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ArtistBruce Hornsby
ShowBruce Hornsby - 1996/07/15 - Furthur Festival - Polaris Amphitheater - Columbus, OH
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DescriptionBruce Hornsby
Polaris Amphitheater Columbus, OH

Source: SBD
Transfer: WAV > Audacity (Tracking/Enhancing) > WAV > FLAC
Taper Unknown
Retracked & Seeded by Bill Graves

Furthur Festival

1. Intro
2. That Would Be Something >
3. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall >
4. Carney >
5. Stranger in A Strange Land
6. Big Rumble
7. Western Skyline >
8. When I Paint My Masterpiece
9. Evangeline
10. Rainbow's Cadillac
11. Sugaree >
12. Pastures of Plenty >
13. Valley Road

Special thanks to Mike C. for supplying the files.

This show is part of The Furthur Project -
ChecksumsBruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T01.flac:2e153c44cbe545e3bac84fbc82098dd9
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T02.flac:46f49196a500f878c002a84bc535d3ab
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T03.flac:d746d0ce6747e43564b6b610e8a67746
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T04.flac:b90332d2b09ad70dee7109a5b841492b
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T05.flac:23317a5a8ee6a5b9ec57cc1f5f83b22a
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T06.flac:54c846e4d0f465287bb883240bec8bca
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T07.flac:98ad1f8415bc6cac8ef5e0312e904455
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T08.flac:428e5f708f0fdfe15dcf21c276320d84
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T09.flac:b526f71633228b6a63685615c1b8f832
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T10.flac:f2bf00e48b4e34cb9d08ca8c9064a071
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T11.flac:60acd95de0291376bc79542dfb8523b1
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T12.flac:0459ea1b0639b1f8696408311610fb57
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T13.flac:de458b6b46d20b07efacd37d2c1df69f
TypeBruce Hornsby
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Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T10.flac45.58 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T11.flac43.58 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T12.flac40.10 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T06.flac35.81 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T07.flac34.60 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T13.flac22.51 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T05.flac18.82 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T08.flac18.16 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T09.flac18.01 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T02.flac5.95 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T04.flac4.38 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T03.flac3.45 MBN/A
Bruce Hornsby_1996-07-15_D1T01.flac918.5 kBN/A
Bruce Hornsby - 1996-07-15.ffp.txt910 BN/A
Bruce Hornsby - 1996-07-15.txt604 BN/A
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GuinnessGoon 2013-01-13 21:47:56
THANK YOU for sharing!

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