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ShowThe Steepwater Band 2013-01-12 Chicago St. Pub; Joliet IL *Set 2 Only*
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TorrentThe Steepwater Band 2013-01-12.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asThe Steepwater Band 2013-01-12.flac16
Info hash230defe80feea3af8496702822fb5daa8f26cc70
DescriptionThe Steepwater Band
2013-01-12 (Saturday)
Chicago St. Pub
Joliet, IL

Source: Sony PCM-D50 Internal Microphones (24/96) Approx. 5 feet from stage
Transfer: Sony PCM-D50 > PC > SoundForge 9.0 > CD Wave > Traders Little Helper
SoundForge 9.0 used for 24 bit to 16 bit conversion, resampling and fades

****Set 1 was not recorded****

Set II

01. Steel Sky
02. High And Humble
03. Meet Me In The Aftermath
04. Honey Bee
05. All The Way To Nowhere
06. Out On Love
07. The Stars Look Good Tonight
08. Mean Old World
09. Hard As Stone
10. Bottle Of Red Wine

Checksumstsb2013-01-12s2t01.flac:28df22c7af365dfb312ed760aba1c633<br />
tsb2013-01-12s2t02.flac:2409f9fa86384cbdbc3255f8ad243364<br />
tsb2013-01-12s2t03.flac:e7a54c7b35c6ef17978ea5f119a77ef4<br />
tsb2013-01-12s2t04.flac:14d331516721dec90da30dfcf5adb40f<br />
tsb2013-01-12s2t05.flac:1b7b94df2c784a1390b9a4f1de480d34<br />
tsb2013-01-12s2t06.flac:54b0931e6aa01f1fe0eee9202ab11be3<br />
tsb2013-01-12s2t07.flac:fc95e1d679e66e3321b40f72b236ddad<br />
tsb2013-01-12s2t08.flac:36b7eca18ea04900e41e6ec7685cbd63<br />
tsb2013-01-12s2t09.flac:7d652ca651fb1d476b68b50f1b40b466<br />
tsb2013-01-12s2t10.flac:ec99c19a445b63c5f48aa83cde05035d<br />
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tsb2013-01-12s2t03.flac30.59 MBN/A
tsb2013-01-12s2t04.flac48.38 MBN/A
tsb2013-01-12s2t05.flac55.23 MBN/A
tsb2013-01-12s2t06.flac47.33 MBN/A
tsb2013-01-12s2t07.flac48.67 MBN/A
tsb2013-01-12s2t08.flac138.10 MBN/A
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johnfitz 2013-01-13 19:24:11
This is the second set only.

By the time I got to Chicago St. Pub there was absolutely nowhere to set up a full rig so I wasn't going to bother recording at all.

At the set break several people asked me to record the second set. There was still no place to set up so the folks at the front table graciously allowed me space to set the D-50 up on a table top tripod so I could use the onboard mics.

I told a couple of them I'd get it uploaded so here it is....
shoam1 2013-01-13 20:37:00
some is better than none,thanks for the up.
where is the NYE show?

no worries,I am sittin on about 4 shows that need to be upped..... doh
hucklive 2013-01-14 04:51:27
Many Thanks!
:P 2013-01-14 19:03:17
I find it hard to believe johnfitz is late for a show.....
what gives?
Hope you are well....
:P 2013-01-14 19:03:55
will set 1 be uploaded soon?
taperjoe 2013-01-14 20:43:03
Cool John, thanks for grabbing this much! I couldn't make it to this show because of work (again).

The NYE show is in the works, it's a SBD/aud mix...hope to have it up soon!

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