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ShowFurthur 2012-12-29 Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA [FLAC] [Top Hat Tapes Source 1] Analog Master
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Saturday, December 29th, 2012
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
99 Grove Street,
San Francisco, CA, USA

Taper: LeifH
Source: CSBs (filter) > Sony WM D6C (Dolby B) > Maxell XL-II S 90 (x3)
Transfer: Master cassettes > Modified Sony TC-WE475 (Dolby off; azimuth adjusted) > H/K 3500 > Creative X-Fi Soundblaster > Wavepad Master's Edition @ 48000kHz (edits, tracking, downsample to 16/44.1) > flac (8) via Frontend

Set I: 1:16:25
00 intro set I
01 Not Fade Away >
02 The Golden Road
03 Brown Eyed Women
04 Big Bad Blues >
05 Pride of Cucamonga
06 Cassidy
07 Cumberland Blues
08 One More Saturday Night

Set II: 1:50:09
09 intro set II
10 China Cat Sunflower >
11 I Know You Rider
12 Estimated Prophet >
13 Eyes of the World >
14 Mountain Song >
15 The Other One >
16 Viola Lee Blues >
17 Standing on the Moon >
18 Not Fadeaway
19 Liberty

This was my first time seeing Furthur, or any of the Grateful Dead other than Mickey Hart. Earlier in the day I visted 710 Ashbury Street and walked around outside of City Hall where the party was going on before the show. I quite enjoyed the show. I stood dead centre on the floor, about 35' from the stage. This was also my first time to the Bill Graham and I had a really fun time. Most of the people around me noticed I was taping and didn't talk (most were too busy singing or dancing). I also set up my digital recorder in section 208 and filmed 90% of the show in 1080p HD video from the floor. One taper in the taper's section wanted to buy my D6C off me before the show started - cash in hand!

The venue staff were all super friendly and easy to deal with. Copious amounts of smot was poked throughout the show. I wish there were two of me, as I would have liked to see all three shows from Furthur. This was the second of 4 shows in SF for me this time. This source turned out pretty nice with minimal crowd noise.
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furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.setii13EyesoftheWorld.flac89.13 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.setii15TheOtherOne.flac78.95 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.setii12EstimatedProphet.flac76.27 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.setii14MountainSong.flac74.77 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.setii16ViolaLeeBlues.flac73.99 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.seti07CumberlandBlues.flac73.50 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.seti06Cassidy.flac69.02 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.seti04BigBadBlues.flac64.51 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.seti01NotFadeaway.flac59.56 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.setii11IKnowYouRider.flac57.14 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.setii17StandingontheMoon.flac50.48 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.setii19Liberty.flac45.98 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.seti05PrideofCucamonga.flac45.76 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.seti08OneMoreSaturdayNight.flac44.41 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.setii10ChinaCatSunflower.flac41.24 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.seti02TheGoldenRoad.flac40.24 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.seti03BrownEyedWoman.flac38.38 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.setii18NotFadeaway.flac35.63 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.seti00introseti.flac15.78 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.setii09introsetii.flac7.86 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.images/Sony-HarmanKardon.JPG5.54 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.images/3.jpg1.01 MBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.images/4.jpg521.0 kBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.images/furthur poster.jpg206.8 kBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.images/IMG_2015.JPG172.3 kBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.images/1.JPG126.2 kBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.images/2.JPG121.6 kBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.images/IMG_0001.JPG121.2 kBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.images/IMG_3003.JPG119.3 kBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.images/IMG_2016.JPG104.7 kBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.images/IMG_0012.JPG93.1 kBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.images/furthur NYE-Run-2012.jpg90.2 kBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.images/banner.JPG87.7 kBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.images/IMG_0003.JPG71.9 kBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.images/LeifH12345.JPG68.0 kBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.images/furthur setlist 29th.jpg56.1 kBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/ kBN/A
furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1/furthur2012-12-29tophattapes.source1.ffp.ffp1.9 kBN/A
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TopHatTapes 2013-01-10 18:50:11
ColoradoCorey 2013-01-10 21:31:01
Nice work. Can't wait to dl this
ColoradoCorey 2013-01-10 21:33:34
You on the bus now?
cavekelly 2013-01-10 21:35:08
Just curious, why would one record with Dolby on, but then play the master cassette with Dolby off to produce the final product. Won't that lead to abnormally elevated high frequencies?
TopHatTapes 2013-01-10 22:00:34
@ Corey - I'm currently "off the bus" but was "on the bus" during the NYE Primus show hahaha. those will appear next.

@ cavekelly - that is the idea. playing back a tape without Dolby that was recorded with Dolby adds additional frequencies that enhance the high end, while keeping the mids and bottom end just right. this doesn't add any extra hiss, in fact it provides a lot less than if one were to record AND playback without Dolby. i do not believe in playing back a Dolby recorded tape with Dolby turned on. it gives it that noise reduction sound.
ColoradoCorey 2013-01-11 01:37:05
looking forward to the primis 30th show. as that is the only show that was a little hazy to me
acesbacktoback 2013-01-11 04:52:15
RC HUGH 2013-01-11 12:33:08
Recording a live show with dolby on makes no sense, since you'll lose the high frequencies. Playing a dolbyized recording without dolby makes even less sense; 2 wrongs don't make a right.
RC HUGH 2013-01-11 12:35:00
If you want to preserve the highs, don't use Dolby. You can't "enhance" the highs after you've already removed them with Dolby.
TopHatTapes 2013-01-11 17:19:25
sorry but i've recorded hundreds of live tapes and given them the same treatment, as well as experimenting with all the other combinations of dolby on/off.

if you don't like it, don't download it. sounds far better than your method, which i have plenty of experience with also. i think the one in the wrong is you
TopHatTapes 2013-01-11 17:20:48
and i'd like to see your analog recordings from 2012 to compare... oh wait, that's right...
ColoradoCorey 2013-01-11 21:46:04
sound grate brah!
tbone65 2013-01-12 03:44:42
helo would like to talk to you about your furthur experience at nye. please email me at

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