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ArtistKarl Denson's Tiny Universe
ShowKarl Denson's Tiny Universe 1999-09-26 MT Muggs, Glens Falls, SBD (new)
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DescriptionKarl Denson's Tiny Universe
M.T. Muggs
Glens Falls, NY
September 26, 1999

Source: SBD > SMB1> DAP-1 (likely)
Tranfer: DAT > Fostex D-15 > Ardour @ 16/44.1
Master: Wavelab 6.10 (tracking, cleanup, remove DC offset) > FLAC

Set I
1. Intro
2. Missy (David "Fathead" Neumann)
3. Perfect Swing
4. ?
5. Family Tree
6. Rise and Shine
7. Rough & Tumble
8. Groove On
9. banter
10. ?

Set II
11. Set II intro > Tar Baby
12. ?
13. The Hen
14. Fallin'
15. Soul Vibration
16. What You Want Before You Get Too Old (w/ bass solo)

17. Alex the Great
18. Can You Feel It

Chris Stillwell - guitar, bass
Craig Dawson - drums
Brian Jordan - guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals
David Veeth - keys
Carlos Washington - trumpet
Karl Denson - saxophone, vocals(?)

Israel Vibration opened. DJ Logic was supposed to play but couldn't make it and, as a result, the show started late and there were some bad vibes. MT Muggs was a newly-opened sports bar, the kind of place with TVs on every wall. The stage was sort of fenced off on one side of the floor, with the bar and the sports fans and the Sunday Night Football games on the other side. Because it was basically a local sports bar, the house lights stayed on for most of the show, and the crowd was half civilians and half Greyboy Allstar / DJ Logic fans. "Very strange," said the taper. But a solid show.

Suggested disc splits: Set I ends at 1:19, and Set II runs about 70 minutes without the encore, and the encore will fit easily on a third disc.


--mhg :: Jan. 12, 2013
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mmwarchives 2013-01-13 09:22:55
I absolutely hate when they try to please everybody in a room like that during a show & I especially DESPISE when they decide to leave
the house lights on during a performance...totally crushes any vibe that would be in the house. I've been in situations like that where I've
had some say in the matter(as the soundman or something) & always demanded that the lights be shut off or at least lowered so people can
start enjoying themselves.

The band can rise to the occasion & push through it & potentially put on a good show, but the fans cannot "lose themselves in the music the
moment"(as Eminem might say).

Anyway, thanks for this SBD of KDTU.
2groundhog2 2013-01-13 12:46:19
Thanks for sharing!

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