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Info hashca13b40e4dede8c7c65e4bbd574e76a68925a97b
DescriptionFurthur, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO 2012-09-23

Taper : TBone

Editing : Joe D'Amico ''AKA'' Joebeacon

B + K 4021 Mics > Psp3 > Sony Pcm M-10

SD Card > Adobe Audition CS6 > Traders Little Helper

Disc 1 : 1st Set :
02-Samson And Delilah
03-Tennessee Jed
04-Easy Wind
05-Alabama Getaway
06-Loose Lucy
07-You Win Again
09-Uncle John's Band

Disc 2 : 2nd Set :
01-Reuben And Cherise >
02-Feel Like A Stranger
03-Alligator >
04-Cumberland Blues

Disc 3 : 2nd Set Con't :
01-Eyes Of The World >
02-He's Gone >
03-Viola Lee Blues >
04-Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) >
05-Viola Lee Blues >
06-Black Peter >
07-Viola Lee Blues
08-Donor Rap
Encore :
09-Brokedown Palace
Disc102-Samson And Delilah.flac:ed33d341be6435e0c7893c7b45db298e
Disc103-Tennessee Jed.flac:7152495204da3b713a84b653ecf5ab0f
Disc104-Easy Wind.flac:549c67ff81d4f7f67a5e18a9b458abed
Disc105-Alabama Getaway.flac:b186ac9579ed762272ece2c3892a22d5
Disc106-Loose Lucy.flac:0846ffcb2fd183df5b0c12ee3c3eb7a1
Disc107-You Win Again.flac:60e8c8bf8179f8e17d3eda9ed3e5d741
Disc109-Uncle John's Band.flac:4a386b6867fd69eb4e7ba3db30197d1e
Disc201-Reuben And Cherise.flac:bee87efc944f69d4225b573ade52c95e
Disc202-Feel Like A Stranger.flac:8f8ffbff6f057ba7e9e4f415e0ea9382
Disc204-Cumberland Blues.flac:29b59288e9bfcfab68a87e96fe7081cd
Disc301-Eyes Of The World.flac:e4c3b3d34e30181209d49678ceeb66ad
Disc302-He's Gone.flac:93e9facf770268ca1df6928f57b44153
Disc303-Viola Lee Blues.flac:67bbc0e3fd227a2e5387ed627f71bda8
Disc305-Viola Lee Blues.flac:e9657902598e918a8d6daea2d3329fba
Disc306-Black Peter.flac:a6bee732828f12e031231f6d9a21cfc2
Disc307-Viola Lee Blues.flac:7c6da3004579d221db4ec0b8ba8d92df
Disc308-Donor Rap.flac:369089f6818f69d222704552f44e3047
Disc309-Brokedown Palace.flac:b564e7886dda86eadb8d00e7e5c37e75
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Size1003.34 MB (1052074680 Bytes)
Added2013-01-06 10:40:03
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Upped byjoe-beacon
Num files24 files
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Disc101-Tuning.flac13.97 MBN/A
Disc102-Samson And Delilah.flac39.27 MBN/A
Disc103-Tennessee Jed.flac70.94 MBN/A
Disc104-Easy Wind.flac45.38 MBN/A
Disc105-Alabama Getaway.flac35.50 MBN/A
Disc106-Loose Lucy.flac46.70 MBN/A
Disc107-You Win Again.flac29.24 MBN/A
Disc108-Operator.flac25.23 MBN/A
Disc109-Uncle John's Band.flac78.45 MBN/A
Disc201-Reuben And Cherise.flac47.29 MBN/A
Disc202-Feel Like A Stranger.flac61.36 MBN/A
Disc203-Alligator.flac46.63 MBN/A
Disc204-Cumberland Blues.flac70.08 MBN/A
Disc301-Eyes Of The World.flac73.28 MBN/A
Disc302-He's Gone.flac71.56 MBN/A
Disc303-Viola Lee Blues.flac44.03 MBN/A
Disc304-Caution.flac42.25 MBN/A
Disc305-Viola Lee Blues.flac13.94 MBN/A
Disc306-Black Peter.flac94.04 MBN/A
Disc307-Viola Lee Blues.flac10.68 MBN/A
Disc308-Donor Rap.flac8.20 MBN/A
Disc309-Brokedown Palace.flac35.30 MBN/A
furthur2012-09-23.b&k4021.flac16.ffp1.3 kBN/A
info.txt746 BN/A
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zmanatl 2013-01-06 13:06:55
Nice work Joey!
sprobeck 2013-01-06 17:53:26

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