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ArtistJohn Hartford
ShowSteam-Powered Soul - A Tribute to John Hartford 12-29-2012 St. Louis, MO Set one only
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Info hashb5853bd872368430f9880926508a777dfe09fbe7
DescriptionSteam-Powered Soul
A Tribute to John Hartford and KDHX Benefit
St. Louis, MO
December 29, 2012

Early Show 7-9:30 p.m.

Ryan Spearman
00. Let Him Go On Mama
01. All Fall Down
02. Steamboat Whistle Blues
03. Banter

The Lulus
04. Cuckoo's Nest
05. Bring Your Clothes Back Home
06. Wish we had our time again
07. Ladies live such a long long time

Kevin Buckley & Ian Walsh and Friends
08. Tear Stained Monologue
09. Long Hot Summer Day
10. Leather Britches
11. Holding

Lodge Brothers
12. Miss Ferris
14. Ragged Bill
15. nobody eats Linebaugh's anymore

Rough Shop
16. Today
17. Howard Hughes Blues
18. Tall Buildings

Ryan Spearman

Art by Sleepy Kitty

This recording is most of the first set of the evening. The remainder of the 1st set and the 2nd set were recorded but I am not sure of the access which could be months out. If the remainder of these shows show up I will update this file.
I was not the taper for the remainder as Leftover Salmon played the same night in St. Louis. Enjoy what is here and hope the rest arrives too.

Please support all of these artists by purchasing their commercial recordings and seeing them live
Support, public radio in St. Louis

recording by Jeff Mankin

Missing from this recording
Early Show last performer
The Flying Mules

Late Show 10 p.m.-12:30 a.m.

Mark Bilyeu and Cindy Woolf
Foggy Memory Boys
The Root Diggers
The Notable Haberdashers
Stickley & Canan
Colonel Ford

ChecksumsSteam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-00.flac:61a94baee323d65f427d9c7dfb56a3cd<br />
Steam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-01.flac:8c34003658a62d94bd178c2d1f6972f1<br />
Steam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-02.flac:b8a21cbbdcca9a459279fc17124b1f0a<br />
Steam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-03.flac:dbd052878bd74cfd0e2e9c73bf24221f<br />
Steam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-04.flac:1a7c908e0e5760ce48fe79472c00c25b<br />
Steam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-05.flac:aa89ae99c7d78426d28143893b514883<br />
Steam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-06.flac:e66a21bc310a0996e11b3d7b30c098f4<br />
Steam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-07.flac:f7a8da1be8a544973039a39ff9c2eea8<br />
Steam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-08.flac:b58743a71ac4f6d0485aeaca57203616<br />
Steam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-09.flac:1ebcfae9ca371d814014520a7a522ff9<br />
Steam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-10.flac:d2f30b1466ec39a9c9e410e24e2e1762<br />
Steam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-11.flac:f7344311bc5089ba5ae9c94790796ad2<br />
Steam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-12.flac:9181426cee5cf6c0be7084491f367d7d<br />
Steam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-13.flac:5474cd32a1eced7e865808586ecf2daa<br />
Steam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-14.flac:f4f541de31044bec1e17362887fd6204<br />
Steam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-15.flac:162704c9820c7a9e9ebc8ea871b30c66<br />
Steam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-16.flac:d7589bb6ee606319e87e078e75e25c36<br />
Steam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-17.flac:62717b632741998b0e803b2917126676<br />
Steam-Powered Soul2012-12-29S1-18.flac:3d7e79f1bbcfd527396c4b0835a4889f<br />
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here we go again with hanging torrents, the seeder is here but bt.etree is taking forever to let anyone connect, please be patient.

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