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ArtistPhil Lesh & Friends
ShowPhil & Friends August 20, 1999 Greek Theater - Berkeley, CA * new source to circulation *
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Torrentphil1999-08-20.bk4022.flac16 Berkeley CA.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asphil1999-08-20.bk4022.flac16 Berkeley CA
Info hash97c79b154ec0dc8fd0429e149266c15ab6bfb6e9
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DescriptionPhil & Friends
August 20, 1999 (Friday)
Greek Theater
Berkeley, CA

Source: FOB B&K 4022 > Sonosax M2 > HHb @ 48khz
Transfer: SONY PCM-R500 > TASCAM SS-R05 > AUDACITY > FLAC @ 48khz
Transferred on January 12, 2013 by

01 Intro
02 St. Stephen >
03 The Eleven >
04 Mountains Of The Moon >
05 All Along The Watchtower
06 Tons Of Steel
07 Unbroken Chain
Band Intros
08 Kissing The Boo Boo
09 Cold Rain & Snow
Donor Rap
-- Encore --
10 Midnight Hour*

Phil Lesh
Steve Kimock
John Molo
Kyle Hollingsworth
Warren Haynes
Michael Kang

*with Theryl DeClouet

shnTool output:
length expanded size cdr WAVE problems fmt ratio filename
2:32.022 29188232 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.4415 phil1999-08-20t01_Intro.flac
29:01.002 334272408 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.4308 phil1999-08-20t02_St. Stephen.flac
8:29.497 97823544 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.4268 phil1999-08-20t03_The Eleven.flac
12:02.514 138722668 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.4001 phil1999-08-20t04_Mountains Of The Moon.flac
22:01.012 253634368 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.4212 phil1999-08-20t05_All Along The Watchtower.flac
8:10.971 94266496 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.4189 phil1999-08-20t06_Tons Of Steel.flac
13:35.000 156480128 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.4255 phil1999-08-20t07_Unbroken Chain.flac
12:16.999 141503932 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.4169 phil1999-08-20t08_Kissing The Boo Boo.flac
13:08.031 151302028 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.4343 phil1999-08-20t09_Cold Rain & Snow.flac
9:51.973 113658900 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.4582 phil1999-08-20t10_Midnight Hour.flac
131:09.022 1510852704 B 0.4261 (10 files)
phil1999-08-20t02_St. Stephen.flac:b9c0b7cba49dd31ed51b1fa0e9fe16f5
phil1999-08-20t03_The Eleven.flac:93ccd3204931519c02d397200d49316b
phil1999-08-20t04_Mountains Of The Moon.flac:8b66ba193bce06ee34205b0c54ac92d4
phil1999-08-20t05_All Along The Watchtower.flac:4211e2d50e52945e27d8745c97f0d123
phil1999-08-20t06_Tons Of Steel.flac:ec9f2b1e2ac394fce5adafd381cb383e
phil1999-08-20t07_Unbroken Chain.flac:addca93419746ae631407be75568c380
phil1999-08-20t08_Kissing The Boo Boo.flac:6f53cf1f7165e42e63c7e4a416c6acdd
phil1999-08-20t09_Cold Rain & Snow.flac:62b5d16608a0bfe048666dce397e100c
phil1999-08-20t10_Midnight Hour.flac:7940b1d05e57cc99dc3a45e0f00a2e14
TypePhil Lesh & Friends
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greens_n_beans 2013-01-14 13:29:45
I left these as 48khz files. Does anyone burn CDs anymore?
Digam11 2013-01-14 14:47:07
I do
obaaron 2013-01-14 14:53:21
great shows!1 Thanks for the new source!
buncombe 2013-01-14 15:05:53
I also do burn CDs, for myself and even-less technologically savvy friends

Better question: does anybody remember laughter?

This was my first P&F show and my first live GD-related music post-Jerry, and I loved it
ShootingDarkstar 2013-01-14 16:58:57
FWIW, count me in on the CD burners. Not for myself, but most of my friends have no clue how to torrent. Thanks for the share, most appriciated!
simonwagstaff 2013-01-14 19:03:28
No more CDs for me. My one regret about all these awesome shows with Sk is that 24 bit recording didn't exist yet and it seems we will never see soundboards of these shows. I understand that the sonic difference between 44.1 and 48 is likely irrelevant and though the sonic difference that occurs during sample rate conversion is also likely inaudible I prefer the 48khz files on general principle. You can convert to 44.1 and lose data but you can't convert up to 48 and get that data back.
digitalman 2013-01-14 20:24:15
metawhy 2013-01-14 21:40:56
What is this CD that you speak of?

ps. thanks for putting awesome shows into circulation since 198_.
ECB 2013-01-15 08:03:14
I would appreciate a 44.1 because I don't have a ipod input in my car so yes, I still burn cds. I was at these shows and the Santa Barbara gig too and they all were damn strong shows. I had lunch with the moe. boys at La Super Rica in SB and what a gas!

ECB 2013-01-15 08:05:45
To save your having to check:

Santa Barbara Bowl, 8-22-99.

The Other One>
Smokestack Lightnin' (WH)>
The Other One>
Soulshine (WH)
Broken Arrow
Just a Little Light (WH, no Kang)
My Favorite Things! (instr.)
Help on the Way>
Franklin's Tower

E1: Morning Dew
E2: *Iko Iko

The Band: Phil, Molo, Kimock, Kyle Hollingsworth (keyboardist-SCI), Warren Haynes (guitar-Gov't Mule), Michael Kang (electric mando & fiddle-SCI), *Al Schneir (guitar-moe.)
waxandwayne 2013-01-15 21:23:10
I was at both of these shows. My first time at the Greek, and I was a bit disappointed by the venue after all the legendary hype through the years. Had a great time, though!

I would definitely appreciate it if you'd release these as cd burnable editions. I have no clue how to convert.

Thanks very much for your efforts.
mikemoss52 2013-01-18 19:08:11
with the Houseman!!

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