNYC 2013-01-05 21:05:30
Awesome! Add the 12.13.12 to it! GREAT version.

gdv 2013-01-05 21:09:27
Thanks! :)

I have enjoyed collecting my own compilations of covers of some of the blues greats by different bands (e.g., Hey Joe, All Along the Watchtower, Cortez the Killer, etc), so I look forward to hearing the variety of several MMW Hey Joe performances.
rDtaperNYC 2013-01-05 23:30:22
Gov't Mule does a GREAT Cortez the Killer. My fav was 9.12.98 (Maggot Brain>CtK). It may have been the first one. Irving Plaza, NYC. Lotsa recordings.

gdv 2013-01-06 00:38:50
rDtaperNYC: "Gov't Mule does a GREAT Cortez the Killer."

...Agreed! Love every one I've heard so far! :)

rDtaperNYC: "My fav was 9.12.98 (Maggot Brain>CtK) ... Irving Plaza, NYC."

...Thanks for the recommendation! Just found this was (fortunately) recently reseeded by _MULETAPER (, so I'm downloading it now, and look forward to hearing it.

Luckymudster 2013-01-06 02:38:02
I believe "Hey Joe" is the most covered rock song ever. One time, as I recall perhaps in the mid1990s, Cal Berkeley's radio station, KALX, played only "Hey Joe" for 3 full days, 24 hours a day. Never repeated a recording, all of them commercial releases! That's a lotta covers! HA!
Halowdance 2013-01-06 04:18:24
Thank you Mike!!
clarksblues 2013-01-06 10:30:07
rDtaperNYC 2013-01-06 12:53:59
from all my years of taping, I think the most covered song I have heard have been:

Back @ the Chicken Shack
Third Stone from the Sun
Hey Joe
Spanish Moon

rD 2013-01-08 13:57:35
Rick -- you neglect to mention Cissy Strut on your most covered list. :) For a while that was pulled out at every jam session!

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