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Info hash60f99d259f91f38101510531e17d4c848aa03c55
DescriptionFurthur, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO 2012-09-22

Taper : TBone

Editing : Joe D'Amico ''AKA'' Joebeacon

B + K 4021 Mics > Psp3 > Sony Pcm M-10

SD Card > Adobe Audition CS6 > Traders Little Helper

Disc 1 : 1st Set :
02-Here Comes the Sun
04-Scarlet Begonias >
05-Good Lovin'
06-Peaceful Valley
07-The Mountain Song >
08-So Many Roads >
09-Sugar Magnolia

Disc 2 : 2nd Set :
02-Playing in the Band >
03-No More Do I >
04-China Cat Sunflower >
05-I Know You Rider

Disc 3 : 2nd Set Con't :
01-Dark Star (V1) >
02-Saint Stephen >
03-Unbroken Chain >
04-Dark Star (V2) >
05-Fire on the Mountain
06-Donor Rap
Encores :
07-Morning Dew >
08-Playing in the Band (reprise)
Disc102-Here Comes the Sun.flac:824531a8575432b0281a63385b1b4bb6
Disc104-Scarlet Begonias.flac:9e13aee5a552e7912bf38d888ab923d4
Disc105-Good Lovin'.flac:76939ca0054f0ea326c56b2372a7a022
Disc106-Peaceful Valley.flac:94086e592ae41bf80752d5e898032b31
Disc107-The Mountain Song.flac:a86a1ad4b9b6b957fae29f5a2b5d46d9
Disc108-So Many Roads.flac:7b043740839da855a81e7a3e5f84905c
Disc109-Sugar Magnolia.flac:d88e9edfdd9efdce703f6275936f15a1
Disc202-Playing in the Band.flac:dd7198f332d7ff5698e0943a90d5d308
Disc203-No More Do I.flac:5ac28b3516fd2560cfec071b5b96962f
Disc204-China Cat Sunflower.flac:0773c9f1b93955d8bfe3f1e05f46e9b9
Disc205-I Know You Rider.flac:d6c3146e416990b7db701c0e6e256137
Disc301-Dark Star.flac:7e05b19484261a4ed663919b3cb6a5fe
Disc302-Saint Stephen.flac:5c2515cee328c788a3c96cc8cc171d6c
Disc303-Unbroken Chain.flac:d9bcc0504d8306bacb200ddb47b5a739
Disc304-Dark Star.flac:0cb123d50f6a6bd2170bda14b16642ea
Disc305-Fire on the Mountain.flac:4511ba99823bc6d745a4fdc712e3db6e
Disc306-Donor Rap.flac:7afc1c8ef2c947aba5e41ef1e450cd3f
Disc307-Morning Dew.flac:7f566601d0a2e73e1fa33c373d051f90
Disc308-Playing in the Band.flac:65a13ce2b2acbeee5dc4772ed08b6665
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Size1.070 GB (1148441257 Bytes)
Added2013-01-06 10:26:16
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Upped byjoe-beacon
Num files24 files
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Disc101-Tuning.flac11.18 MBN/A
Disc102-Here Comes the Sun.flac40.68 MBN/A
Disc103-Cassidy.flac64.30 MBN/A
Disc104-Scarlet Begonias.flac72.72 MBN/A
Disc105-Good Lovin'.flac63.98 MBN/A
Disc106-Peaceful Valley.flac30.34 MBN/A
Disc107-The Mountain Song.flac67.11 MBN/A
Disc108-So Many Roads.flac38.76 MBN/A
Disc109-Sugar Magnolia.flac62.52 MBN/A
Disc201-Tuning.flac6.78 MBN/A
Disc202-Playing in the Band.flac60.04 MBN/A
Disc203-No More Do I.flac48.68 MBN/A
Disc204-China Cat Sunflower.flac48.41 MBN/A
Disc205-I Know You Rider.flac58.15 MBN/A
Disc301-Dark Star.flac64.00 MBN/A
Disc302-Saint Stephen.flac77.37 MBN/A
Disc303-Unbroken Chain.flac99.99 MBN/A
Disc304-Dark Star.flac21.47 MBN/A
Disc305-Fire on the Mountain.flac61.25 MBN/A
Disc306-Donor Rap.flac9.56 MBN/A
Disc307-Morning Dew.flac68.19 MBN/A
Disc308-Playing in the Band.flac19.74 MBN/A
furthur2012-09-22.b&k4021.flac16.ffp1.3 kBN/A
info.txt754 BN/A
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rnbbird 2013-01-06 11:43:08
Thanks! I was at this one-very nice!
_MULETAPER 2013-01-06 15:24:38
Its damn sure time T-Bone has found some idiot to upload his shows.. LOL ;-) How are your Line dancing classes going?

Thanks Todd and Joe!

Joe, T has my # find time to get it and call me. Thanks for putting these up.I still want to transfer his DATS if he's still willing.Happy New Year~ and fine cuban cigars for all...
sprobeck 2013-01-06 16:23:14
Thanks for the new!

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