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Showmoe. 11/02/1996 Ski Lodge, Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, PA SBD>DAT *16 bit* (new DAT Master transfer)
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Info hashea07cdf95c2f3f52834d43a8a3b8a593004d30d3
Ski Lodge
Slippery Rock University
Slippery Rock, PA

**16 bit/44.1khz**

Source: SBD > Tascam DA-P1 (M) (48 khz)
Transfer: Sony PCM-2600(Apogee AES/EBU)>Sound Devices 722 (16/48)>
Firewire>Macbook>Sound Studio 3.6(fades, normalize peak, +gain, track)>
Wave Editor 1.5.7 (iZotope Resampler)>
xACT 2.20(align on sector boundaries, encode, tag, fingerprint)>flac16 (level 8 )
Taped and Transferred by: Lenny Stubbe

One Set: (2:33:39)

01. tuning
02. Sensory Deprivation Bank
03. 32 Things
04. Awesome Gary
05. Four
06. Threw It All Away
07. Rebubula
08. Nebraska
09. Bring You Down
10. Spine of a Dog
11. Time Ed
12. Bearsong
13. Yodelittle
14. YOY>
15. Roll>
16. Timmy Tucker

- Eye of the Tiger jam between Yodelittle and YOY
- substitute lyrics "every time I'm NUDE" during 32 things
- Lots of funny banter throughout the show, as well as lots of playfulness with the instruments including some various teases
- This is the famous Baresong show. al was coming down with a bad case of the flu which led to the cancellation of shows in Wisconsin on 11/5, and Iowa on 11/6. You will hear some discussion before 32 Things about removing one article of clothing with each song. al seemed to be dealing with a burning fever which had to help. So as each song went, so did al's clothes, one per piece song until he was complete *bare* for Bearsong. Literally naked, covered only by his guitar! Quite a spectacle!
- This show was in the small Ski Lodge at Slippery Rock University. It was a neat little Lodge on the edge of the campus on a hill if I remember correctly. Inside there was a large fireplace in the middle of the room. Couldn't have been more than 60 or 70 people at the show probably less and towards the last few tunes we had to be down to 20 or so, most of which were drummer Chris Mazur's family as he is from Pittsburgh. There was no stage as the place was so small. The band played on ground level
- Big thanks to Brendan O'Neill, moe.'s sound engineer at the time for always being so kind and accommodating with patches and for this great soundboard mix!
- I got the opportunity to operate the bands camcorder during this show thanks to then tour Manager Mike Wright who asked my help. Got some neat footage up close, but I suspect the video is still in the bands vault and has never been seen or shared
- This was the first show I noticed the band had moved from their old trusty red transport van, to a small camper. They were growing!
- This is the first time my Master DAT has been transferred for circulation. The previous transfer was from a clone I made by Steve Chiaramonte, transferred by Gil Galdieri. There was another taper there patching the board, but I think he was running a home cassette deck if I remember correctly
- I wrote a review for this show that I shared with a site at the time and was probably posted to the L
- no encore
- Massed Gadgets opened
- This transfer of the Master DAT unfortunately suffers from some faint and light digital static towards the end of the tape during the last few tracks. I transferred the DAT twice and this transfer had less. It's not that big of a deal IMO.

Even with hardly any segues, this is just a fantastic show with most tunes being just outstanding renditions. The guys are sharp, and their voices are at very best (except for al being ill)

For many reasons, this was by far my favorite year to see moe., musically and otherwise. The band was very fun, fresh, playful, energetic, sharp, improvisational and still very accessible and grounded as musicians. This was one of the most memorable nights of the 15 shows I attended in 1996.

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Checksums;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.20 on 2013-01-12 17:20:56 +0000<br />
<br />
moe1996-11-02t01.flac:797d1df1b5730b187b5f63e442737766<br />
moe1996-11-02t02.flac:3055891164475106c8ea1b96f27db2f4<br />
moe1996-11-02t03.flac:4a70913fa16d94d7e8a62ecdb23541f1<br />
moe1996-11-02t04.flac:a9b59f2f2c0c4882f73c17b785a6a51e<br />
moe1996-11-02t05.flac:72099f83b97e52c6286e51eb972ebc50<br />
moe1996-11-02t06.flac:61b7120bbd40d99912ceeb05b504624b<br />
moe1996-11-02t07.flac:a8949888f5cf75089d4e880ac681c6aa<br />
moe1996-11-02t08.flac:2320123d2e937ca622769a3f49d0a7ed<br />
moe1996-11-02t09.flac:6a15100d6c547422699b04f866a26472<br />
moe1996-11-02t10.flac:5b2514a1699e7ebb0f4b693a5270f527<br />
moe1996-11-02t11.flac:9f7ef177daaff57e064ec595b054b9be<br />
moe1996-11-02t12.flac:6a3752454c3fe28a178362336af15461<br />
moe1996-11-02t13.flac:95bc4e12a32c930d17a9e9263b57f16d<br />
moe1996-11-02t14.flac:754eb93a49b2be58c3a8618ddee2231a<br />
moe1996-11-02t15.flac:53f5d96408a0626b0e0126ff17edd388<br />
moe1996-11-02t16.flac:abe992735ebff53e8793983687e08e22<br />
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LAStubbe 2013-01-12 13:41:04

48 khz LMA:
jdmatt68 2013-01-12 16:07:09
thanks lenny!
bigdaddybflo 2013-01-12 18:23:33
Rage naked !!! Thanks Papa Lenny
heckler 2013-01-12 21:49:00
Thanks for another gem. Post Al pics if you got them!
LAStubbe 2013-01-12 23:09:22
Ha, no pictures unfortunately but as I mentioned the band has most of the show on camcorder handheld, think it was running by Bearsong.

I do have the imagine of al in the buff with only his guitar and strap covering him permanently engrained in my brain though ! What a great night. I can't fluff it enough.
chocobot 2013-01-13 01:36:16
thank you
lowspark211 2013-01-14 16:53:49
this is great.

salmigundi 2013-03-09 00:14:03
Thanks! I was at this show...grew up in Slippery Rock with most of the Massed Gadgets and know a bit of the history of this show. moe had agreed to do the show prior to signing their record contract (Sony, if I remember correctly), and were "contractually bound" to perform at SRU even though the label was against it. The fact that Al got naked and caught the flu causing their first several "big gigs" to be cancelled only added to the legend. What a great era to be in Slippery Rock and what a good show, thanks for bringing my memories back to life!
salmigundi 2013-03-09 00:15:22
any chance you have the Gadget show?
LAStubbe 2013-04-02 16:44:07
Unfortunately I don't have the Gadgets show. I am in touch with the former bass player on Twitter though.

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