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ArtistDeep Banana Blackout
ShowDeep Banana Blackout~2012-07-21~GOTV~Bridgeport, CT **FLAC24** Senn 4010
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Torrentdbb2012-07-21.flac24.senn4010.torrent (click to download)
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DescriptionDeep Banana Blackout
Seaside Park, GOTV
Bridgeport, CT

**Mic comp tape with AKG463**

Location: OTS/clamped to rail @ ~ 11ft
Source: Senn MS14P/MKE4010 (cards, ORTF) > V3 ("Gakalog") > Tascam DR680 (Busman mod)
Transfer: SDEC10 > Soundforge 10.0 (fades & track) > TLH (flac@8)

Taped & transfered by Bob Crupi

01. Getchall In The Mood (fade in edit)
02. Mama Feelgood
03. Breakfast At Volo's > #
04. Take The Time #
05. ?? ~ / ^
06. Memphis Train > TUG
07. banter
08. Bustin Loose *
09. unknown
10. Groove Is Here # / ~

Guests :
# Kenwood Dennard - drums
~ Lola Sommerville - percussion
^ Mystic Bowie - vocals
* Todd Stoops - keyboards
(plus others)

Thanks to Ct Dave for list verification
TypeDeep Banana Blackout
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jawelcome 2013-01-15 20:27:15
BOB, by any chance do you have a copy of the 2012 Funksgiving show at Toad's Place? Haven't seeen this around yet. IF not, do you happen to know who might have taped it?

Thank you!!!
axomxa 2013-01-21 16:21:01
jawelcome, I am not aware of that show being taped but will keep an eye out and post here if I come across it.
jawelcome 2013-11-27 18:08:32
Can anyone help with a seed to last year's 2012 Funksgiving show at Toad's Place? Its Funksgiving tonight and it doesn't look like I'm going to make it!! Thank you!!!!

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