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ShowPhish, Madison Square Garden, NYC 12/31/2012, Neumann TLM170 flac16
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Torrentphish2012-12-31.tlm170.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash30bed3772100555b899b035f0156b06621316205
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Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

Neumann TLM-170 (hypercardoids, front row of tapers' section, center) -> Sound Devices 722 (@24/96); FLAC file processing in SoundForge Pro 10.0d (some volume leveling; resample to 44.1 with iZotope 64-Bit SRC set higher than "Highest Quality" setting w/anti-alias filter; 24->16 bit dither using iZotope MBIT+ Dither with Ultra noise shaping, High dither settings; clap removal); Tracked in CDWav. Tagged with Tag&Rename 3.6.1.

Set 1
1. crowd
2. Garden Party
3. Possum
4. Roses Are Free
5. Rift ->
6. Sample In A Jar
7. Alaska
8. Mike's Song ->
9. Walk Away
10. Weekapaugh Groove
11. Character Zero
12. crowd

Set 2
1. crowd / tuning
2. Birds Of A Feather
3. Ghost ->
4. Piper ->
5. Light -> *
6. 2001 Theme ->
7. The Horse
8. Silent In The Morning
9. You Enjoy Myself

Set 3
1. Party Time
2. Kung ->
3. Chalk Dust Torture ->
4. New Years' Eve countdown ->
5. Auld Lang Syne ->
6. Tweezer Reprise -> +
7. Sand ->
8. The Wedge ->
9. Fly Like An Eagle
10. Wilson
11. encore break
12. Lawn Boy (a capella) ^
13. Driver (false start)
14. Driver
15. banter - Page McConnell speaks
16. Iron Man
17. thanks

* = "Auld Lang Syne" tease @ 5:36
+ = w/Carrie Manolakos on vocals
^ = 1st a capella performance of this song

I hand scrubbed local annoying claps/pops from S1T2(1), S1T6(2), S1T11(1), S2T3(1), S1T9(3), S3T1(6), S3T3(1), S3T7(1), S3T12(3)

Thanks to PaDeliMike for the clamp space on his stand!

Recorded, mastered, tracked, tagged, and posted by Scott Bernstein (1/13/2013)
Checksumsa902eca7188ba96b92254a14d45f6eb5 *phish2012-12-31s1t12.flac
48316c946ef80599dce89d46e6ccc775 *phish2012-12-31s1t11.flac
47d9787fc11d354ccb9db0ce65527ee8 *phish2012-12-31s1t10.flac
d7908120fbb3e68a7636bba7780f3898 *phish2012-12-31s1t09.flac
4579ecea63a0567b55270d9fa224c6cd *phish2012-12-31s1t08.flac
a77292984a63d384162ee344b48dfe24 *phish2012-12-31s1t07.flac
b1853035efb815901e31bea0049ffb38 *phish2012-12-31s1t06.flac
af8ce2f58ddf79ada55f92f05a3faa91 *phish2012-12-31s1t05.flac
88983efac6a38f7c70c717e423753ec7 *phish2012-12-31s1t04.flac
3e6e582c5e58d33a0a314f6c687d439f *phish2012-12-31s1t03.flac
57c102ccf46d917fbfc292c35676c23e *phish2012-12-31s1t02.flac
e8c9a2924c3bc181e46750ff187860e8 *phish2012-12-31s1t01.flac
807937af111f8d5ba8836902e2be3efb *phish2012-12-31s3t17.flac
6d490211b97720985a343e44ae45fabd *phish2012-12-31s3t16.flac
29debdb6b453352a267fbe02ea3093ec *phish2012-12-31s3t15.flac
4ab444510bf997482efc6b883a4b8d10 *phish2012-12-31s3t14.flac
13923b2b7a59a4894edfd1800988b081 *phish2012-12-31s3t13.flac
7fce8798fb1ca49492b2dc6b3b2ef93f *phish2012-12-31s3t12.flac
61511f521ff1aaf8288accf620250ef4 *phish2012-12-31s3t11.flac
e5a7e1b2c3cf0c9cce716fab85685f7d *phish2012-12-31s3t10.flac
4983a3272250c0ff3a41120b3b4ac244 *phish2012-12-31s3t09.flac
8f847e7f969af084a5214b38ffab221d *phish2012-12-31s3t08.flac
beb4a7f7f18ca0cbd08ed7bf5985a913 *phish2012-12-31s3t07.flac
cd6c7fd9988baad37579728cd80484e8 *phish2012-12-31s3t06.flac
78b4ef41e7d97c127b23108691b737ba *phish2012-12-31s3t05.flac
6202fe98a7f5268b127d0df76a35cbf6 *phish2012-12-31s3t04.flac
2dcf7412592d6389f562bb87b4f4abd4 *phish2012-12-31s3t03.flac
1a50cdde773b128f1a4d4d3bf7b646f1 *phish2012-12-31s3t02.flac
105170ccfccde93d74e16360a2b1ce08 *phish2012-12-31s3t01.flac
29f0f75c3f07365cf9f77152e87abdc8 *phish2012-12-31s2t09.flac
b6362d128fdd59833f19d2555d70b49c *phish2012-12-31s2t08.flac
59015109d2c5cbaaf2869f01b82557b9 *phish2012-12-31s2t07.flac
7a7a9401287d2a1100ec7628f81f9c84 *phish2012-12-31s2t06.flac
32a8ba6ec56b57bad06cec177a33e47e *phish2012-12-31s2t05.flac
382aa2a4e963498c55d63ab0d2f1696a *phish2012-12-31s2t04.flac
79a428e95dd320d2aafc96a114e459ee *phish2012-12-31s2t03.flac
a05140eae47364ab13d19b9cba174634 *phish2012-12-31s2t02.flac
b3b0f61890be350623769b96a77d7edc *phish2012-12-31s2t01.flac
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phish2012-12-31s3t08.flac49.64 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s2t05.flac47.63 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s3t01.flac43.69 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s1t10.flac43.16 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s1t08.flac42.98 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s1t11.flac40.37 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s1t09.flac36.57 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s2t06.flac35.76 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s2t02.flac35.45 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s1t06.flac33.90 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s3t16.flac33.46 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s1t05.flac33.27 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s3t03.flac31.36 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s2t08.flac29.67 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s3t09.flac29.55 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s1t04.flac28.10 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s3t10.flac27.13 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s3t12.flac26.51 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s3t06.flac24.45 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s3t14.flac22.48 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s1t02.flac21.15 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s3t02.flac16.51 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s3t05.flac11.29 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s3t15.flac10.96 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s3t11.flac7.79 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s3t13.flac4.99 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s2t07.flac4.55 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s1t12.flac3.98 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s3t04.flac3.97 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s2t01.flac2.67 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s1t01.flac2.35 MBN/A
phish2012-12-31s3t17.flac1.34 MBN/A
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