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ArtistBruce Hornsby
ShowBruce Hornsby - 1997/06/30 - Furthur Festival - Montage Mountain Scranton, PA
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DescriptionBruce Hornsby
Montage Mountain Scranton, PA

Source: SBD > CASS
Transfer: CASS > Behringer UCA202 > WAV > Izotope > Audacity > WAV > FLAC
Taper Unknown
Transfered from CASS by Bill Graves

Furthur Festival

1. Mountain Jam Medley >
2. Cruise Control >
3. Mountain Jam Medley
4. Look Out Any Window
5. Strander on the Mountain
6. Wharf Rat >
7. Talk of the Town
8. Spider Fingers

Notes / Flaws:
- WAV files from original transfer were run through Izotope to reduce some of the hiss from the cassette (some still exists).
- It seems that the tapes from this whole day have muffled sound from Sides A & B. As such, there is a noticeable change in the quality of the recording after Strander on the Mountain.
- The wide majority of the sets from this day are previously uncirculated, and I figured though flaws exist, they are not excessive enough to not circulate.

Huge thanks to Gil Galdieri for supplying the tapes.

This show is part of The Furthur Project -
ChecksumsBruce Hornsby_1997-06-30_D1T01.flac:b9dda3f01814914ee9bc03aa619d7f3d
Bruce Hornsby_1997-06-30_D1T02.flac:e65dfad0d1e0980d03d81338e0cee78e
Bruce Hornsby_1997-06-30_D1T03.flac:476e80fd56ca743894870d9bcae3d643
Bruce Hornsby_1997-06-30_D1T04.flac:f98535e2ecf76cb2035f6c8b63f60735
Bruce Hornsby_1997-06-30_D1T05.flac:1244f0d428fa7ed94ac8ac09203ec6a0
Bruce Hornsby_1997-06-30_D1T06.flac:1b15729580074d81968bfa3a2dbe6406
Bruce Hornsby_1997-06-30_D1T07.flac:6fb0adeafc2152181c8496f36e20cd7b
Bruce Hornsby_1997-06-30_D1T08.flac:61d0ba325ef7028aa2218643cdabc354
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Bruce Hornsby_1997-06-30_D1T03.flac10.13 MBN/A
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gainesvillegreen 2013-01-15 18:46:23
Thanks for all the Hornsby you share, it really is enjoyed and appreciated!

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