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Showmoe. 1997-02-08 flamingo's, knoxville, tn *dsbd* 16/48
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Torrentmoe1997-02-08 dsbd.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashb2b27ad2d7a73ff4f65cfc0426a022e0cad5a64d
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knoxville, tn

set 1
01- banter
02- she sends me
03- sensory deprivation bank
04- head*
05- banter
06- threw it all away
07- recreational chemistry
08- spaz medicine
09- happy hour hero
10- 32 things

set 2
01- chuck's bon jovi tuneup
02- st augustine
03- brent black
04- brain tuba
05- dr graffenberg >
06- four**
07- stranger than fiction
08- nebraska
09- jazz wank >
10- buster

*i know you rider tease
**inca roads tease

source: DSBD
transfer: DAT(2)/sony pcm r500>marantz pmd661>cdwave>tlh(flac) *16b/48khz* by john m 2013-01-05
Checksumsmoe1997-02-08 dsbds1t01.flac:a211a31a08a495743ae295e42d50bcaa<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds1t02.flac:9702333df35003e12438f0e59ed02ed3<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds1t03.flac:9ebc3989f97cc8c036a1aaaf304af60b<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds1t04.flac:fedad62e1f18e8fc02546c6fe28aadfb<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds1t05.flac:cb1ba896c79ad5119ab36a89055dfb0c<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds1t06.flac:5ff49c53d28574d54e4f8e35e4837505<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds1t07.flac:25f37ef4a5a921150158a5102d238052<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds1t08.flac:1953bfef7950592097b50d41449392c1<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds1t09.flac:46b7d94b0ca6840fc7589cf553f0adbf<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds1t10.flac:854b0eff4b913242f7c33baca0ebc74c<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds2t01.flac:38f0645ec80e1fcdb0ead898fd6e7947<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds2t02.flac:e9b568451cfc7908966f281465fbfa6d<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds2t03.flac:3af23b6e0a3f346258981f09aec9dbbc<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds2t04.flac:941b1aebf6c322938cc324992f5b664b<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds2t05.flac:6d136d07016413c089aa2121562077ff<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds2t06.flac:f784b6b816545465dcf662b3b51a984e<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds2t07.flac:970ad8c9092bb6fd126c7f5df406c1aa<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds2t08.flac:c960ae2c2179284030bff52b528c3d44<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds2t09.flac:f12caecf1a69515205a2a6920770e34f<br />
moe1997-02-08 dsbds2t10.flac:b483a1c1ecdc4c6d2198d300b1f32a7d<br />
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Added2013-01-11 20:04:39
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azwoogie 2013-01-11 22:58:07
Thanks for the DSBD moe.
tommie01 2013-01-14 15:12:48
Thanks a bunch.
wildeyes 2013-02-14 10:46:50
I have an analog 1st gen of the 4/12/98 Atlanta show sbd source if anyone would be interested in that. I am trying to track down a hum on my Tape Deck transfer at 60Hz, but I want to make sure it isn't on my master tapes before I aste any time. I have been trying to find the DAT source for the show, but it has never surfaced. This was the show Rob asked anyone with Lyrics to Time Ed to send them to him because he wrote them on the back of a Taco Bell wrapper and threw it away and didn't remember what the lyrics were.
wildeyes 2013-02-14 11:40:20
Sorry, it's the

Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, GA

2nd Gen Analog SBD

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