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Info hash0dd806772f744dc5a6dfa7ab8d7cf5e86407776c
DescriptionFurthur, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO 2012-09-21

Taper : TBone

Editing : Joe D'Amico ''AKA'' Joebeacon

B + K 4021 Mics > Psp3 > Sony Pcm M-10

SD Card > Adobe Audition CS6 > Traders Little Helper

Disc 1 : 1st Set :
02-Help On The Way >
03-Slipknot! >
04-The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)
05-Mexicali Blues >
06-Mama Tried
08-Let It Ride >
09-Mason's Children

Disc 2 : 2nd Set :
02-Weather Report Suite >
03-Let It Grow
04-Dear Mr. Fantasy >
05-Hey Jude >
06-Jam >
07-The Other One >

Disc 3 : 2nd Set Con't :
01-Shakedown Street >
02-Standing On The Moon >
03-The Wheel >
04-Slipknot! >
05-Franklin's Tower
Encore :
06-Donor Rap
07-U.S. Blues
ChecksumsDisc101-Tuning.flac:931bb5b79148686d4825beb831933bdc<br />
Disc102-Help On The Way.flac:455a9f0c7efd0e60c61fd28d7e37f2f1<br />
Disc103-Slipknot.flac:f101df1bb91c210a0c6f1bb0246c4384<br />
Disc104-The Golden Road.flac:0517d08785cdf0dc0dc08a960702bc65<br />
Disc105-Mexicali Blues .flac:577827dcde20bcd1cb66d7422618ccb3<br />
Disc106-Mama Tried.flac:5c9c4da3743d865f1d9f6532602d6ac3<br />
Disc107-Althea.flac:3bb142d0897e5d42ec9cc36d1a17a688<br />
Disc108-Let It Ride.flac:978a779be7b04d96d404359b0a140d09<br />
Disc109-Mason\'s Children.flac:ae59ac0ca567425d0650a00e882e71f1<br />
Disc201-Tuning.flac:7eb6240fee5178fc82ffdaa065ac899b<br />
Disc202-Weather Report Suite.flac:ec26b09c0cb7716c9f46a1b3e4b6afcd<br />
Disc203-Let It Grow.flac:0116bda8128c5335e37ba1af94d60afd<br />
Disc204-Dear Mr. Fantasy.flac:848b0eb4761031c161980a233cd3fdf9<br />
Disc205-Hey Jude.flac:1aa0910579b76c0d535c42460e96bd30<br />
Disc206-Jam.flac:7d58ef8bfc4cc92aa62220888cf24233<br />
Disc207-The Other One.flac:c594e149984d5dd3326045b381f96ad5<br />
Disc301-Shakedown Street.flac:34b893c97c300c16adfd60bc54f0d341<br />
Disc302-Standing On The Moon.flac:4270db3881319a951660281556714ad3<br />
Disc303-The Wheel.flac:ff287618c0e5a74e397e8305f3b13bf7<br />
Disc304-Slipknot.flac:a60fc726acf78540bd1c22187c93029b<br />
Disc305-Franklin\'s Tower.flac:5946a52ac46b39cda89c4b3b3d12fae3<br />
Disc306-Donor Rap.flac:2b7a854adc9deb4fdea17e55ff0e9f0a<br />
Disc307-U.S. Blues.flac:0c2c15db242b4117723b46f40dacb1bd<br />
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Size943.87 MB (989714220 Bytes)
Added2013-01-06 10:13:10
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Upped byjoe-beacon
Num files25 files
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Disc101-Tuning.flac12.88 MBN/A
Disc102-Help On The Way.flac29.83 MBN/A
Disc103-Slipknot.flac21.08 MBN/A
Disc104-The Golden Road.flac40.84 MBN/A
Disc105-Mexicali Blues .flac37.00 MBN/A
Disc106-Mama Tried.flac27.15 MBN/A
Disc107-Althea.flac86.41 MBN/A
Disc108-Let It Ride.flac46.28 MBN/A
Disc109-Mason's Children.flac57.49 MBN/A
Disc201-Tuning.flac6.99 MBN/A
Disc202-Weather Report Suite.flac35.72 MBN/A
Disc203-Let It Grow.flac90.11 MBN/A
Disc204-Dear Mr. Fantasy.flac42.10 MBN/A
Disc205-Hey Jude.flac14.94 MBN/A
Disc206-Jam.flac14.69 MBN/A
Disc207-The Other One.flac93.83 MBN/A
Disc301-Shakedown Street.flac72.41 MBN/A
Disc302-Standing On The Moon.flac47.59 MBN/A
Disc303-The Wheel.flac58.74 MBN/A
Disc304-Slipknot.flac4.51 MBN/A
Disc305-Franklin's Tower.flac55.95 MBN/A
Disc306-Donor Rap.flac7.54 MBN/A
Disc307-U.S. Blues.flac39.79 MBN/A
furthur2012-09-21.b&k4021.flac16.ffp1.3 kBN/A
info.txt745 BN/A
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