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ArtistChris Robinson
Showchris robinson brotherhood 8.24.2012 woodstock, ny ~ schoeps mk4v_nbox active cables_naiant pfa_eaa psp2_722 *16 bit*
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Torrentchris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.nboxac.pfa.psp2.722.burke.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash9f19205c5b614e5c590644d9197ecf7df523e462
DescriptionChris Robinson Brotherhood
August 24, 2012 (Saturday)
Bearsville Theater
Woodstock, NY

Taper : Tim Burke -
Location : front left corner of the soundboard, ~3' left of center, ~25' from the stage lip, ~8' high on stand
Mic Config : 17 cm, 90 (backwards DINa Kwon Bar, horizontal capsule orientation)
Source : Schoeps MK4V > Nbox active cables > Naiant PFA > E.A.A. PSP-2 > Sound Devices 722 (line in, -5.0 dB for set 1, +0.0 dB for set 2)
Recorded Format : 24 bit, 48 kHz
Conversion : 722 > PhotoFast CR-7100 microSD to compact flash adapter > microSD card > USB > Lenovo ThinkPad T500
Editing : Steinberg WaveLab v6.10 (build 340), dB increase to both channels (resulting in -.50 peaks) via the "change level" command, resample with Crystal ReSampler at ultra quality, dither with MegaBitMax, iZotope Ozone 4, medium noise shaping, normal dither amount
Final Format : 16 bit, 44.1 kHz
Tracking : CD Wave v1.93.3
Compression : FLAC v1.2.1, Trader's Little Helper v2.7.0 (Build 172), level 8, sector boundaries aligned using "fix" setting

All DSP performed by Tim Burke.

Released into widespread circulation via on January 5, 2013.

69m 01s
s1t01. crowd, tuning
s1t02. Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go
s1t03. Tomorrow Blues >
s1t04. Mother of Stone
s1t05. Star or Stone
s1t06. Roll Old Jeremiah >
s1t07. Do Right Women >
s1t08. Tulsa Yesterday
s1t09. Blue Suede Shoes

91m 18s
s2t01. crowd, tuning
s20t2. Jump The Turnstile
s2t03. 100 Days of Rain
s2t04. Never Been to Spain
s2t05. Wash My Hands In Muddy Water
s2t06. They Love Each Other
s2t07. Vibration and Light Suite >
s2t08. Ride
s2t09. Rosalee
s2t10. encore break
s2t11. I Am A Pilgrim
s2t12. Tom Thumb Blues

DPA UA0896 windscreens were used to protect the microphones.
Thanks to Brian Goldstein for the clamp space and Duffy Booth and Cody Booth for the ride.

Neal Casal - electric guitar, backing vocals
Mark Dutton - electric bass guitar, backing vocals
Adam MacDougall - keyboards, backing vocals
Chris Robinson - lead vocals, electric guitar
George Sluppick - drums, percussion
Checksumschris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s1t01.flac:413d3d54cec959b855d1a036d1fefae0<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s1t02.flac:b0c26ffc883ec3fbfc033d648e675ae9<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s1t03.flac:323ad21a3ea096465a6d233ae18b5499<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s1t04.flac:6c502f47e0b3e93de69e877d8a30db85<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s1t05.flac:418c7447b0cc756bdb50081e88e2c31b<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s1t06.flac:7becaf7d971f537a62fe937f0a8c1a3d<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s1t07.flac:415108e9e7d28e4fbf63dba1f922390d<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s1t08.flac:a9230581abacd3e4b62d92e0e3fbb2e1<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s1t09.flac:03d6cab497d5ab1121f84292c5e089c6<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s2t01.flac:d50e959836f45205dfdf76c7f9313b14<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s2t02.flac:bcf3817bf08a9aa9f833ffbb45b6659e<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s2t03.flac:0b371d9bfab4fe99aedb7987a21a456f<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s2t04.flac:30832b8d90fc165d489a6d51c2cbc3a6<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s2t05.flac:b1d98b8fdba0f73669f6d1ef30179966<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s2t06.flac:52938f9c99840df801b0a92925c4265e<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s2t07.flac:ed7b8645b619e2c159c1719ceec90d1c<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s2t08.flac:1c0c6c26dd4e23e8bb2aa73e8d644a08<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s2t09.flac:19c3141bfd3bdf181240d4f9eceaad7c<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s2t10.flac:c03ea99bcb3ffbc7bfdc34eb86b5a2c5<br />
chris_robinson2012-08-24.mk4v.burke.s2t11.flac:53218cb9fc21d2c20c3760370ce7dc07<br />
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raoulduke 2013-01-05 22:53:32
24 bit:
dorrcoq 2013-01-06 02:53:36
Thanks, Tim. How are you doing, buddy?

jerome70 2013-01-06 07:20:05
thanks man-i saw them soon after this show & they did not let us down -i sure hope the new crowes shows prove to be half as good as the crb ones have been of late!
raoulduke 2013-01-06 11:10:48
doing good dennis, thanks for asking !
sprobeck 2013-01-06 15:58:30
WRBzWorld 2013-01-06 17:41:32
thank you for sharing. looking forward to the listening.
chullinger 2013-12-16 10:35:42
Thank you!

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